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On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Nathan and Katie Wright about their passion for connecting hunters with high quality firearms and hunting opportunities.

Nathan and Katie own Echo 3 Ordnance and Echo Outdoors. Through Echo 3 Ordnance they manufacture high quality AR platforms both for recreational use hunting and through Echo Outdoors they book hunts in several states where their clients can put their guns to use.

Nathan grew up hunting in the mountains of Virginia before enlisting into the Marine Corps. Katie also grew up in VA and would accompany her dad when he would go out to hunt. Six years ago they had the opportunity to start E3O and it has grown from there. Last year they started the Echo Outdoors as a side of the business and now book whitetail and ram hunts in Ohio, alligator and hog in Florida, bear in Maine. Dan chats with the Wrights about their business products/services and all the adventures that they get to enjoy.

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Show Transcript

Dan Matthews: [00:00:00] All right guys. Welcome to today's show. Now, this episode is chocked full of all kinds of stuff about hunting and guns, and that is because I'm joined by Nathan and Katie Wright. Now, they make ar style platforms that are in a ton of different calibers, and if you listen long enough to this show, you're gonna hear them talk about a new product that they're gonna be coming out with.

And so it's gonna be amazing. But before we jump into the show, I want to tell you guys again about Bo Fest. So this year, July 27th through 30th in Superior, Wisconsin is Bo Fest. It's the world's largest outdoor archery in music festival. They have a ton of prizes, 3D courses to shoot vendor villages and food trucks, and a bunch of hunting celebrities.

Now you might be wondering like, who are these hunting celebrities? I'm talking about people like Michael Waddell, Melissa Bachman, Brian Lewis. And Dan Matthews, you know the nomadic outdoorsman, and I'm pretty sure there might be an appearance by my [00:01:00] good buddy Brian Krebs as well. So if you guys want to join the podcast, if you wanna stop by, say hi at the booth, or if you want to hop on and do a podcast while we're there.

We're actually doing a signup right now and there's a little vetting process, but if you're interested, go to my link tree, click on the link, and fill out a form to be a guest. Live at Bo Fest. Enough about that though. Let's hop into today's episode.

Like he was doing things that were just badass. That was one of the coolest moments of my life. I was really scared, but knowing that Dan had the gun, I did have the rifle, like we would

Nathan Wright: be okay.

Dan Matthews: All right guys. Welcome to today's show. I'm excited about this one. I always talk with my guests right before we hit record and Nathan and Katie Wright are here with me and I can already tell this is gonna be a really fun [00:02:00] podcast. We've been laughing, joking guys, thanks for hopping on with me. Yeah, definitely.

No problem. Absolutely.

Nathan Wright: Thanks for having us. Absolutely. We're

Dan Matthews: excited. Absolutely. Real quick, you guys have Echo three ordinance, which is firearm manufacturer, like gun sales. Like I've been looking at your page because as we just talked I've been looking for an AR platform in 65 creedmore. And then you also have Echo Outdoors, which you shared a little bit with me about the hunts you're about to go on, and I'm very intrigued about that as well.

So why don't you share with the listeners maybe how you guys got into this space, because gun manufacturing, that's I feel like that's a lot harder than me buying a podcast board and a laptop. And there's a few more regulations

Nathan Wright: I gotta deal with. Yeah, a couple more, more government agencies involved there, that whole side of it is Katie.

She does the paperwork things. I'm the wrench turn. I try. Yes. But no. As far as getting started let's see, six years ago,

Katie Wright: so we started Echo six

Nathan Wright: and a half years ago. Six and a half years ago. Yeah. Yep. So just had the opportunity. Yeah, I was working for another [00:03:00] company and had the opportunity for us to go out on ourself, and so that's what we did.

I, we started off small, we started working part-time. I had a friend of mine. Now, my, my history, my background I was law enforcement and military as the Marine Corps. So our unit, I actually worked, even though I was a heavy equipment operator by M Os. Our unit was short staffed, so I actually helped out in the Armory a lot.

Ok. I was some cross trainings and b bullet stuff, and really that's where I got my feet wet in it. Now I got outta the Marine Corps 20 years ago, so fast forward 14 years I was able to finally put that, knowledge to use. We had the opportunity, like I say, to start it off, start off real, real small at first

Dan Matthews: part-time in our house.

Yeah. In our house.

Nathan Wright: Yeah. It was set up a workshop. I turned one whole half of the house into a workshop like the enclosed carport, which was supposed to be the living room is now a workshop. It was a workshop. And so start off doing that, I had a buddy of mine, he has a HVAC [00:04:00] company and he is Hey, I know you're trying to get your company started.

I need a helper. Why don't you come help me? And then just as you need slowly transition to you doing your thing full time and And that'll be that. And I don't know a thing about hvac, but I can stand there and do that and hold ductwork

Dan Matthews: supply, that's 90% of the job

Nathan Wright: right there.

Exactly. Yeah. So that's what it did, and because of that, we just, we slowly built, and now we're we've been doing full-time running for five of these six years. I only think it was about a year. Maybe a year and a half to actually get it to where we're up and running full-time.

Katie Wright: And he always had interest just building his own rifles. So it was a hobby that became a business idea. And my role was I can build rifles. Like I, I built my own. But my role was really like, you have this dream and you have this idea. You wanna become a business owner and this is what you love.

So I will jump in as a support and we'll run it together. So that's just how it evolved. Yeah,

Dan Matthews: that's cool. To have that husband wife partnership [00:05:00] where you guys can just crush it, you each have your own area of expertise that you run with. I know that very well. Like doing a podcast.

I can talk, right? I know nothing about technology. In fact, all these buttons like stress me out, the sliders, all that stuff. And then especially social media, my wife is like, oh, you need to do TikTok. And I'm like, please, no, please don't make me do that. We haven't been on TikTok yet. No, we haven't done TikTok yet.

We probably should. We should. I was gonna say with hunting and guns, it's pretty difficult. They make it, it's hard. Yeah. Very challenging. And so I'm like, how can I do this? And she's you're funny. You just talk about the problems that hunters have. And I was like, okay, why don't we. Key in on marriage stuff, then most of the guys are like, my wife never lets me hunt.

And so that's what we've done. And a lot of it's, satire or we just have fun with it because we know of other issues, but she's very supportive. And so I totally understand the business side of it, following a passion and a dream, and then just [00:06:00] becoming a team and pursuing that together. So that's awesome.

Absolutely. So talk to me about these guns, because I've been looking ever since you guys reached out. I'm like, all right, I'm gonna hop on this website. I've had other people reach out and they sell one t-shirt, right? And I'm like, I don't know how much we can talk about. But going on the website, I'm like, you guys have everything.

So many different calibers, so many different platforms. I am thankful that there are people like you who know how to do this stuff because. I've never built my own. Ar I just, yeah. Like I'll go and buy something at the store that's pre-done cuz I'm like, I'm gonna mess this thing up and then I've got a boom stick that might go boom in the wrong place, yeah, and so talk to me about, talk to me about the gun side of things. You guys have branched out and done multiple different guns, like I said, different calibers, and then maybe start touching on the outdoor side of it too, like taking people hunting, doing guided trips. Yeah, definitely.

Nathan Wright: That's

Katie Wright: one of his favorite stories to tell us how Echo Outdoors came about, but we'll touch on that in a minute. Okay. [00:07:00] Yeah.

Nathan Wright: So as far as the guns ourselves, when we first started making guns, just look at the internet. How many different ar manufacturers are out there, right? Yeah. It's we're a dime a dozen, I'm not reinventing the wheel as far as the platform itself goes.

We have developed like our own little things that we've put in and just tweaked and stuff like that, that we liked. When we sat down and designed our gun, our thought was, I want a good quality gun. Top tier quality at blue collar prices. Yeah. And so I want the average person to be able to go out and purchase one of our guns, and it'd be just as good quality as all these other big name brands, that, that are household.

So that's what we did. And our hand guard, for example, it took us nine months just to develop our hand guard. I kept draw and I draw like

Dan Matthews: a two year old. So

Nathan Wright: I [00:08:00] would draw it, I would redesign it, I would draw it.

Dan Matthews: We'd make our,

Nathan Wright: critiques on each other's ideas. Ran a prototype, said, no, I wanna change this.

Cause I, built a gun up, ran it, said No, wanna change it. Finally got it the way we wanted it. Ran what, 500 hand guards ran like 500. Yeah. And it was like, I wanna change it. Yeah. Like

Katie Wright: functional changes. Because he does, cuz we both shoot and then where he is hunting, he is more, he's more out in the field than I am when it comes to that.

But it's functional stuff. We wanted something that we liked the look of because, first impressions are important, but also functionality. If I'm out in the field and I need this or I need to grab here, is this gonna be conducive to what I'm doing in a tree stand? Yeah. Thing. And so that's where those changes and tweaks came in.

Yeah. Especially that the one final one that we did

Nathan Wright: Oh yeah. Yeah. The one change after ran the 500 hand guards was I had only put quick disconnect sling attachments on the back [00:09:00] Yeah. Of the hand guard near the near the chamber and did not even think about putting some up near the muzzle. Cause different people, depending on how they want, put it up there.

And I'm like, oh, oops. Just complete oversight until I took it out in the field and went to put my sling up here when I was climbing up in my stand to tighten it up against me, I was like, oh, I can't attach my sling, and so went right back and changed that, so we're always like, like Katie said, where I'm in the field so much, I designed it around the hunter and mine, cause one of the thing, everybody makes, who makes an ar makes a 5 56. Yep. They're designed. So we actually designed our platform now if you want that task full 5 56 for whatever reasons, home defense range, juice, whatever. Absolutely we have those, but our bread and butter is the hunting cows.

And we really designed our stuff around, using it in the field in a tree stamp or hunting.

Dan Matthews: Yeah that's awesome. Because the platform, there's, you can't argue with the [00:10:00] platform, right? It just works. No, you can put it through anything and it's gonna operate, whereas you go out with a bolt action rifle, things go wrong.

I've gone out with my shotguns sitting in a pit for geese and everybody down the line, they've all got, Benelli, SB threes. They've got, yeah, Mossbergs and Stoger and the whole array. And we're all taking like, all right, you guys got your guns ready? We gotta clean ours out. We're getting dirt and junk in them.

And so to have that kind of platform for a hunting use is just brilliant. It makes sense in the fact that people, I'm sure there's companies out there, but people haven't made that transition like, Hey, I'm gonna have this rifle for hunting. It's gonna operate. I'm not gonna have to worry about it in the field.

Obviously you still take care of it and maintain it and clean it and stuff, but Right. To have something like that's just gonna, it's gonna work when you need it to. Yeah.

Katie Wright: I think that was something that [00:11:00] obviously again, in the AR platform, everybody thinks 5, 5, 6, 2, 2, 3. That is the, and that was one of the sort of bridges or walls we had is people are like, oh, you only make a 5 56.

And we're like, no, there's so many other options. And the great thing about AR platform is if you've shot one, you've shot 'em all. Yeah. So because the all function the same it's just sizing is a little different. Caliber is a little different, if you're looking at AR 10 versus AR 15 type of thing.

And really focusing on the calibers for hunting is something that we really began to push because in the hunting world, it's a little bit of a pariah. Like the AR is not well thought about for hunting. And really it's a great. Great platform to use. It's versatile. You can switch calibers with not changing the entire rifle.

It's lighter than a lot of your bolt actions. I think we've seen a lot of female hunters come up absolutely. Really enjoy using that ar platform for a lot of those reasons. So that was [00:12:00] one of the things we're really trying to promote and break through is it's not just a 5 56.

Nathan Wright: Yeah. And there's some states too, like for Pennsylvania for example, you have to have a bolt action.

You can't hunt with a semiauto. So we can actually do our AR and a black action version. So now, cause we've got a guy coming to one of our hunts in Ohio who's from Pennsylvania, so I actually did his rifle so that it could be regular, both semi-automatic and bolt action. So that way when he's at home in Pennsylvania, he can still use that rifle hunt.

And then

Katie Wright: speaking Ohio, like you have a lot of your states have straight wall restrictions. So people said, oh, I can't hunt with an AR because I live in Ohio and it's straight wall. But you can, you could do a three 50 legend or a four 50 bushmaster in an AR and yeah, still be completely illegal to hunt there.


Nathan Wright: I can't personally, deer, hogs, alligators ram the only thing I haven't killed with my three 50 yet is a bear. But we've had customers send us pictures of bear as they've taken their three 50 s, which is [00:13:00] actually my favorite caliber, so I'm partial. I like that one.

But but yeah, so like Katie was saying, getting those different calibers out there, like really gets us into those niche states too, where you are restricted on what you can. Or I can make it like for the guy Pennsylvania, where it has to be bold action, or we actually send guns to New York and New Jersey, Washington, DC we, we do compliant as well for those states.

So that's one. The great thing about us doing our own thing too, is alright you're from X state and you need it this way because this is how your local laws are. Okay. Done.

Dan Matthews: That's crazy. To think about, in my mind it's man, you have to build a whole new business model or like a whole new line of things.

But I love hearing people who are like experts at what you do talk about it. Cuz you're like, oh yeah, he can just go from semiauto to bolt action. And I'm like, yeah, what? That's possible. Yeah. You can just swap like that. That's an insane to me. So maybe talk about that [00:14:00] in the, I guess the barrier of getting people away from the mindset that an AR 15 is 2 2 3 5 56.

An AR 10 is like a 3 0 8 because. I feel like most people do think about that. And is that just on the website? Cuz I, I noticed you click on AR 10 or AR 15 and all of a sudden it just comes up with all the calibers and right away I'm like, holy cow. Yeah. This is a lot of calibers. Yeah. And then you also mentioned you can swap out the barrels and the different calibers quickly.

It's not like you hold, need a whole new setup on it.

Nathan Wright: Yeah, so as far as like swapping calibers, you just, you push two pins, you pop your upper off and if you've got a 5, 5, 6 upper and you wanna put a three 50 upper on, pop your pins, drop your new upper on, push your pins back in and now you're shooting a three 50.

Now they're, depending on some of the calibers, you may have to, lose a caliber specific magazine. You may have to put a different buffer you in it, something like that. But those are like 32nd swap outs too, if that, yeah. We do a lot of combos, a lot of times, like on the [00:15:00] website, we actually have a 5, 5, 6, and three 50 legend.

You get a whole rifle and an upper. So you get both uppers. They actually use the same bolt, the bolt pair group. So you get one charging handle, one bolt, and you just switch the upper and put the bolt, whatever caliber you're shooting for the day, and so we, we sell a lot of those cause for, people wanting range time, things like that.

But then still getting out in the woods with that larger caliber to be able to hunt. Like here in Virginia we can't use the 5 5 6 2 23 cause it's only a 20 caliber, which a lot of people don't realize. Here in Virginia has to be a 23 caliber or larger. Okay? So here in our home state, I'm walking out, into the field with an AR and people are like, What are you doing that's illegal?

Come here, look at this bullet. And so that really is how we get through that stigma a lot is a lot of face-to-face interaction. And showing them, Hey look, here's the 5 56, here's this bullet. Here's the differences. You already know what a 7 62 by 39 is.

You know that [00:16:00] it's a 30 caliber round that you can deer hunt with that it's just now on an AR platform, and so that has really helped us a lot too, get break

Katie Wright: through that. So one of the things, and even something like, podcasts like this just for us, it's the education portion of it to really let people see.

And where I said we are, a two man team here. Nathan and I have done the majority of everything by ourselves, and he builds and we bring in a couple builders occasionally, a couple of veteran guys that we know. Will come help us. We have a Saraco guy so we can saraco everything.

But for us, we've done a lot of face-to-face contact for several years. The first several years we did gun shows only, so we were doing gun shows, outdoor shows in Virginia. And so we're there for days talking to our customers face-to-face and answering their questions and really saying, these are the functions of this gun.

These are the functions of this caliber. Why would I use this caliber, over this caliber for this particular situation. And that really allowed us to break through the stigma, [00:17:00] because oftentimes when you read something online, let's say you go to a larger brand, ar and you go online, you look at their website and they just want you to purchase the ar.

Like they just assume that you know everything that you need to know, and people really like the conversation. Yeah. I think they have questions. And you don't get to ask those in settings where you're not face to face with somebody who's willing to sit down and talk about it.

Dan Matthews: From Mule deer to whitetail and everything in between. Vortex shares your passion for chasing life's wildest moments and has the optics and apparel you need to succeed in the field. I've been running the Fury 5,000 range finding binoculars, and I am excited to officially partner with Vortex this season.

Head on over to euro That's E U R O P T I To get 10% off your vortex order by using code nomadic 10 at checkout.[00:18:00]

I get that. To have those relationships and those interactions, it sells people, right? Yeah. It informs them, which makes them feel more comfortable, and then they're going, okay, now I understand what I'm actually buying. Instead of going through and you have Three options. You click one of 'em, you hit, you fill out your shipping details, whatever, like to have those conversations. And for me as an end user, to be educated on it and go, you know what? I really wanted this caliber, but this makes more sense. Based on the regulations, based on my hunting application, I'm gonna take the pros advice. Yeah. And we,

Nathan Wright: that, that has happen several times.

Yeah. And we have a good amount of our customers are repeat, yeah. Repeat customers. But we also have probably a very large percentage of our customers are that first time gun buyer. There's somebody like, hey, or if, maybe not a first time gun buyer, but maybe it's specifically a first time AR buyer, and they're like, Hey, I don't know what I [00:19:00] want.

I'm at this gun show, I'm here at the Nation's Gun Show. There's two rooms of stuff. There's a thousand tables. I have no idea what I'm looking for. I've looked at five different vendors right now. They all look the same, and so I said, alright, five minutes, and so we'll sit down and we'll talk with them.

And we've had lots of times that the person has, okay, hey, yeah, I'll take it. We've also had lots of times, Hey, thanks for the information. I still, wanna think about what I want. Perfectly fine. But, and that person may never come back to us, which is okay, completely fine. But now they have a little bit of knowledge to go out and now they can make the decision that best suits them.

And they have a little bit to go on. Yeah. And I think that's one of, actually one of our favorite things is just talking with, I like the interaction, talking with people.

Dan Matthews: Oh yeah. That's good. So you, you had mentioned three 50 is your favorite, Katie? What do you use or what's your go-to?

Katie Wright: It's interesting because I don't get a large amount of time to be out in the field hunting. I'm definitely more of the tracker. That is my, I don't need a dog. [00:20:00] Yeah. I am the bloodhound. No, it's, I, it's, I can kinda drop a blunt, a two mile radius. I'm not kidding. But I do really enjoy the three 50.

However, I think one of my more favorite guns to shoot is the six five brindle, if I'm gonna choose like a more of a hunting round too. So I love the smoothness of that particular caliber. It, it doesn't have a lot of kick and the AR platform, the kick is a bit negligible because of the buffer system compared to a bold action style.

But that one has a really smooth shooting bullet, is the best way to describe it. I don't but yeah. But the three 50 is really nice. I definitely recommend three 50 s for a lot of women when they're getting into hunting. And that's probably our best selling hunting caliber.

Nathan Wright: That I would say. Yeah, like the four major calibers that we do, obviously 5 56.

Three 50 legends, six five grand, four 50 Bushmaster. Those are our four major calibers. Out of the three hunting calibers, the three 50 is probably what we sell the most of. Yeah. Probably followed [00:21:00] by the six five and the four. Yeah.

Dan Matthews: What would you say to people, because I hear both sides of the six five debate, right?

There's so many people who are like, dude, it's awesome. In my mind, anybody who shot one is a believer. Anybody who hasn't is a hater and Right. It just seems like there's so much divide. What would you say to somebody who's man, I just don't want a six five. I don't need a six five. Or, the three 50 it, most people are going back to the days when they hunted with their dads 30 out six, the two 70, the 2 43.

And so these other calibers just don't register right now as hunting calibers to them.

Nathan Wright: And we do actually get a whole lot of that. So my, like my first question, when we get somebody like that, why do I need this? My first question to anybody is, what is your primary use? What are you going to be mostly doing with this rifle?

Is it just a toy for the range? If it is, it's something that's ammos gonna be a little bit cheaper, okay, now you're gonna be [00:22:00] using it for hunting. What's your primary game that you're going after? What's your primary distances that you're going after? What are your state laws and what are your state laws?

So these are all the questions that we ask ahead of time. All right. Now you get into somebody that says that six five gr okay. We've narrowed it down to them, they want, small to medium sized game. They want, anywhere from one to five, 600 yards. Okay. Now we're in the area of the Grindle.

What I'm gonna say is you're, as far as your ballistics and your knockdown power the grindle, I would not hesitate it. Hesitate to take it against anything in North America. I was supposed to have gone to Africa three years ago, but this thing called covid kinda put that on hold for me.

And I was actually taking a GR to Africa with me. So I will not hesitate to use that pretty much on any game species. But like you say, you've got the diehard haters oh my god, and if it's not a 301 gesture, short mag, it's not a rifle, I'm like, okay, I like my shoulder, yeah. I [00:23:00] like to be able to do this at the end of the day, and so we really do just have that one-on-one talk of, all right, if you are dead set on something bigger, nothing I say is gonna change your mind. Yeah. That's just how it comes out too. But if you have that little bit of room in there the distance that you can get up to with this gun, the variety of game handles that you can get up to with this gun.

The ease of shooting it, the reduced amount of recoil compared to all these larger calibers. There's all your reasons, yeah. Right there.

Katie Wright: And I don't ever wanna convince someone to get something they really don't want. Oh yeah, absolutely. But just maybe giving them the information they didn't know, or the question they didn't really think about is the key to that final decision of maybe, do I want three 50 versus the six five?

Nathan Wright: And then look at your platforms too. Okay. Somebody, Hey, they want that 3 0 8, they want that 2 43. They want the AR platform. Okay. Now you're bumping up to your AR 10. So now price of the gun itself, [00:24:00] weight of the gun itself, both go up. So if you are telling me you're gonna go out to the Midwest somewhere and you're looking for elk, anana, whatever, mule deer or something where you've gotta go out and walk and spot and scout and be, however many miles in a day you're gonna go, do you want to carry a 10 or 11 pound 3 0 8?

Or do you want to carry a six and a half pound six five rental? Yeah. Yeah. So those are all the factors we just like to give people. At the end of the day, obviously, ultimately it's their decision. But that way we can just throw 'em out, throw out what they want.

Katie Wright: I would say, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think when it comes to that conversation, oftentimes we'll see people who want the creedmore go down to the grindle versus someone who wants a three 50 go up to a grindle. Yeah. Yeah, just comparing the characteristics of it.

Nathan Wright: And then, and get that question too well, what's the difference between Thele and the creed? Look and. And again, I revert to the, what's your primary purpose? Oh, I just wanna, I wanna be able to shoot [00:25:00] targets, punch hole ring steel at a thousand yards, then you're gonna wanna creedmore, free more all the way up to a thousand yards, six five gr will it shoot that?

Yes. You put enough Kentucky windows on anything. Yeah. It'll get out there. Me personally, ethically, I would not shoot at a game animal over 600

Dan Matthews: yards at the ground. Yeah, that's good to know the capabilities and the limits of the equipment of the round and Absolutely. And there are a lot of people they think, I got this, I got a 300 wind mag, or I got a 3 38 lapu, now I can shoot at a mile.

And it's yeah, but you have to know your equipment, you have to understand the elevation and the. Most people aren't looking at Corey Olas effect, but like you have to think about. Exactly. You need to think about all of this stuff. When you're shooting that far, like on steel, it's one thing you miss the steel or you hit the edge of the plate, no big deal.

You hit an elk in the butt at a thousand yards. Yeah. Yeah. And now you've just probably killed an animal eventually that [00:26:00] you're never gonna find, that you're not gonna be able to harvest. You just wasted your whole hunt looking for it. Exactly. And so to understand your capabilities, because most people can't outshoot their guns, right?

As a whole, the average American hunter, he goes out there, the gun's gonna perform more consistently than they will. And so yeah, to take all of that stuff into effect and to help educate and inform people on that is an awesome way to do it. I also love with the AR platforms, the customizability right.

How quickly you can attach different things, yeah. I've bought rifles before, and then immediately I'm like, you know what, it'd be really nice to have a cheek riser. I guess I could buy like the Velcro strap on one and put it up on my cheek, or, yeah. You want a monopod on the back or bipod on the front, or you wanna swap out the optics quickly.

Most rifles, you're not, you can't do that, you're taking the entire ring mounting system off and with AR platforms. It just seems like [00:27:00] everything you do is, you can do it quickly, you can change things out. You can have it for different hunting applications. You can put different optics on it.

You can put different slings on it. And just talking with you guys, I'm like, now I'm nerding out and just thinking my wheels are spinning about all the different things I want to do and use this

Katie Wright: for so what is your favorite phrase that you tell people at gun shows about ars?

Nathan Wright: What?

No, you put me on spot now. I can't think of it.

Katie Wright: So he always says they're Legos for adults. Oh, Legos for adults.

Nathan Wright: Ok. Yeah.

Katie Wright: Just attach and UNT attach and reattach and rebuild and yeah.

Dan Matthews: That's good. Yeah, that's, it makes sense. They really are.

Katie Wright: Yeah. Absolutely. And I'm a big fan of the saraco stuff.

I love helping people design that and picking colors and oh yeah. It's totally her. Yeah. So I, you can go funky, you can go pink, purple, neon green, whatever you want. Or we could say, Hey, you're hunting in this particular type of foliage. Let's match it as well as we can. So I love that aspect too.

So that's another [00:28:00] customized option.

Dan Matthews: Yeah. Yeah. I can't imagine doing that to like a walnut stock. Two 70 that you got from your grandpa, like you gotta be able to, and funny

Nathan Wright: is like your old school Duck hunt camo that you got on your hoodie right there. I've been telling her for like months now.

I want to do that. I need to do that. Yeah. And I just haven't taken time to do it. But I love the old, now I

Dan Matthews: have to, I love the old blotch camo. I've got a Cabella's jacket, no idea when it's from. I'm sure I could find a date on it somewhere. My wife found it in, it wasn't a Goodwill, it was like a red racks or some type of thrift store.

Yeah, and I'm like, I really don't wanna be in here. I don't want to go through it. Everybody's used stuff like, not that I care that much about it. I've found cool things there before and all of a sudden she goes, there's a camo jacket over there. And I went over. To this day, it is the best yeah, deep winter, nasty rain, harsh cold jacket I've ever had.

And I wear it around and people are like, dude, where'd you get that jacket? I'm like it's a cabella's jacket from probably [00:29:00] before I was born. But it works and I like the pattern. I think it's cool. Yeah. Yeah. Before we started recording, you guys were talking about a hunt that you're about to go on and I need more information on this cuz this sounds like quite the hunt.


Nathan Wright: The other half of our business is what we call echo outdoors. So that is, we partner with a bunch of different outfitters around the country that, we've had personal relationships with and fostered and then we started pitching this idea to 'em last year. So if you book a hunt through us, then you actually get the hunt directly from the outfitter for whatever, gaming element is that you're going for that particular hunt.

Yeah. So you get the. Hunt from the outfitter and one of our echo line rifles and the rifles included in the package price that the rifle is yours to keep. Like we actually ship it to the Ffl dealer, your choice for you to get it, prior to the hunt so you can get it set up, bring on the hunt with you, and then you take the gun back home.


Dan Matthews: the one we've got coming up, we're actually leaving Monday Yeah. [00:30:00] For

Nathan Wright: is our alligator and hall hunt down in LaBelle, Florida. So we've got a bunch of different folks coming in. We're gonna spend about a week down there about 18 or so hunters coming in, two different groups throughout the course of the week.

And we're going out rods and reels, big weighted trouble hook. You're gonna snare an alligator and then you start fighting him and reeling him in and getting him in for the shot. And it's something like you've never done before. It's just, fighting an alligator is crazy.

Katie Wright: We work with Townsend and Sons down there, and they are amazing.

They have such a a great facility. They're an amazing alligator farm down there. So they have a lot of functions but they allow us to come down and do the, that's

Dan Matthews: really cool. Yeah. So that's like swamp people. The way you're describing it, the treble hook, you pull 'em up.

What do you shoot them with then? What caliber are Troy actually hunted with? Daniel? Yeah. Actually,

Nathan Wright: yeah. Actually Troy's

Katie Wright: office Swamp people. He was down there with Daniel several years ago. Yeah. Yeah.

Dan Matthews: That's cool.

Nathan Wright: So [00:31:00] we give for all of our different hunts the rifle that you get we base the caliber off the animal.

That's in the hunt, again, the ethical choice. Yeah. Also, laws, things like that. For the alligator hunt, we allow folks to choose from a 5, 5, 6, 3 50 legends, 7 62 by 39, 6 5 gr. I think that's it. Yeah, I think it's those four calibers. Sounds good. Yeah. For the gator and the hog.

Okay. Cause a gator, you're actually gonna shoot it right in the back of the head. So it doesn't take much really to kill a gator. Typically on our hog only hunts, we don't do a 5 56 option. Just because I don't personally like using a 5 56 against a hog now. But for this, where it's the gator in the hog, we throw the 5 56 in there, so you can have something to shoot the gator with, and then we take you out and you shoot too.

So any of those calibers are ideal for it.

Dan Matthews: If you're an avid listener of this podcast, you've probably heard me talking about Infinite Outdoors in the past. Infinite Outdoors is expanding access for hunting and fishing on private land across the country. From [00:32:00] whitetail Hunts in Missouri to waterfowl hunts in Wyoming and pheasant hunts in Colorado, they provide access to over a million acres of private land listings for all types of hunting and fishing.

Best part is it's incredibly easy to browse and book properties all on the Infinite Outdoors app. The app is free to download and easy to use. All you have to do is sign up and you can browse over 250 different adventures across 10 states. Download the app today and use Nomadic 15 for 15% off your membership.

I just never, I don't know, I've never thought about. I've thought about alligator hunting, but never dove far enough into it to really know what comes with it. I've seen like the Africa crocodile hunts where they just wait for them to come up on the bank. And they shoot them. And I'm like, dude, what are you using on like an 18 foot crocodile?

And then thinking about alligators too, I've watched Swamp People and I've seen other people use like the actual boomsticks where [00:33:00] you like hit it and Yeah. Yeah. There's a charge in it or whatever. But

Nathan Wright: that one, that's one thing that kind of comes into play as far as the laws in Florida. Whether you can use a rifle or a BoomStick thing like that.

Our hunts are all done on private land, so we can do use whatever. Oh, nice. You don't have to worry about that aspect of it. Yeah. Now, like our first time ever down there for a gator hunt, this is before we started building for a cell, this is I come upstairs one day, I'd been downstairs, watch TV doing whatever, and I come upstairs and I'm like, I wanna go an alligator hunt.

It is pretty much what she did. She laughed at me. I'm like no. It's gonna be great. Trust me. It was, it turned out, really nice.

Katie Wright: And we live in Virginia. I'm like, okay, cool. Yeah.

Nathan Wright: She's as long as we go, we're gonna Florida. As long as we go to the beach for a couple days afterwards, I'm like, alright, deal.

Yep. And so we called Daniel up range that went down there and you are, you're taking a big heavy duty rotten reel, putting a big way treble hook on there. You sling it out in the swamp and then you just yank and then you snare that gator and you [00:34:00] start, you hook him up and you start frightening.

And the one we ended up killing I fought him for about a half hour to get him to come in. So I had hooked him in the back leg and he was a 10 foot gator. He was probably about 500 pounds and ok. Every time I'd get him into the bank where he was hooked in the back tail, he could use his tail and push and would take right off back into the water again.

So ended up we had to get a second line into him. So Katie is on one rod reel with her phone. She's recording it the whole time, so she's on her phone. What was it? Cullen was on the second line. Her son. Son was on the second line. Yeah. Me and the guy were actually in the water.

I had this 10 foot alligator by his tail pulling him backwards to the bank so the guys could get a rope around his jaw.

Dan Matthews: Oh my gosh. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know what I do. I was duck hunting this year in Texas and we went out for a duck that we had shot and it landed out in open water. And I started walking out and the guy goes, [00:35:00] just so you know there's gators here.

And I immediately came back to shore. No, I can't imagine you've got one that you've been fighting that's mad. It's got a hook in its leg and then another one, and then getting in there and grabbing onto it. Oh, I suddenly feel less manly. It

Nathan Wright: was great. Now we always tell, now that's the story. We always tell our customers, how is your gator hunt?

And they get the same look that you did. I'm like, you don't have to do that. Yeah, you don't have to know if you don't wanna do that, you don't have to get in there and do that. You

Katie Wright: don't have to take off your shoes and jump in the water like my husband did.

Nathan Wright: I didn't even take off my shoes.

I wanted to have good, solid feet. So if I had to run.

Dan Matthews: Yeah, that sounds, it just sounds like an adventure though. And I always talk about animal encounters, like on land. I. I like those close encounters. Not, I don't want a bunch of near death encounters, but like to have those experiences where you're close to animals in water, it's a whole different ballgame for me.

Yeah. I grew up in Wisconsin. We didn't like, we didn't have [00:36:00] anything to worry about in Wisconsin. Venomous snakes. There were snapping turtles, but you never heard about it. People aren't out there noodling and getting fingers bit off. The water is a whole different ballgame. I kicked something actually here in Florida, in the ocean the other day.

I was pushing my kids on the Boogie board. We actually had decent waves and I went to step towards them cuz they were swimming back towards me. And I went to Step and I kicked something big. Don't know what it was. It didn't feel scaly, it felt smooth, and I'm just like, Oh man. And I had to tell my wife quietly because, she's on the beat, right?

I'm not gonna yell I kicked something in the water. My kids were like, dad, what are you doing? And I'm like, oh, nothing. Just kick something underwater. Was it a shark? Was it a shark? I'm like, let's just stop talking about sharks for a second.

Nathan Wright: It's a thing, right?

Dan Matthews: Yeah. But yeah the gator hunt, man, that sounds like a blast.

And then pig hunting's always fun. And for that, you said they use dogs. [00:37:00]

Nathan Wright: So We do, we can do that a couple different ways. Some folks like dogs, some folks don't, if you would rather sit on a blind, we can definitely put some blind out, get you over some corn, something like that.

Just let the hogs come in. We've had plenty of folks killing that away. But then, More fun way which 90% of people do, is we break out the dogs in the side by sides, and we are chasing these hogs down. And we'll get up onto 'em. We end up, a group of 'em or even a single, and we'll get the dog baed up excuse me, the hog baited up so that folks can get the shot.

But we are, we're running through the swamp and through the side by side and cutting and going all over the place. Every now and then we've had the dogs latch onto the hogs and some of our clients have actually gone in with a knife, to take their hog with. And

Dan Matthews: yeah. It's, it

Nathan Wright: is a fun, fun time.

Dan Matthews: Oh my gosh. I need to hang out with you more often, man. Wrestling. We're coming down there like

Nathan Wright: days. Yeah. We're

Dan Matthews: gonna be pretty close to each other. We might have to schedule a meetup. Come swing over. We got some room. [00:38:00] That sounds so awesome. Yeah. And what about the other hunts? Because you guys do a lot of this is just like one of the hunts that you offer, right?

What other things, like when people call and they're like, Hey, I want a rifle and I want a hunt set me up. What things do you offer for 'em?

Nathan Wright: So we do a hog only in Georgia black bear in Maine. In Ohio we do rams. So we'll throw some exotics, stuff in there too, just to toss it up, up a little bit.

So in northern Ohio we'll do rams. That's where the Buckeye Valley Ranch. And then in southern Ohio with trophy room adventures, we do free range whitetail. Okay. And that's actually where I was at this past weekend I was at. Cuz not only do I book the hunt to make the guns come middle of September, I moved to Ohio because I'm also one of the guys.

Oh, sweet. So

Dan Matthews: I was up

Nathan Wright: there This past weekend doing some scouting around stuff like that. Get some cameras and then, that sort of stuff set out. So we do a variety of stuff. Yeah, [00:39:00] we can do, not just, obviously some of the hunts have to be on particular dates, like the free range, Ohio whitetail, I wanna do that when the state says you can, yep. But then like our ram hunts, the gator hunts, things like that, we can do those year round. Year round. So we'll throw a couple of those, like now, we're going down in June, cause nobody's deer hunting, anything like that. So let's do something where you can still get out, do some hunting, things like that.

We also do it in February though, so it's hot, not as hot. But like all of our hunts will preset dates for this. So that way you just come in and you book and the way we do it is, okay, I'm taking 10 people on a gator hunt. You as an individual can book one of our spots. And get the group discount rate versus having to pay a higher price if you were to book it individually.

So that's a good way, like we can save our customers money too. So is they get, group rates at individuals. Yeah.

Katie Wright: And then we, one of us, we try both, but one of us will be at every hunt. So that's another of that face-to-face experience. We get to [00:40:00] be with our customers using our rifles, out in the field, real life application.

Just be able to talk and enjoy our customers and just, and share and so that's a fun part of it too. So that's, I like that.

Dan Matthews: Yeah. Yeah. Listen, I, all I know is if I book a hunt with you, I'm gonna expect to see you wrestle a gator or a pig now yeah. Ok.

Katie Wright: Jump on the back

Dan Matthews: of start running, just, alright, fine.

Sure. Yeah. That's part of the entertainment package. Yeah. There's

Nathan Wright: a picture of me somewhere kissing the gator on the lips, so there is, yeah. Oh my gosh.

Dan Matthews: I think it's in our video maybe. I think it's in our video. Yeah. I've had some cool encounters, but gators just seem like that animal that don't care about you at

Nathan Wright: oh, they don't.

No, they they do. They want to eat you, but that's, yeah. Yeah. They wanna eat you. Oh

Dan Matthews: my goodness. Yeah. You don't see people, I guess there's probably people that have pet Gators, that oh, I'm sure there are somewhere. They're not like cuddling with them. The gators still know that you are bringing them [00:41:00] food and that's the only reason they care about you.

Yes. And I look at it and I go, there's a lot of crazy animals. Even like grizzlies and lion, like people tame them and they grow up with them from a cub. I'm like, I don't, I just don't ever see that aqua dinosaur like learning how to sit or shake or, yeah. Play dead. He's no, you

Nathan Wright: play dead.

Katie Wright: We have

Nathan Wright: had some play dead, actually. We have, oh my gosh, yes. We, this last group actually. Yeah. Gosh. Shot it and It was funny is he actually shot it from across the water cuz it was a big gator and we couldn't get a line until him, so he shot it from across the water from one bank to the

Dan Matthews: other. So the guides

Nathan Wright: hopped in this old rickety canoe that after they found out, after the fact that it had a hole in the bottom of it.

So it starts filling with water. They're paddling across to grab this big old 10 foot gator. They're coming back across. One of the guys sitting in the back has it by the tail, dragging it through the water. Get all the way back over. We get it back up on the on the bank and [00:42:00] it's facing away from us.

We're kinda like in a half circle all around it. We're watching, looking at everything and we're right up on top of it. Sure.

Dan Matthews: Next thing you

Nathan Wright: know that thing's eyes popped open and it did a 180. And just all of us jumped back. Oh my gosh. And Daniel yells out somebody shoot that some and the guy who shot it, his son is like, what?

14 year old son had the rifle, ran right up to it, boom. And shot it.

Dan Matthews: Oh my gosh. Do you think it was like the percussion from the round? I think it knocked it out. Yeah, I think it knocked it

Nathan Wright: out. He didn't quite hit it in just the right spot cuz there's a little small spot you gotta hit him.

So he hid it but didn't hit it in just the right spot. And I think you're right. I think it

Dan Matthews: knocked him out. He just knocked him out. Yeah. Oh that makes me, that comforts me so much more than thinking these things have evolved to understand if I, the meal's gonna come to me.

Nathan Wright: Yeah. I'm gonna play dead. Wait it out.

Yeah. Wait

Dan Matthews: it out. Oh my gosh. That's so [00:43:00] cool. Just the different opportunities that you guys offer, the different hunts like. Everything from main black bear to alligator and hog in Florida. Those are the two opposite ends. They probably couldn't be much more different as far as the hunt goes or the game animal goes.

What's your guys' favorite thing? If I said I get one hunt to do for the rest of your life, what are you gonna go after?

Nathan Wright: Duck. Do you

Dan Matthews: make an AR in 12

Nathan Wright: gauges that takes three and a half? I'm, I've thought about it. I've thought about it. Yeah.

Katie Wright: Yeah. No, he's definitely he loves to bird hunt.

Yeah. Obviously we don't offer that again because of just what we do, but that is definitely his favorite duck. Who's,

Nathan Wright: yeah. The water piles. Yeah.

Dan Matthews: There's something about it. There really is

Nathan Wright: it. It really is. It really is. And she actually, funny thing is that she asked me that question years ago, if you can only do one. And when I said that, she looked at me like, what? Yeah. You don't understand. No. If you're not a duck hunter, you don't understand. No. Yeah. Cause at the [00:44:00] time

Katie Wright: he, we just had a lot of things going on in our lives and like personally, and he just really hadn't had a chance to hunt for years.

Years, yeah. Hunt anything for years. So things that we have around here all the time. Then he was like, duck. And I'm like, I've never seen you duck hunt. But no, he does love it.

Dan Matthews: Yeah, that is my wife's least favorite hunt, because I took her out to a public land area, gosh, I don't know how many years ago, probably eight or nine years ago.

She's okay, I'll come. I had my dog with, it was a glorified fetcher, unless that duck had a tennis ball in his mouth, the dog probably wasn't bringing the duck back. Yeah. And We get out there and we had to draw a pill to decide to figure out what blind everybody got.

We got the worst blind. My buddy shot one ruddy duck and that was it. And it was freezing cold. And she's like, why? Like, why would you ever, why this doesn't even make sense. I don't even like the way that ducks and geese taste. She just, I'm not a big duck fan either. I dunno. [00:45:00] Yeah, I mean it's definitely like you gotta, if you cook it it's good, but nothing beatts like an elk steak or, gator, I've had gator once and that was insane.

We had gator and crawfish and I was like, holy cow, I could get down with this. But yeah, duck, they're not known for being the greatest tasting animals out there, but he loves it. Shooting things out of the sky though, like calling them in the interaction, the convincing, like you're putting out the spread the right way, trying to get 'em to land in a certain spot, they land behind you.

It doesn't do you any good. And then it, I don't know what it is about it. I really don't because I love big game hunting, but something about waterfall or waterfowl always brings me back. And maybe it's a comradery, like sitting around BSing. I think a lot

Nathan Wright: of it is. Yeah. Cuz you don't have to be like a stealthy and quiet, when you're in the, in a tree stand, going after deer or something like that.

You Yeah, you can laugh and joke around more. And it is it's more of an [00:46:00] all-encompassing, it's not just the hunt itself.

Dan Matthews: Yeah. We had a hunt. Me and my buddy went out and it was the funniest thing because, there's. You get into birds or like late in the season and these birds just don't wanna work.

You're calling and calling. You think you've got everything, right? You're like, what do we need to change about the spread? And then on the flip side, he and I went to this, the neighbor's farm pond. And I was like, I've seen birds on it every day. Let's just go sit out there. And we're literally laying, we don't have a blind, we don't have cover, there are no trees around.

And so we're literally laying on like the damn side of the pond, just in the grass. And I'm like, I feel like this is good enough. There's cows out here, there's movement, there's like a rowboat over there, right? These ducks might not care. And as we're sitting there, we see the first ducks and I was like, I reach for my calls and they're not there.

And I'm like, Oh no. Do you have calls? And he's dude, I don't he doesn't call. He is not one of the guys that brings calls because he knows it's probably [00:47:00] gonna warn the ducks if anything. And so I literally just like with my mouth, I'm like, and I watch these birds just turn and bank in and drop into the pond and I'm like, why don't I have a cameraman?

I just need a cameraman at all times. Cause it did not sound like a duck at all. But maybe they were just already committed and about to bank anyways or didn't they were curious. Yeah. Yeah. I love, I definitely love waterfowl hunting. Katie, what about you? Obviously waterfowl, hunting's not your thing, but what is it for you?

Katie Wright: So for me, I think one of my favorite experiences, and this is gonna sound cheesy or whatever, but I love going out and sitting with him and we're deer hunting. Yeah. I just love that experience. Because again, I love the track, so that's gonna be, one of the animals that we're, that. I can track and I love just being out there cuz you could be, you're out there for hours and you're just sitting and you have this sort of, quiet interaction between the two of [00:48:00] you.

And that's actually my favorite part of it. I love that. And the gator's fun too, but,

Dan Matthews: but no, I, I love, maybe not as much when he is barefoot with 10, 10 foot gator by the hill. I have the life

Katie Wright: insurance. It's fine.

Dan Matthews: That's why she likes gator hunting

Nathan Wright: also. She's she makes sure that is paid up before every Florida trip.

I don't know why. Yeah.

Katie Wright: But, and I actually think in Ohio, I like deer hunting With you. In Ohio? Yeah. Specifically. Yeah. I like the setup there. I just don't like the land there. And those are, I like that memory.

Dan Matthews: All right, guys. If you've been listening to the podcast, I'm sure you've heard me talk about the helicopter hog hunt that I did down in Texas.

Now, I went down there with rogue Texan Outfitters and Landon and Brandon, the owners put us on the animals. We killed 150 pigs in 19 coyotes, just from the air on top of that. We went out thermal hunting at night and got up close and personal to more hogs. I didn't have to worry about bringing guns or ammunition because all of that was provided for [00:49:00] me, and it is, to this day, the most action packed day of hunting I've ever had.

I stand by what I've said in the past, and that's that helicopter hog hunting is the funnest thing that you can do with pants on. In addition, they offer Sandhill, crane hunts, and predator calling. So if you're looking for the most exciting hunt of your life and something that you're gonna want to come back and do year after year, Go check out rogue and book your hunt today.

So of the things that you guys have hunted, those are your favorites. Another question is, if you could hunt anything, any game animal, any rifle or any weapon period in any location. What are you picking? I already know his, but go

Katie Wright: ahead.

Nathan Wright: Like my holy grail of animals. Yes. A Alaskan caribou. All right.

Yeah. That's, that is number one.

Dan Matthews: I love that because [00:50:00] I just got that answer I think for the first time last night on a podcast. That's funny. It so the fact that you said that, I was like, I bet it's Alaska. He just seems like a guy who would want to go to Alaska. Yeah. Bu the more I hear it, the more I see stuff about it.

It seems like it'd be just the best time ever. What is it for you about caribou? I, I don't even

Nathan Wright: know. It's just as a kid growing up, always, I always said, Hey, this is what I, this is my ultimate dream hunt is to go to this. And I think it's a little bit of, I've never even been to Alaska, but you just look at the pictures and all that, and it's absolutely beautiful.

We have, we do have family that lives in Alaska and they come back, show us pictures and tell us, how beautiful it is. And part of the reason I just wanna go to Alaska, I actually, when I was in the Marines, I had orders to Alaska and I was like, it's finally gonna happen, yes.

It's finally gonna happen. I'm going to Alaska, I'm [00:51:00] gonna, I'm gonna go hunt. I'm gonna, this is gonna be great, and 30 days out from me leaving for Alaska, they changed my orders. Oh. And I was like, oh, okay. Alaska's, Iraq. Same thing, and but so I end up actually

Dan Matthews: never getting

Nathan Wright: up there.

But it's just something about the animal itself. I don't know, I just, I love the way it looks. I just love, I think it's a beautiful animal. I love that. Just the way their antlers grow. It is just, I don't know. It's just, I look at that and I'm just like, okay. And it's

Dan Matthews: cool.

That's it, so I added this part to the question last night, and I think I'm gonna do it from now on. If the answer is in Alaska, do you know how you would get to your hunting spot? Have you thought about that? Bush plane, float plane, horseback

Nathan Wright: float. So probably gonna go hand in hand with I actually have a elk hunt coming up in 2026.

And I always tell her that if ever do a elk hunt, I'm gonna do it [00:52:00] the hardcore way. I'm riding the horses in, we're doing the drop camp, I'm doing the whole thing. So with Alaska, if I'm gonna jump in, I wanna jump in both feet, so I've got to get a bush, plane me back, he's, all the way back in there.

Get me back in deep far, whatever. I want the whole experience. Yeah. So that would be how I would do it.

Dan Matthews: Okay. Katie, what about you? Oh, one last thing. Are you doing the three 50 for the

Nathan Wright: caribou? For caribou? No, I wouldn't do a three 50 for the caribou. Reason being, obviously their high is gonna be a little tougher.

They're gonna have more fat on 'em, things like that. Distance

Dan Matthews: wise,

Nathan Wright: again, ethically versus what can you shoot on paper ring steel. Personally I would not shoot anything past 200 yards. Cause. Some folks say, yeah, I've killed deer at 300. I'm sure you have, but personally I won't. So I actually would bump up a little bit.

And what I actually probably would take is we have not come out with it [00:53:00] yet officially, but we are working on it, a bold action line. Okay. Like a true bold action, not like a ar converted to bold action, but your true true, honest to goodness, bold action. So probably I'd probably go old school, 30 out six, just to keep it old school, just to have fun

Dan Matthews: with it.

I like it. Yeah. That's awesome. Katie, what would you, if you were given like tomorrow dream hunt, what are you doing?

Katie Wright: I have no idea. Gosh. Yeah. A duck hunt.

Nathan Wright: Good. Then that means I get an awesome duck hunt three month too. Cause I get to go with her. Yeah.

Katie Wright: I don't know. I really, I don't know if I've ever thought about it, which is weird.

You would think I would. Yeah. I don't know. I would be fine with gonna Alaska. I don't like cold, but I like the scenery. I'm not a cold person, so if I have to bundle up in 10 layers and go out, I don't really want,

Dan Matthews: I've got good [00:54:00] cabella's jacket if you need.

Katie Wright: I like see how warm.

It's I really don't, I really have no idea. Yeah. I think I just, I don't know. That's all right. I hate that answer, but I really don't know.

Dan Matthews: I'll tell you, Alaska's amazing and. Depending on what part you go to. You couldn't hunt caribou on Kodiak, but Kodiak I couldn't believe it. I was expecting rain and fog and cold and we went in there, we went there late July, early August.

Didn't rain a single time. It was gorgeous. We were seeing whales, porpoises. We had sharks eating the salmon that we were trying to reel in, like it was the craziest thing. Had so many bear encounters. It is a cool place now. I have no experience with mainland Alaska, but it's definitely a dream.

Yeah. I want to be as far back, put me so far away that I don't see a plane [00:55:00] fly over. Like I don't want any human interference. I just wanna be out there with nature with a couple good buddies.

Nathan Wright: Was that sure that you watch Alaska the New Frontier? Is that it?

Katie Wright: Probably, yeah, I, not a lot lately, but I used to watch that one.

Nathan Wright: Yeah. Yeah. Like I want to go to like, where they wouldn't go

Dan Matthews: me, where they stay away from. I like that. Yeah. Yeah. That's awesome. We're coming up on an hour. I wanna give you guys an opportunity to share where people can find you, where they can find the hunts, the products, and just connect with you or follow you on social media.

Yeah, definitely. Absolutely.

Nathan Wright: So both just rifles themselves are a hunts. We actually do both of those for the same website. So it's echo three It's a E C H O, the number three O r d n a n c e com. So you'll find all of our product line, on there all the information of the hunts.

This year we have some of the Ohio Whitetail hunts left for 20 23, [00:56:00] 20 24. In July, we're gonna be at the World Deer Expo down in that Birmingham, Alabama. We'll have a booth set up down there. And so that's really, we're gonna announce our 2024 hunt dates down there. Okay. But on social media both Echo Three Ordinance and Echo Outdoors on Facebook.

I don't really do a lot with the Instagram. Yeah, we're Slack on I, I'm Slack on that. So we have a Echo Through Ordinance Instagram page, but haven't done it with the outdoors page yet. Then of course, always shoot us an email every, anybody got any questions

You can see us at the dfo. Yep. You can see us at the dfo. Yeah, I'll be there. Yep. So we there in July the World Air Expo, Birmingham, Alabama. And then in August we will be back here in Virginia at the Western Virginia Sports Show in Doswell, Virginia. Okay. And then I think our outdoor shows is done for the year cause.

I'll be in Ohio and then in February we'll be back at the Great American Outdoor Show in Pennsylvania, Harrisburg,

Katie Wright: Pennsylvania.

Dan Matthews: So I was supposed to be at that one this year and [00:57:00] I don't remember why something came up and I wasn't able to make it, but that'd be fun to come connect and come hang out.


Katie Wright: that's a great show too. That one's, that's a crazy show. We love that one. Yeah. First time at the d xpo, but we're excited about that. Kinda get into a different part of the country a little bit with the outdoor shows cause we usually do Virginia or North. Yeah. So we're excited. But yeah, you can see us in person email us, you're, if you email you're gonna get either Nathan or myself.

If you call, you'll either get Nathan or myself or the communications liaisons on top of everything else there.

Dan Matthews: That's awesome. I really do appreciate you guys hopping on. I had a ton of fun with this podcast and good luck on the Hog and Gator. I expect to see some wrestling pictures. Before the end of the trip

Nathan Wright: or just drive on over and wrestle as yourself, or you just take the picture of yourself and me

Dan Matthews: wrestling.

Yeah. Yeah. I might do the, I'll do a selfie with you wrestling in the background. Yeah. That's a good, yeah. Maybe that's,

Nathan Wright: it's all about the

Dan Matthews: angles, right? Make it look like you're close to it. Yeah, exactly. I love it. Yeah.[00:58:00]