Backstory Of The Bowhunting League

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Joining Nate Rozeveld on this week's episode of Michigan Wild is Ben Harrison and Brad Collings from Bowhunting League. The league started in 2015 and continues to grow each year. Ben dives into the backstory of starting the League along with his reasons and passion for the project. Going into the 10th season Ben continues to be innovative with all the sponsors, prizes, and format in order to improve the experience for all the hunters. Brad helps out with the Leagues social media pages, and is a great fit because he is an everyday dad that loves being outside and relates to the majority of hunters. He also has had a team in the Bowhunting League since 2019 so he has experienced all the growth and community the League has to offer. 

Wrapping up the conversation Nate is intrigued to hear the story of Ben's 2023 buck he shot. So Ben breaks down his hunt for his biggest whitetail. It was the first time he was able to solely hunt one deer and put all his attention/effort into it. It wasn't for the lack of effort or time on stand that allowed him to connect with his biggest deer.  

Sign up for Bowhunting League with your team by August 31st.

It's free, and there are a ton of opportunities to win prizes.

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