Bowfishing for Giant Alligator Gar

Show Notes

This week John and his guest tackle one of the most requested topics of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, Bowfishing! Bowfishing started gaining popularity in the late 80's and early 90's, but really took off in the 2000's. Casey Minshew is well known in the trinity river bowfishing circles, and his specialty is large alligator gar. Casey has been called on and acted as a guide by biologist conducting research, and even had the pleasure of taking Tim Wells on an adventure. Though he is highly regarded and respected, he does little guiding and mostly just enjoys bowfishing and the challenges of finding and hauling in giant gar.

On this episode Casey and John spend a little time talking about the gear you need for bowfishing and how it differs from traditional archery equipment. They then spend a little time talking about the difference between bowfishing at night versus the day, and how to locate and shoot fish at night. Then comes Casey's favorite topic, finding and shooting huge alligator gar. Not only does he talk strategy, he also gives a lot of general information about alligator gar and their behavior and habits. If you have ever been interested in bowfishing, you will definitely want to check out this episode. Every time Casey puts his boat in the water, his goal is to find a 7 foot fish!

Show Transcript