An Ohio Native, Zach Ferenbaugh

Show Notes

This week on the Ohio Outdoors Podcast, the guys sit down with Zach Ferenbaugh from The Hunting Public.  Zach was raised in Wapakoneta Ohio, and has taken his love for the outdoors and hunting international.  Zach covers the ins and outs of growing up in Neil Armstrong’s shadow, growing into a professional, and now enjoying a career traveling around the country hunting!

Paul and Andrew are busy getting ready for the upcoming archery shoots.  Paul’s new arrows arrived as well as his saddle system.  Look out deer, the big man is coming for ya this fall!  

Dustin Huff coming to the Granville Brewing Company on June 24th!!!  Come see the Dustin’s world class deer, drink some good beer, and enjoy some good music!

Check out to find out more about Send it Slam on July 9th!

Show Transcript