Are You Ready For November?

Show Notes

We finally made it. November is here! It's the time all deer hunters dream about 11 months out of the year, and the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast wants to make sure you make the most out of it. John has become a big fan of the two part podcasts, and this week is no different. After talking about his recent and upcoming hunts, John goes into full on rut mode with a November break down. John breaks the month into thirds, and talks about what kind of deer activity a person can expect as the month goes on. From an all out frenzy to a slow lock down grind, John discussed what you can expect to see and the best tactics to use during each phase. 

After the November break down, John goes into some best practices that he has learned over the years. He talks about what to do when the action on your cameras goes dead, and a trail camera strategy he learned that has directly led to putting a buck on the ground. Grunt tubes, rattling, decoys, it's all covered in this episode. And be sure not to forget the most important thing when it comes to hunting November, just be out there!

Show Transcript