Adding Cattle, Chickens, Pigs to our Deer Hunting Property

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jacob Newton (Hillside Farms) discuss farming operations and integration of livestock. Jacob does not use any synthetic fertilizer and is able to develop healthy livestock, crops, and soils. Jacob explains his farm setup and management on how to integrate cows on the landscape and how to increase pasture quality on the farm.

Jacob goes through his rotation process and answers the question how often to move cattle to ensure areas are not overgrazed, and how introducing cattle benefits our soil and soil health. Jack goes through the process of explaining how to measure ingestion and amount of food on the landscape. Jon explains observations and techniques for evaluating manure and its benefit on the landscape. Jacob explains how quickly cow manure is consumed by insects and what indicates quality crops in his operations. Jacob and Jon discuss flies on the farm and options to reduce the impact of flies on animals and humans.

Jacob breaks down the physiology of cattle and Jon compares the physical assessment to deer and how to evaluate a deer’s health by looking at certain aspects of deer. Jacob discusses chickens and turkeys on the landscape and how to increase fertility in pastures and introduce livestock to poor soil areas and how quickly there is a positive impact to pasture land when adding animals. Jacob explains that in just a few years poor ground and be changed into superb crop production.

Jacob and Jon discuss adding chickens into the forested land and how to integrate animals into the interior of forested areas to increase fertility. Jon discusses a project that he worked on where they added pigs and Jacob explains the general goals of adding pigs and the related benefits. Jacob explains the forest type and the method to add pigs into the landscape and what not to do when adding pigs.

Jacob explains the timeline of grazing animals, supplemental feed, and ensuring cattle are not pugging pasture ground. Jacob discusses building composts. Jon explains ideas of how to introduce compost and bale grazing into the forest setting and reducing the amount of vegetation and increasing soil fertility.

Jacob and Jon discuss building a property around deer hunting and livestock operations. Jon discusses agroforestry and how layouts can be integrated into designs.  Jacob discusses new projects on his farm that surround silvopasture that will benefit the land and animal’s long term. Jacob explains the importance of biodiversity and how his business works with consumers to improve knowledge and interest in better food and health.

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