Backcountry Bird Hunting with Damon Booth

Show Notes

Sitting down this week with Marcus on The Average Conservationist Podcast is Damon Booth. Damon is the President of Chukar Chasers Foundation as well as the Founder and Co-owner of the Chukar Chasers brand. Damon opens up the conversation talking about the origin story of Chukar Chasers and what got him into it in the first place. The guys talk about the uniqueness of chukar hunting and how you and your dog should be prepared if you're coming in from out of state having never hunted chukar before. Marcus and Damon also take a deep dive into the Chukar Chasers Foundation; how it was formed, how some party crashers started a second chapter in Idaho and what the main goal of the Foundation is. Whether you're a long time chukar hunter or you just want to learn more about, be sure and check them and see how you can help get involved.

Show Transcript