Big Water Birds with Jarad Luchka

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This week, Marcus is joined by Jarad Luchka. Jarad is the owner of 2% Certified Big Game Waterfowl, out of Rhode Island. Jarad starts the conversation talking about his growing up in the scouts and how that really shaped his love for the outdoors. From there the guys get into waterfowl hunting in the northeast and how it differs from some other parts of the country, as well as the unique opportunities hunters have there hunting some big water. Jarad has reached a point in his life where hunting has taken on a new meaning and where he really gets his joy is seeing other people be successful, whether that's shooting their first duck or completing their 41. This is a great conversation from start to finish and if you're interested in a northeast waterfowl hunt, be sure and give Jarad a call. Average Conservationist is Powered by Simplecast

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