Beginner Elk Hunting Strategy

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with Colorado native Chase Seilheimer about his adventures chasing elk in the Rocky Mountains. 

Chase is a self admitted elk addict. He grew up wishing he could go elk hunting with his dad but was too young so he stayed home and shot everything that moved with his BB gun. As soon as Chase could hunt he was following his dad through the mountains. It wasn’t until later in life that Chase’s love for archery hunting really took off. In his own words, “The mountains are like a second home to me and they unlock something in my family bloodline that is like nothing I have ever felt before.” Needless to say Chase is hooked and he’s continuing to be a student of elk and elk hunting. Chase shares all about his early hunts and how his strategy has evolved as each season passes. Dan and Chase talk about gear, tips, daily strategy and so much more as they make final plans for the upcoming hunting season.

Show Transcript