Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Luther Roweton, a fellow Missourian that Dan met while competing for a public land dove hunting spot.

Luther was raised in Southwest Missouri. He found that the outdoor lifestyle provided a means to escape and center himself at a young age. Luther grew up in agriculture, helping with a large cattle operation on a midsize farm which provided ample opportunity to experience hunting and learn the craft of woodsman-ship. Without and family members that really hunted, Luther started failing early and often but fell in love with the process of learning. His senior year of high school Luther opted out of a starting spot on the basketball team because he couldn’t miss another opportunity at chasing whitetail during the rut. Now, married with children Luther’s focus has shifted. Luther is married to a supportive wife and fellow hunter Angelique whom he helped get a first archery deer kill this season. Luther spends most of the archery season chasing mature bucks on his own and emphasizes family time during Missouri’s firearm season. Dan and Luther talk about their similar early season hunts where they both took great deer with their bows while hunting from a saddle setup. 

Show Transcript