A Kentucky Boy's Pennsylvania Elk Hunting Experience

Show Notes

Hunting elk east of the Mississippi River is arguably one of the greatest conservation success stories in North America.  While the herds seen today in Pennsylvania are actually Rocky Mountain Elk transferred from western states, it's still a thrill to see and hear this species roam the state.  On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch and Robby chat with Jacob Coons about his recent elk hunting trip to the Keystone State.

Jacob is driven to the challenge of hard-earned DIY hunting for western game but is also allured by the unique hunting opportunity for elk in eastern states.  He drew a late season bull tag for the 2021-2022 season and was fortunate to connect with the trophy of a lifetime.  Jacob shares with us all of his homework to prepare for this tag and what he learned throughout the entire experience.  You will likely learn something about elk hunting PA you never knew, as Jacob's attention to detail is superb!

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