Bear, Moose and House Crushing Trees

Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks to one of his favorite all-time guest Jim Matott about a recent bear hunt, an upcoming moose hunt and all the changes that have happened since their first conversation.

Jim Matott is a life long hunter, 7th degree grandmaster, certified trainer and all around Bad A dude from upstate New York. He has been hunting and fishing since age 7 and just finished his 51st consecutive deer season hunting on the same 200 acres. Unfortunately that streak is about to change. A lot of things have changed in Jim’s life since he and Dan last spoke.  Dan and Jim cover everything from trees that crush houses to chasing after the continent's largest herbivore. Jim is a wealth of information when it comes to hunting and is a guest that Dan is sure to have on again and again.

Show Transcript