An Honest Talk About Feeders

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John and his guest Connor Little cover the widely used but rarely discussed topic of deer feeders. For as commonly used as deer feeders are in the hunting world, there is a certain taboo about them that causes most people to stay pretty tight lipped about their use. The fact of the matter is though, where legal, a large majority of hunters utilize feeders. So if they are legal, and people are using them, why not talk about them?

Connor and John talk about the different types of feeders out there and some advantages and disadvantages to each. The guys also talk about "hand corn" or simply placing bait on the ground and its effectiveness in the right situation. Connor talks about the ongoing battle a hunter will have with livestock and undesired critters like hogs and racoons any time a feeder is used on the open landscape.

Show Transcript