Attacking Client Properties for Better Deer Habitat

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Jake Ehlinger (Habitat Solutions 360) discuss the latest strategies and ideas surrounding the effort required to enhance a deer hunting property for success. Jake’s strategies include planning, and promoting detailed, focused movements across the landscape to ensure deer use and bed on a property at a high rate. Jake utilizes a chainsaw, backpack blower and walk behind brush cutter to ensure his detailed plans are implemented and result led to success.

Jake and Jon discuss the most overlooked details that create failures when setting up a hunting property. On the properties Jake supports he explains how he setups travel corridors and how dealing with mother nature can be the most difficult impediment, limiting success of any work and improvements. Jake gets into the details on specific trail sizes, the shape and how layouts should look to enhance a hunting property.

Jake explains some of the key differences he experiences on his clients’ properties and Jon details some tricks he uses to help individuals work on portions of their property at a faster pace. Jake gives his secrets to figuring out bedding areas and exactly how he lays them out for the best utilization. Jon gets into some of the rules of thumb he employs with clients when setting up bedding areas. Jake details layouts on steep slope terrain, exact dimensions and trees that should be left for balancing timber and wildlife needs.

Show Transcript