Bird Dogs 101 with Tyler Mieden

Show Notes

It's training season for all fall outdoorsmen and while most folks are slinging arrows and hanging trail cams, the upland and waterfowl community are hard at work with their four-legged companions making sure they're both ready for the season. That's right folks, this week we're talking all about bird dogs with Wisconsin-native, Tyler Mieden!

Tyler has been around hunting dogs for his entire life and has an incredible passion for training, working, and hunting with bird dogs whether it be in competitions or in the field. In this episode, Pierce and Tyler break down what hunting dog competitions look like from a competitor's perspective, where certain breeds' strengths lie, how to pick a bird dog if you're looking into getting one, Tyler's "Teach, Force, Reinforce" approach to dog training, and tons of other great information for dog lovers. Whether you're a lifelong dog owner or somebody just starting to think about getting a dog of your own, this episode is for you!

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