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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we are back from our walleye fishing trip on Lake Erie. We went to Port Clinton, Ohio, and hit it at prime time with Lakeland Charters. We rented an AirBnB, ate like kings, attended Walleye Fest, and had a blast. We motored up to Canadian waters and saw a ton of boats but still managed to catch piles of fish. Everyone was catching them with a few really nice ones … find out who caught the biggest fish and the most fish!

We talk about some of the tactics and methods used and what someone can expect to experience on a walleye fishing charter. Even though we are avid anglers, this type of fishing is a world apart from what we know. Find out which part was the hardest to figure out. We got into a few non-targeted fish along the way too. Learn about all of the many ways we love walleye. We’re already planning our next big fishing adventure … find out a few of the places we want to go next!

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[00:00:00] Someone wasn't making a poop joke so we can open it up. Boys, what'd you get into this weekend? This one of those weekends where we all did the exact same thing. I know it's nice, which happens probably once a quarter, but there's also no surprise secrets. So this is just like a true reminiscing.

Except there is one surprise secret, except there is, we're not gonna talk about that. The helicopter crash. Oh yeah, that's true. No, we learned what what were those called? Crop, crop dusting helicopters on? Yeah. Yeah. No, the three of us were on one boat, so none of us can BS each other. You were by yourself, so you could say, you can make up whatever you want.

I will. Our captain and first mate didn't catch a single fish. I will call Mike Larson to fact check everything you said. Mike's got my back. Okay. As long as you all talked about it before. Yep. Got your story straight. Yep. Okay. All right. But do you want to, do you want to summarize what we got into this weekend?

Yeah. This is a trip that we had circled, [00:01:00] planned for a year, basically. We planned it last summer, right after we did it last time, which we went a little later in the year last year, but once earlier. And really, you were the original guy last year that those two guys reached out to and you can go.

So then we went. In your absence and you missed out on track. Everyone still assumes that I was on that trip. Yeah. Just felt like I wouldn't miss. Yeah. I, after this year, it'd be hard for me to miss him. It was, it's a fun time. Good time. But so these guys went to Lake Erie last year with Paul Andrew, our buddy Phil.

Who else is that? Was that the group? Anyone else? No, I feel bad. I feel like we're forgetting someone, but I don't know who it was. And you all, you went with the same guide service out of the same dock and everything. Yeah. So Port Clinton, Ohio. If you have not heard about the walleye fishing in Lake Erie Western It is.

Yeah, it is. Phenomenal. Fishing and what was the name of our charter? Lakeside. Charter [00:02:00] Lakeland. Lakeland, I'm gonna look it up. Charter Charters. Charters. I think, yeah, a picture. They came back last year, talked about how fun this trip was. There was, obviously stupid stuff that won't make the podcast.

That just made it seem like a great time. So when they came back last year, I said, I am going, we are going to make this happen. Andrew hooked us up, got us on a great charter, got two boats this time we took more people rented a little Airbnb. Wild game was taken. Fish were caught. Wildlife Fest was attended.

Wall, yes, there's a wildlife festival that happens Memorial Day weekend in Port Clinton, Ohio. It's a gym. It's a gym. It was within walking distance of our Airbnb. Yep. It was an absolute treat. Yeah. Very little to do with walleye or fishing or, there's one big walleye. Big walleye. Basically just think when we got our picture with the big walleye.

Yeah. Think your local county fair. That's, yeah. If you've been there, you've been to Walleye Fest. I don't remember who it was. If they were like, I was expecting to, it might have been you. I was expecting to [00:03:00] come here and see like fishing tackle and stuff for sale and vendors. Yeah, I eat that. And it was elephant ears, funnel Cakes.

Fried Tom, fried cheesecakes. Tom's 10 of each. Dip and dots. Bunch of the same. Yeah. A lot of sketchy rides, a lot of OSHA and sketchy rides and health department. All the good stuff. That's what you want. This goober drops the cheesecake ball. And I don't remember what you looked at it. You were like, oh.

And I said, oh, you could still eat that. You can eat the top of it. He bends over at the waist. It takes a pork floor, this fried cheese cheesecake. I for it. I'm gonna get my money's worth. Yeah. So the fair food was tested. Yeah. So that was good. It's good, but. Next day we went fishing. It is lakeland that we went with.

We want check them out. Com. Dot com. And here. All's captain was, we had JR. Jr. Yeah, we had Eric and Bryce, father, son Duo. And last year we only needed one guy. You all needed to Yeah, I, you know what, man? We were short a guy. We had to compete last year. We had [00:04:00] Cole, you did have months, so you were short again.

Cole, who was avoiding us this year? Yeah we think Cole opted out of taking our butt out this year, but we'll have to tag him on the, he was great last year too, so if y'all need, if like any of those guys were awesome. His boat was next to us when we left. There's like this, I didn't see it.

There's this tom warp of getting outta the truck and getting on the boats that I've forgotten already. You're just so excited. You black out. It's like I get to go fishing. It's like a fainting goat. You just woke up on the boat. Yeah. I just remember dragging like. Not knowing where my bagger cooler was and you all were splitting up boats and Andrew jumps on one, my buddy Drew goes on one was like I'm gonna stick with Drew.

So I go that direction. Cole was in his boat right next to us. Yeah. We saw Cole real quick and waved at him. Yeah. We were making a joke that he was like, ah. He probably saw our names on the list coming up. He was like, I do not want these guys. I'm busy this day. Yeah. Yeah, but the, I had been checking the Facebook page for the charter company ahead of time, seeing the quantities of fish they were catching.

I didn't really pay a ton [00:05:00] attention to the quality. Cuz pictures are deceiving, I feel like, but we go out 40 minutes, I think is what I clocked the boat ride at. Yeah. Something like that. From Port Clinton out to Canadian waters. Yep. And. Yeah, there is, if I had to guess, 30 boats in the general area.

It's a good day to be out fishing when you see that. Yeah. We're out there like the peak season for fishing for walleye too. When we went last year, we went later in the year. We still caught fish, just not near as many. But we, I feel like we saw just about as many boats. Really? Yeah.

I, and we theorized that's why we went to Canada. And I feel and that's probably what you're alluding to, is when we went last year, it was like, there's a one spot where it's, where people are catching fish. So there's 30 boats there. Probably this year there's like multiple spots and there's 30 boats at each spot.

But yeah, it was It was still a good day to be fishing. Oh yeah. Who caught your boats first? Fish me. There. Go. I didn't. Our captain did. Our captain did. He counts. Counts. No [00:06:00] counts out of our group. Does he count? Because he did. He got yeah, but here's what happened. That's like we cheating for the first hour we couldn't catch a fish.

Yeah. Coming up on an hour and he only caught two and he's just he's just rigging rods and getting the boat ready and stuff. And when he is done with all this, like, all right, I might as well help you first cast. Walleye and we're like, what did you do? And he's nothing. I didn't do anything.

We're like second cast. Okay. Yeah. Second cast walleye. Yeah. We're like, I looked at him and I was like, dude, you're doing something. You've gotta be doing something different. There's no way. He's it's just luck. And then he comes over and watches me and he's oh yeah, stop doing this, start doing that.

Stop doing this, start doing that. So I just like obviously wasn't doing what he originally told me to do, but then we started catching him. I feel like after that point out of us, I caught the first, and I think it was. You stated that already too. I know, but I was making a follow up to that is, I think it was also just rubbing it down at least the biggest fish I caught of the day.

And then after that it was like still great fishing. But yeah, so Drew caught ours at 7 0 5, which seemed pretty quick. That's [00:07:00] fast. Who got out there at six 40 ish? Yeah, we probably didn't catch one until seven 30 and it, it's a good fish. You can see decent. Yeah that's a good keeper.

Yeah, that's a nice fish. I caught the biggest one on our boat was like 40 minutes probably after you caught yours. Yeah. And it was dawn, I think Reeled it in. No, I caught it. I know mine was bigger than Don's. Okay. There was a few Don, there was a few fish there. There was a few good fish that were really good fish and I don't really couldn't remember which one was the one we determined was the biggest.

Don. There you go. Brayden, you caught the biggest. Yeah, Don's not here, so I caught the biggest. So you caught the biggest fish? Yeah. Yeah. Go ahead. I was just gonna compare it to last year. Yeah, go ahead. Do that. Where I would say half of the fish we caught weren't walleye of the fish we caught.

And most of the time you'd be retrieving your hook, the worm would be off of it. Like I felt like last year, man, I was constantly putting more worm on the hook and you could feel as you're reeling it in more white perch, all the little perch and white fish, smaller fish, [00:08:00] just nippling at it. Yeah.

So it was very. I don't know if that's a seasonal thing or where we were fishing, where we were fishing. Totally different spot in Canada, but it was definitely a much. Better fishing experience this year than last. Yeah. So is it eight fish that you all came back with that were capable keepers?

Last year I looked at it, it was actually, I think we caught 23 last year. Yeah. When all kept saying eight, it seemed low me. Yeah, it was low. I was looking at my old post and Andrew said you got a lot last year, 23 more, or something like that. Or 22 or 23 more. Yeah, he commented. So that would mean we had like around 24.

So there was six of us on the boat. And we had a captain, so seven. Yeah. It would've been the same, like 42 man limit. Yeah. And we caught 24. Yeah. So two boats is seven man limits this year, which is six fish. Each all, quality wise, again, not going last year, but just looking at y'all's pictures from last year.

And then the early, earlier in the day, we were on high [00:09:00] quality fish on our boat. Yeah. We drifted around this one spot where you could definitely feel a different in the, a difference in the bottom structure. And it felt more sandy or something. We had a spot like that, and the fish got smaller, like Yep.

Instantly he kept saying, all right, we're gonna go back to the hard bottom. Yeah. And so he would take us back up and we'd do the run, and then he'd be like, okay, we're coming off the hard bottom. We'd stay there for 10 minutes and then flip back and go back and do, he kept calling, it like runs like, we're gonna do another run.

I think we ended up doing five or six runs. Or something like that. It you drift for a long time. But my favorite part probably this year was like The different methods, like there was so much going on the boat. Like you could fish off the side and just let it sink and like reel along the bottom and all that stuff.

Or you could go to the back and you could do, like we had this shuffle rotation going on where like it was more like drift fishing. So like you're throwing it out and you're letting it drift and then you're reeling it in. But like from any position you could do all kinds of different.

He like told us all these different methods. And then on the side of the boat we had the bouncers. Yeah, the bottom bouncers. Bottom bouncers. We had three bottom bouncers going off and [00:10:00] that was like the captain worked his butt off the whole day. Cause he's constantly, and if y'all noticed, towards the end, that's what was hitting the fish and For sure.

And me and Glen both. Had the conversation that we would cast out, let it hit bottom and then just let it sit there for forever and fish it like bottom bouncers. And I think Glen caught one for sure doing that. Maybe two. That's how I caught mod, first keeper. Yeah. So earlier in the day for us, the way that, we were fishing on the boat was working great once, yeah, we dialed in on 'em, but it was at the end of the day and I think it was just, middle of the day, the fish slowed down a little bit.

So I didn't catch one until 11. Yeah, Mike was telling me about that, that you weren't catching anything at first and Justin didn't catch a single fish the whole day guy and that, yeah, I think it's like where he was pinned at was a little, cuz they, our captain was explaining their currents and then the way that they're facing the boat and how we're drifting.

And so you're playing this game of. Where your bait is going and stuff. And he was in like the dead man zone based on how we were going. [00:11:00] Yeah. You all fished a lot different than we did. Like I was just explaining like I, I fished all over like I did everything and you all did what we did last year, which was you like your spot.

You have a spot and you may be like, Hey dude, you wanna trade? And like you go to their spot. But like we had. The shuffle method I think was super smart for a charter where like you can, the hard part when you have a full boat is like casting angles. Like it gets super difficult to get like a good cast.

But he basically lined us up at the back of the boat and in the left corner you have a guy cast and then he moves to the right a little bit. Dude behind him. Cast and then they both move to the right a little bit and then ca and you just like, and then you drift. Then you reel in. Once you get to the right corner of the boat and then you go back around and you cast the side again, you're, by the time you've reeled your all your lineup, it's ready for you to cast again.

So you just moved back to that kind of back left casting corner, and we just kept doing that and he told us, to us, I don't know, it felt pretty simple. It made sense, but he's you would not be surprised. There's groups that come out here and do not get that concept. They're like, they can't figure it out.

He's you all got it like two seconds? I was like, oh, yeah. Okay. [00:12:00] Super easy. There's dumber people in the world, dumber than us. Yeah. I'm shocked to hear that. I don't know if that's true. He might have just been telling us that to make us feel smart. He might have, I asked him on, we're on the way back. I said, how often do you get groups of people that come out here that just legitimately know nothing about fishing?

Like for some reason they want to go wildlife fishing, or maybe they're up in that area and they're like, oh, that would be something fun to do for today. And I'm not talking about guys that are new to fishing or just don't have a lot of experience. I'm talking about a guy who has never touched a fishing rod before.

He's it happens occasionally. We get people up here that do that. So I could see groups of people like that. Maybe having some troubles with stuff like that, that he's having no concept at all. Yeah. Even being someone that fishes often. More than most, I would say I felt like, what am I doing wrong?

Cuz I'm trying to, will the fish onto this hook. Yeah. I'm not feeling bites. Like I, I know how to sense a bite on the bottom. I know how to sense like that's covered, that's bottom and not a fish. And I got to the point where I. The first [00:13:00] mate, so the captain's son was back in the back putting a worm on a hook, and he sees me, just keeps setting the hook and he's you got one?

I'm like, no, dude. I am literally setting the hook on everything at this point because I want to fish that bad. It was just, it is a totally foreign concept like, Fishing that way. And he was talking about the drift, and then there's like this prime angle. Yeah. And if you're not in that angle, you don't get a bike, reel it in, you're wasting your time further fishing.

And so we had been doing that for most of the day, just I would just drift my whatever angle that I had before the next guy. And he basically cut my drift in half. For me. It was like, this is what you fish that only and then I started doing those drags on the bottom where, I wasn't even really retrieving doing much, yeah.

Or anything to it. I might lift every once in a while just to get the blade moving, but that's what I was doing and that's when I started getting hits too, was I was just letting it sit there for 20 seconds and then doing a couple of reels. Let's sit for 20 seconds. Once I was into that angle, Yeah. Yeah.

You were making me nervous [00:14:00] there for a while. I was making me nervous. Now I will say I was offered the the charity fish. The Makea fish. Yeah. Fish. Make-a-Wish Fish a couple of times when I was resisting. Cause I didn't Oh, you resisted dude. I went at, he's too proud. Paul resisted too for about five minutes.

Yeah. He was like, no, I don't want charity fishing. Then five minutes later he's oh yeah, let me reel that. Hear, I'm gonna need to reel that. Did you hear what happened to Paul? He was manning, here's a surprise story. He was, Manning the charity fish rod that was just rigged up in a Scotty rod holder and he was fishing and he had, he was, cast out his, he was doing his count to let his jig settle and the charity rod starts bend over and there's a fish on it.

So he just sets his rod down in the back of the boat, with the tip halfway over the back of the boat and goes and reaches for. The charity rod at his rod just goes, whoop, right over the edge, disappears in the water right off the back of the boat and Paul sees it and tries to lunge for it and just like very quickly, lift his [00:15:00] leg up, trying to get over the edge to reach down and grab it.

Yeah. And just seizes, strains, bruises every part of his lower body. If I could say one thing about Paul, it's like very agile. Yeah, once, one time. And then that's it for the rest of the day. One quick movement. Yeah. What you get one good movement out of Paul. So then he was just, he didn't have a rod and he, apologized and whenever I think he might have paid extra to cover it.

But so then he was just meaning the charity fish? The Make-a-Wish fish rods the bottom bouncers. So we get back from our trip and we're all talking about what we caught, whatever, and he's oh yeah, I think I caught the most fish. It's you think you had three rods in the water at all times?

Now I will say he. Got to where he was like rigging all those up too and dropping them like he was, I'm getting a hard time. Oh, absolutely. But I do want to he figured that system out. Yeah. Yeah. It is one of those things where you feel like you do go on two or three of those [00:16:00] trips and he could become pretty.

Proficient at wildlife fishing. Until the season changes. Until the season changes. And that's what we were talking about. Once you catch a couple of walleye, it'd be nice if we could target some other species. Dude, the our captain, he caught two that I saw or that I knew he had caught.

I didn't see the first one. But the second small mouth that this dude reeled up was easily four pounds. And I'm in the back of the boat, he's up at the front and I just turn around and yell. I'm like, is that an average fish? And he is oh, easily. And I'm like, Can I switch? I'm ready to go smallmouth fishing.

And then when we limited out, I, I asked again and he's no, you actually can't target small mouth this time of year. I don't know if that's a Canadian or cuz we were in Canadian water. Gotcha. So he, was he just using what you all were using for walleye? Same thing. They just hit that night crawler on the spinner blade thing.

The spinner blade. Yeah. Huh. So anyways, back to the thing I was gonna say about the charity rods. We had three of [00:17:00] those go on one side of the boat too. Opposite of poor Justin on the other side of the boat, which you don't cast off of the side that you had the bou. It's like you don't cast with the drift, I guess is what they were saying.

There was something to that. We chose the side for the bouncers for so well cuz you're dragging 'em basically under the boat. Yeah. And so any fish that Justin's going after, those three bottom bouncers just, they've already crossed that went through there. Oh yeah. So anyways, they.

He wouldn't move cuz he was doing the same thing. He's no, this is my spot. I'm gonna catch, I'm determined to catch a fish here. Like I'm not giving myself any excuses. So he stayed there full of prideful guys. I did the same thing. Mike was offering the cha no. I'm like no, I'm right. This is my spot.

Yep. So Mike is close to those three bottom bouncing rods and he just starts like hitting me on the, I don't know why he didn't say my Dave. He just starts he's so excited hitting me on the shoulder. And I go over and it's the ultra light of rods on the boat. There is not a single thing lighter than this.

Yeah. Than a wet noodle. Yeah. And [00:18:00] I. I'd pick it up, start reeling. I'm like, oh, this is good fish. And you could tell instantly because it came up and then it took off to the bottom. That's not a wall. That's not a wall. Yeah. Walleye. You reel it in like a log. It just lays, do walleye. When they get hooked they're done.

They're just like, you got man, for the most part, reel me up. That was fun. Yeah. So anyways, this thing keeps, I'm barely making up any, any line and then it runs again. So we eventually get it up and if I had to guess, I'd say it's like a six, six and a half pound, maybe seven drum fresh.

Oh yeah. We hooked up the sheep heads and yeah, they call 'em sheephead. That was a big sheephead is a saltwater. That was this, that was Derricks on it. Oh, last year it was the white perch this year. It was the freshwater drum she said. Yeah. So it's funny cuz these captains besides the purch, cuz we did.

Catch one really nice perch and then one keeper perch yellow perch. Correct, yes. Yellow approach. Yeah. Yeah. Because yes, it is, because why Go ahead and say, [00:19:00] go ahead and tell us all the different yellow cultural associations. We're not gonna get into that right now. So other than that, like when you caught drum or anything else, the four pounds small mouth the captain was like, this is trash.

I can't wait to get it back in the water. And they just, they don't care. Like they, they want walleye purchase a nice little side bonus. What's funny about the one yellow perch that we got, When we go up, you get back to the marina, everybody hang. They hang all the fish up on the pegs and you take your picture.

Two different people walked by. I'm like, man, that's a nice perch. That's, there's a literally 30 inch walleye hanging on this peg full boat limit. And all they care about is this 12 inch perch. Huh. So they were calling it a giant perch, or was someone just saying, that's A giant perch. Giant perch.

I didn't know if there was a certain class that got into no, I fished for them before. I'm not like proficient in it, but like a good perch usually is what would you say, Jacob? Like an eight or nine inch yellow perch is like a Yeah, that's a good perch. 12. The perch that they caught was like over 12, but it also had like [00:20:00] almost a fist sized belly.

He was. Yeah. Chunk. He good size fish. Yeah. Do you know one of the walleye were like that this year too? Like big bellies? I don't remember 'em being like that last year. Like they were a little fatter. It seemed you can see the difference in the two, like that one, the, oh gosh, yeah. Oh yeah.

That's a good size one and then the other one is just much bigger. Yeah. Wow. So I am, I have been a fan of walleye. Before, cuz I like to eat it. It's probably one of my favorite fish to eat. Yeah. That's fresh water. And I was excited for that. And we came back with lots of, if I had to estimate eight pounds of fish per person.

And and it goes for 30 bucks a pound if you wanna go buy it. Yeah. And get, because I tried to do it for my sister's birthday and it was 32 something a pound. Yeah. So we've been, I've eaten it three times already. Yeah. Just grocery shoppers, that's all. Just providing. And then besides that, besides the fish, everyone brought all of their various game meats.

Yeah, everyone, Airbnb, not everyone, but [00:21:00] not Dan. Because? Because Dan, because why? Didn't? Because why? Why is that? Because they don't sell wild game Kroger. Because you can't fry your tag and feed it to people. Yeah. Cause Jacob and I were going out hunting and then Jacob had a tummy ache. Aw. Still go hunting.

Wait. Oh, you blaming me for you not killing. I'm blaming everyone. I'm blaming everyone but me. Everyone would take me. Yeah. But we'll get you a charity Deer next year. Don't worry about it. We literally had, Hunters are hungry. More meat than we could eat. Easy. Oh. Oh. I got a whole package of your jerky at my house, by the way.

It somehow got in my cooler. Oh. It's not even open. Oh, you can keep that. Okay. I'll pretend like it's mine. Yeah. I'll back date it. They'll be like November 22. Yep. But no. So we had, we ate like kings. We came back with a walleye, fried up some walleye. My gout was screaming. Was it? I joke so much red meat.

It was a joke. Goose pastrami, smoked [00:22:00] Turkey. Summer sausage. I think that was deer. It was deer and Turkey. Turkey. It was, what was that you talking about? Mike's pastrami. Mike's like pastrami sandwiches that he made. It was a, Two parts, so to speak. One part S and one part Turkey. He was calling 'em grinders.

I guess that's a Michigan thing though. It's just sandwich. They call 'em grinders. Dude, it was Phil Delicious. We ate that, like all of us ate like the walleye. Then we ate those and then Jacob basically started working on dinner immediately after he finished cooking the fish and. It took a long time.

Cause he was making a bunch of stuff. We're all full from eating the grinders. And Jacob's like, all right, come and get it. And I was like, whoa. And all. We ate a whole plate. I had two dinners. Yeah. But before the grinders we went to the fair. Yeah, you had fair. Oh yeah. I had that cheesecake and a Pepsi flow.

So the, we get off the boat, we're trying to figure out where we're gonna eat. And eventually it's talked about how this one place always has really long lines. Yeah. Jolly Roger. Jolly Roger. Yeah. We tried to go there last year [00:23:00] too, and couldn't get in line. The hours long. Wait. And so at that point I'm looking at it, I'm like, okay, can you guys wait?

Do you have time for me to batter this fish up? Fry it. So this is three o'clock. By the time we, we have lunch, air quote at three by day finish lunch, walk down to the festival, get that crap, come back to the house and immediately start the, and you start cooking and you guys are like, look at all this meat.

We're cooking. Cool, cool. And you know those venison steaks tenderloins a back strap? Yeah. Yeah. And so we're waiting on that and then all of a sudden we see Mike like making. Full on sandwiches. We're like, what's is that for? Like tomorrow? Is he gonna put that in the fridge? He's everyone have a steak sandwich, appetizer.

And then as soon as we were done with that, then it's a full plate of food. It was, we very good. I literally gained three pounds in three and a half days. Wow. I was telling Erica cuz we were talking about the trip on the drawback from lunch and I was like, yeah, the only regret I have is that I dedicated too much time to dicking around with food because [00:24:00] there was a lot of just goofing off talking like I didn't get to catch up much with Glen.

There was a lot of Yeah, I mean you were group conversation. You were in the kitchen just working. Yeah. Which I greatly appreciate. That's awesome. Next, next time. Daddy ain't cooking the whole time. Not that we have to go out to eat, but we just need to rotate or just have stuff that's easier to prepare.

Yeah. I think that was kinda honestly Mike's thing. Yeah. We could have done sandwiches were no problem. He did a lot of work on those beforehand. Yeah. And then we get there and it's just hey, here you go. Here's sandwiches. Make 'em yeah. Less land. Yeah. I think we'll do that on the retreat next time too.

Less cooking, more hanging, more meal prep, more silliness. But no. So we're going back next year. Yeah. I feel like next the trip is booked. Yeah. I feel like next year I'm gonna be like, okay, I'm good on walleye. I want to go after another species somewhere else. We were talking about like Louisiana, like swamp fishing.

I always wanna do that. I know a guy. If we want to go down to Texas redfish and No. Oh, alligator guard. No. Interesting. You could still go after Redfish. Yeah. Yeah. You probably should. We should do that. [00:25:00] They, so let me, yeah, I'd be fine with that. South Carolina. South Carolina redfish. Yeah. Yeah.

Florida, any of that sort of stuff. I'll be doing that next week. Really? Oh, surf fishing. I'll be siping. Siping. The surf fish fishing. The surf in Florida going after And your brand new short shorts. Yeah. You get some chubby. I got me some short pants guys. They're just cut off. They're just cut off jeans.

Don't get it. Twist people. His girlfriend bought him some swim trunks. Swim trunk. He's gonna wear his boots and some cutoff jeans at the, to the beach. Dude, are they like my length or I don't. Oh no, it's gonna get unveiled. Yep. You're gonna get roasted. Probably your thighs are gonna be so burnt.

Probably. Are you just gonna be throwing out there catching whatever you can out of the crab bag? Yeah. My plan is to wake up early and just, I've been picking Jacob's brain and then Jake also at the firehouse. He's done this a lot. They go down to Florida at least twice a year and they actually spent some time legitimately fishing, but then also just vacation.

But I'm just gonna go out early in the morning. Been getting my tackle and everything set up based off what Jacob's been telling me. And then I [00:26:00] might have, I don't really know what they call it, just a surf rod in the sand, just out there with a Pompano rig or something. Just whatever hits it.

Hits it. But fresh shrimp, you thinking on that? Yeah. Fresh shrimp. I know they use that a lot. They also use like sand, please. Yeah. Which I might be able to just get those for free. Yeah. You just dig 'em up. Yeah. And then squid. Octopus, something like that. I know that's a pretty common bait out there too, for that.

And those little Lego blocks. Yeah, the fish bites. I'm not a fan of those. They, I've heard a lot of people aren't fans of those. It works, but they say spend the little extra money and put a little more effort into it and get like fresh bait. Yeah. The reason those things are helpful is the scent.

And the, the flavor that's soaked into 'em. And so if you just stick a piece of it on a jig hook or one of those the spoons. Just the chunk on there s or whatever it's throwing some scent in addition to the flash. Yeah. That kind of stuff. Okay, I get that, but I don't wanna go throw a postage stamp on a hook and let it sit there.

Yeah. It's kinda like bobber fishing for bass or something. [00:27:00] Yeah, maybe. Yeah. It's just not, they work. Not your style. Not my style. Are you gonna have stuff like fry up, whatever you catch? Yeah. We'll see how the fishing goes first off, but I'm sure we'll probably cook some stuff down there if I'm lucky.

And who knows if I'm lucky and might and bring some back to cook back here too. And this isn't the first time you've met your girlfriend's parents, or is it? No. Okay. Met them a lot. Okay. That's a long way from home to decide you don't like somebody. That's what I was thinking, like if this is your first impression is how skilled of a fisherman are you?

Oh, I can't imagine the pressure. Like you definitely don't want to come back empty handed. Her dad's gonna wake up. Go with you this morning. Morning. Oh no. Yeah, no, that's all right. That'll be good. It will, it's fun stuff, man. You're just going out, you don't know what you're gonna catch. Yeah. I was telling Jacob this morning, it's all, these are all fish species I've never caught before, so for at least the first couple days, if I'm actually having any luck, I'm gonna be super excited.

Even stuff like Lady Fish, which people down there do not give a rip about. They're long, they're skinny, they jump, they fight, [00:28:00] they run. It's fun. Yeah. The first fish that I get on the beach, I'm gonna be like, Stoked. Be like, never caught one of these before. This is my personal best I've ever told you about the worms in sea trout.

No. Okay. So when you filet a sea trout for the first time, you're gonna be shocked because there's gonna be about a three inch long sperm looking thing in the filet. Okay. So have pliers or something with you when you're cleaning them. And grab those suckers and pull 'em out. You can. Cook them, eat them.

They're, they are harmless to humans. I don't like knowing that thing is in that meat. So I usually pull 'em out of there. And you're saying this will happen? Like it's not a Oh yeah. It could happen. They will be in them. They will be in, they will be in, is it a parasite, large or west? Yeah, largemouth.

Bassa the same way here. They get these snail, I don't snail things in them. Yeah. I very rarely play at bass. I don't really eat them. You do when you clean out the pond. I'll send you a picture next time. They look the same way though. It's just like a long sperm looking thing. Do you remember at icast when I caught that [00:29:00] tilapia on the fly rod?

And I was like, yeah. And like you're like, dude, that's like their blue gill out here. Nobody cares. Trash fish. Yeah. It's like that's I can, I have the chance of hooking into some tilapia in Tennessee? Actually, I didn't even know you could do that. There's a leak down there. I got stock on there.

Some. Yeah, we'll just put it that way. There's a lake in Tennessee, there's a lake in Tennessee that I know of that's apparently got tilapia in it. Apparently they're pretty easy to hook into, so yeah. Cool. And I will be going down there soon. Good luck in Florida, man. That's, yeah, that's I always enjoy my early morning fishing trips on vacation.

You can fish for two hours and who knows what you're gonna catch and it's a fun time. Hope you catch something crazy. Yeah, I've been, Watching a lot of YouTube videos trying to learn what I can, seeing these dudes that, they're running these rigs that I'm not gonna be running at all.

But guys pulling on these big sharks and stuff like that, and I'm like, that's wild. Yep. The salt strong boys have some good content. You should check out their videos too. There's some helpful tips for fishing from the beach. They really helped me, those troughs, [00:30:00] like just figure out where the troughs are and fish the troughs.

Yeah. Yep. Is that like a ledge? It's. Like in between the sandbars, where the waves crash and they Yeah. Dig out. Yeah. Troughs. That's honestly like technique, like tackle, rigging everything up, stuff like that. I've got a grasp of that conceptually in five minutes and most of what I've been watching and reading about is like how to actually read the beach and like this, there's a trough here, there's a hole there, there's, the waves are breaking here and here, so I need to cast here.

That's what I've been spending the most time. Are you all staying on the beach? Is it a multi-story house? Yeah. Go up as high as you can. Yep. Go out and look. That's I got a drone. I'll let you borrow. Yeah, I mean you can only tell so much from a map cuz of when the image was and who knows how it's changed.

Yeah. But just getting up high and trying to see if you can see the sandbars and those kind of stuff. You might know. Once you start catching them. Yeah. Usually it's like for the week that you're there, it's the same stuff. Other stuff too, which also will translate to freshwater world.

But you just watching what the other [00:31:00] watch where birds are feeding. Yep. And stuff like that. If they, if the birds are hitting over there, there's probably fish there. Nervous water, splashing. If somebody else gonna beach, just catching fish, walk over next to them. Go stand next to them. Shoulder to shoulder.

Hey, what you using? I'm Derek, I'm Kentucky. Nice to meet you. That'd be fun. Yep. All right, let's wrap her up. So make sure you log this show get your rewards points rolling in this summer cuz we are about to be dropping a bunch of cool stuff. Some deals, but then also some freeze swag that you can unlock.

Yeah, we should probably call out swatch this closet. I gonna ask if we wanted to talk about squad's closet. More or less members only. It's stuff that we have on display at trade shows that we get samples from. They've just been sitting in the office and we haven't sold, and we're usually selling these sensor open box.

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Top three brands, Berkeley, Abu Garcia, and Fluger. Ooh, big names. Yeah, get in there and check out what we've got. We've got saltwater stuff now, which has been a hole for us. Talking about fishing in Florida. Yeah. So I'll be loading up some stuff before I leave. It's good. Good deal. Yeah. It's gonna be a summer of fun and co wild.

So if you're not summer of fun, why do you just dance? Do you just brand the summer? The summer of fun. Summer fun's hot. Summer of fun. Let's make a shirt. Dans summer of fun. Yeah. Hot pink shirt. Gonna look like wet hot Americans. Summer. [00:33:00] I was waiting for that reference. Summer fun day in summer of fun.

That's, isn't that the Kia sale? They do every year. Summer fun. The Kia Summer here. Summer sale or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Advertising for you there. That's why I don't work in marketing the show. Come back next week. See. Bye. Bye. Bye.