A Pre Hog Hunt Podcast

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John is joined by fellow Sportsmens Empire podcast hosts Nick Otto and Nate Rozeveld. This podcast was recorded as Nick and Nate were driving down from Michigan to Oklahoma for a few days of exciting hog hunting action. The Michiganders were loaded down with firepower and coolers and ready to take on whatever may come their way. Nick was able to come down and hunt with John in 2023, but this was Nate's first trip down to hunt hogs. 

The guys talk about some of the stereotypes around hogs like the crazy population numbers and how tough the animals are. They also have a discussion about different firearms and calibers that are used to hunt wild pigs. Nick voices his goal of changing the negative perception hogs have at the dinner table, and vows to change the minds of Oklahomas and others about what a great gift these tasty creatures can be if taken advantage of. 

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Show Transcript