A Genuine Conversation with Ellie Southworth

Show Notes

Sitting down with Marcus this week on The Average Conservation Podcast is Ellie Southworth. Ellie is the Owner/Operator of the first and only 2% Certified ice cream brand, Genuine Ice Cream. Ellie talks about the happy accident that led her into the world of baking, which in turn led her to ice cream and how that turned into owning her own ice cream brand. Being a staple in the Bozeman community and growing up in the outdoors, Ellie and her team understands the importance of wildlife conservation and making sure they are giving back to local organizations to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same wild places they do today. If you're in Montana and are looking for your new favorite dessert, be sure and check out Genuine Ice Cream! Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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