Breaking Down new Public Properties with Shane Simpson

Show Notes

On today's podcast episode I have Shane Simpson on as a guest. While Shane has hunted a ton of different public hunting properties over the years, in the past two years he's begun a focus to try and learn a new, large piece with the intent to build a library of information and continue to focus on it for years to come. It's somewhat similar to what I've done on a couple properties. So the episode focuses mainly on the multiyear strategy to learn as much as you can each year while also having realistic expectations about what can be achieved each step of the way. We cover summer scouting, spring scouting, trail cameras, talking with other local hunters, focusing on rut vs bed hunting, the fall shift, and more. 

We also touch on some of the tracking data collected from over 150 deer recoveries with Shane's dog Callie. Shane and a friend of his had distilled the information down to determine what factors for broadhead and shot style led to the highest chance of recovery along with what some of the key findings were for order of operations with grid searching. 

Show Transcript