Big Woods Trail Camera Strategy w/ Steve Sherk

Show Notes

On this week’s episode we interview the Sherk that more people are familiar with; Steve Sherk that is! As we progress into winter and put boots to the ground this post season, it is never too late to be considering trail camera strategies for 2022. More often than not, I’ve personally found myself overwhelmed by vast big-woods landscapes and trying to place myself within archery range of a mature deer. Steve discusses the method behind his madness when scouting for trail camera locations, as well as how he positions multiple cameras for in-season monitoring versus data collection for future seasons.  The northern half of Pennsylvania is not typically known for high deer densities. But if you have followed Steve on social media for any length of time, you know that there are plenty of mature deer with racks respectable anywhere in the lower 48 states. Clustering cameras in and around known bedding and transition areas may allow you to capture more images in these big woods settings, especially when funnels and attractions are less pronounced. Pay close attention, as this could be your step closer to connecting with a shooter on a large public land tract! Pennsylvania Woodsman is Powered by Simplecast

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