Bird Brain Full Effect - Approaching PA Opener

Show Notes

For all the turkey fanatics out there, this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman is gearing up for opening day on May 4th.  Our guest is Jed Fetter, a diehard PA hunter and president of the Appalachian Chapter for Turkeys for Tomorrow.  This episode covers a multitude of topics including:

-Turkeys for Tomorrow Appalachian Chapter

-Observations and Hypothesis of turkey trends in our hunting areas

-Gear, Scopes on Shotguns, TSS VS Lead

-Opening Weekend vs Late Season

-Pressured bird observations

A lot to unpack in this episode leading into season; it's difficult to stay focused on one topic this time of year when the turkeys are gobbling!  Enjoy your opening day, and be safe!  Turkey hunting has the highest rate of hunting accidents across the nation when compared to all other game species.  Positively identify your target!

Show Transcript