Bucks, Buckeyes and Black Friday

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Happy Thanksgiving to the O2 Family! We appreciate everyone of you! The rut is winding down and lots of Buck photos have been sent into the O2 Instagram and GoWild Pages. On this episode Paul visits with Camron Stover of HuntingGearDeals.com to talk about the best deals for black Friday for the hunting folks in your family.

Paul provides you with a recap of the UP trip and some really interesting news from around the State. The Buckeyes travel north on Saturday for THE GAME. Buckle up. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I wake up to a little bit of drool on my pillow, feel like it's going to be a bad day. I freaking love that song. I don't know why. I don't know. I probably could. It's free. We don't have to pay to use it. So welcome back to another episode of the Ohio outdoors podcast man, flying solo today.

My brother months is I don't know. I don't know what months has got going on. He's got he's got a lot going on right now. He's out killing deer in the state of Michigan. Man, we had a great trip to Drummond Island with our buddies from Bobby from Wiccan North Glenn, the third from the state of Michigan there our buddy, Justin Greer.

From Blackgate cameras. What what a group that's that's the best, it's the best part of hunting, is being around your friends being around your family, getting getting up the deer camp and all that good stuff. Really enjoy my time with those guys the last week.[00:01:00]

And so we are. Man we're almost done with the rut here in the state of Ohio. Talking to Mike Rex and and the folks in the Buckeye Big Buck Club, they'll tell you that most of the big deer, the biggest deer that have hit the record books in the state of Ohio. Hit after that peak kind of this time this timeframe right here.

So keep that in mind. If you're still looking to fill your buck tag here in the state, you got a ton of opportunity left with archery tackle to do that. So don't be discouraged. Man, you guys, if you listened to last week's episode, you heard me tell my story about the buck that I killed here and say, awesome.

Awesome. Hard camp still can't believe that an idiot like me lucked into shooting a giant deer like that. Man. What a day. And so I've been, if you listen to this show, this is your first time listening to it. Don't take me as a hunting douche. But so if you listen to the show, I love to hunt turkeys.

And and all of the deer I've killed, it's just like dumb [00:02:00] luck. And then, and this one, I had to work for and so I've rubbed it in. On some of my deer hunting friends Dan Johnson and Nate Thomas from Missouri woods and water podcast. Hey, as a deer hunting expert let me give you an advice some advice just to just to dig it in their back that the Turkey hunter can kill deer too.

So good stuff. Got a bunch of news to unpack here today. So thanks for tuning in. I, if you're listening to this, happy Thanksgiving, the show goes live. I think on Thanksgiving and that's cool. So if you're driving to grandma's house, your mom's house, friends out where, wherever you're driving, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Thank you so much for your support of the show. And your support of Andrew and I over the last gosh, three years that we've been doing this podcast we couldn't be more thankful for you guys listening to this show every week means a ton to us. So happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for clicking download every week.

Thanks for interacting with us on go wild. And on Instagram. And on the website. So really appreciate you guys more more than you ever know. So thank you [00:03:00] so much. So let's man, youth hunters, you guys were busy the last weekend two day youth gun season just wrapped up here in the state of Ohio.

This was the number. Two highest harvest on record coming in at 10, 039 deer harvested during that two day youth gun season here in the Buckeye state. We had came in second only to the 2007 youth harvest, which was 10, 059 deer checked in during that two day period in 2007. So good job to all you young hunters out there.

Good job to all the parents, to the mentors, to the grandparents, getting those kids on deer. Fantastic weekend. So there were over, over the weekend today, there were 5, 736 antler deer bucks harvested in the state and a 4, 303 antlerless deer taken. So that's pretty neat. And so if you are a youth hunter or you're took a youth hunter out, that you have to have a mentor with you, [00:04:00] if they have a licensed adult hunter with you.

And not everyone that wants to hunt has that that ability to go out with an adult. So there are two things here that the state has done. Through the wild harvest, wild Ohio harvest community. You can either sign up if you are interested in becoming a hunter and the state will connect you with a mentor.

More importantly if you are a hunter. And you want to become a mentor. That's something that's on your heart. That's something that you're interested in. Visit that website. Just Google wild Ohio harvest community, eat all the information that you need to become a hunter. And we can talk about our three until we're blue in the face.

If we don't have people to teach the new hunters, the sport that we love, this lifestyle that we love, it's just going to, it's going to wither on the vine. And as the generations move forward and less people were hunting. So check that out, but congratulations to all the youth hunters out there.

So top 10 counties. I'm not going to give you the numbers. We're gonna start at the bottom. Richland, Belmont, Harrison, my boys here in Licking County. [00:05:00] Good job. Guernsey, Holmes, Knock, Muskingum. Number three Kashak and number two sorry. You it's in Kashak and number two, your dads and moms are killing more deer than you Tuscarora is the number one youth County.

I'll give you the top three Tuscarora, 391, Kashak, 365, Muskingum, 304. So congratulations to all the youth here in the state of Ohio. If you shot a deer. Or your son, your daughter, granddaughter, grandson, whatever it is, friend, you shot a deer over the weekend, tag us in Instagram, tag us and go wild. We'd love to see those those pictures of those kids.

Love to share them with with the community here. So here's a really, this is a really interesting report that was put out by the state of Ohio. Through in conjunction with the Wildlife Management Institute, Responsive Management and Southwest Southwick Associates completed a wildlife based recreation, like study.

So this is basically the impact of hunters, anglers, shooting sports, and outdoor recreation economically here in the [00:06:00] state of Ohio. So in the state of Ohio in 2022, all those hundred anglers. shooting sports, outdoor recreation, birdwatching, things of that nature contributed nearly 12. 5 billion B 12. 5 billion to the Ohio economy.

That's a staggering number when you think of it. So that created 80, 000 jobs here in the state of Ohio. So that's 4 billion in wages to Ohio workers here on the Buckeye state. 1. 1 billion was generated in local and state tax revenue. So outdoor activities can contribute 6. 7 billion to the Ohio GDP.

That's pretty, pretty big impact. So let's break it down. So by the numbers, you're 18 percent of Ohio residents fished in 2022. So that's 1. 7 billion or excuse me, 1. 7 million. If you're bad at math, like I am. Okay. 1. 7 million people in the state bought a fishing license and participated in angling in the state [00:07:00] that generated 5.

5 billion to the state of Ohio economy. Lake area obviously is the main powerhouse behind that 5. 5 billion. But don't underestimate the Ohio river counties. Those counties, they're the board of the river also really created a lot of money, a lot of revenue towards that 5. 5 billion in the angling.

So 37 percent of licensed Ohio anglers took at least one trip to Lake Erie. I found that really interesting. Target shooting 1. 1 million target shooters spent 2. 6 billion. And 2022 so target shooters, you created 22, 000 jobs in the state of Ohio 20 percent of the Ohio population participated 2022.

It's much higher than the hunting and angling. And when you look at just the numbers and the people that are doing it, so very interesting there. And another interesting stat fun, neat stat here is that 40 percent of the target shooters said that they visited a range for reasons [00:08:00] other. And preparing to hunt.

So just out there and join the pew lives. Good for you guys. So wildlife viewing there's another segment that was surveyed here. So wildlife viewers, photographers, birdwatchers, things of that nature. Generated 1. 6 billion into the Ohio economy, supporting about 11, 500 jobs. Birds were obviously the number one I don't want to call it game animal, but I am in the number one critter that people were looking for.

91 percent of the people that fell into that wildlife human category their primary target that they're looking for was a bird. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians things of that nature. The other critters were were obviously also highly sought after. So now we're going to get to really the heart and soul of this show hunting.

So the economic impact of hunting in the state of Ohio hunters generated 1. 9 billion, 1. 9 billion and spitting in the state of Ohio. [00:09:00] So it's 12, 000 jobs. And so here's what's really, here's what's really funny. And I, you could probably go through and look to see what the average Angler spent within that 5.

5 billion. But so the average of 500, 000 people, roughly 500, 000 people bought a hunting license in the city of Ohio in 2022, we spent on average 3, 500 on hunting gear. And 2022, I'll tell you what, that is a state. Full of dedicated hunters. 3, 500. Man, don't tell your wife. So obviously fire. So interestingly firearms were the number one method to take or number one method that the hunters participated in that style of hunting.

So 91 percent of licensed hunters participated in a firearms hunt. 72 percent participated in a bow and firearm hunt. So pretty. Pretty neat pretty neat study. Like when people, when anti hunters or non hunters, [00:10:00] when they get on you about hunting and, hunting is in fishing and angling and the shooting sports.

This is a huge economic impact to the state of Ohio. There's nothing to laugh at. There's nothing to take for granted, 12. 5 billion, 80, 000 jobs coming from that. That's a huge impact. When you look at the big picture and so when we're talking about, we've talked about this briefly on this show, when we get federal tax revenue, windfall revenue from that, that's based on the number of people that participate is one of the metrics that's used.

So the more people that are hunting, the more money that this state gets, that are a state agency gets to use through. State windfall excise taxes for conservation work. So this is just it's the North American model of conservation. It's the number one, the most successful model of wildlife conservation in the entire world.

And it's been proven over and over again, and it's the way that the money moves through the system. So hold your head hold your head high there. You 3, [00:11:00] 500 a year spending hunt dishes. I love you. All so interesting news here from. Yellowstone National Park. I've never been there.

I'd love to go out there. I love it out there in Montana, but so a mule deer found dead in Yellowstone National Park, tested positive for chronic wasting disease, CWD. This is the first confirmed animal that is tested positive for CWD in Yellowstone. You can find this article all over. You just go to National Park Service, type in Yellowstone.

It's the first thing that pops up, but it sounds like the officials out there are still trying to figure out how they're going to regulate CWD within the park. I've seen Yellowstone is closed to civilian hunters. I'll use air quotes there. There's predator issues out there, all sorts of things going on there in Yellowstone, but that is something to to keep in mind.

Let's jump into so black Friday's coming up. Thanksgiving is today. Tomorrow's black Friday. If you want to get in on some black Friday sales, I got some deals for you here. So Timber Ninja, our boys [00:12:00] down there in North Carolina, pumping out some of the finest saddle hunting equipment that you can get on TimberNinjaOutdoors.

com. So they're running a 10 percent off of everything on their website on black Friday. So use the code Ninja 10. Save yourself 10 percent off that order. And then if you put in the code, Oh, H I O go box. So just the code is Ohio. Save yourself shipping, free shipping on that. So check that out. Another really neat company that we've talked about uh, recently on the show once, since deer hunting has been geared up as deer nuts so deer nuts, man, these things are pretty cool.

So if you're a private landowner. Or have access to private land yet baiting that you can put on feeding supplemental feeding program on your property. This is it's a really neat revolutionary technology creates a savory acorn flavored nugget. And I don't know how they do it. It's extruded to create this nugget.

And I've seen a month's got a demo bag of them. These things are legit. I, hell, I wanted to try one. They smell fantastic. So the advanced extrusion technology, it makes the [00:13:00] nuggets easier to eat for the deer and harder to dissolve in the rain. And it's also clog resistant for feeders.

So some of you guys that are running spin feeders or gravity fed feeders, the way that these pellets are, they're going to come out of your feeder better. So check them out, get deer nuts. com. You can get them in little tiny bags all the way up to really whatever. Size bag you want to do. So really cool.

Get deer nuts. com. The other thing I want to talk to you about, oh, two podcast. com the oh two podcast. com. We have a shop. We have a shop that you can go to the website, go to the podcast. com. Click on the word shop and anything that you want as a hunter, it's an angler, outdoor enthusiast in this great state is available for you to purchase on that website.

How cool is that? So Timber Ninja got their products on their half rack. Our boys at half rack from Wisconsin, pumping out some sweet things. I got hunter hangers all over my office here. I can't tell you how much I freaking love those things. Check them out. They're on the website, man. X Vision get [00:14:00] all of our products that the complete line of X Vision is available on the O2 podcast.

com click on the link shop, check it out. So if you're looking for black Friday gifts, if you're looking for a small game, if you're looking for traffic supplies, if you're looking for tree stands, saddle equipment, broadheads. A freaking bow, boom, it's on there. All of your gun supplies, clothing, boots, all sorts of stuff.

Anything that you could possibly need as a hunter, as an angler, a trapper, a fisherman, whatever it may be in the state. It is available on the O two podcast. com pricing, very competitive. Check it out. Really would love your feedback. Another shameless plug here for me, turkey season. com. It's project I've been working on for the last man, almost a year.

At this point. So a lot of really neat content coming out of that. There's a new turkey season podcast is live. That thing is, it's wearing me out. I'm not going to lie. It's been a ton of fun learning to to do that style of podcast. I got some [00:15:00] really cool people coming up. Brent Rogers, Dave Owens.

Guys, Rob Keck just I can't I can't even name all of the people. Bob Fulcher that are, they're going to be on the show talking about. The wild Turkey talking about us talking about Turkey hunters the history of the wild Turkey. It's going to be really neat talking to some of the folks from Maceo.

This thing is going to be a really neat, so check it out. Turkey season podcast get on turkey season. com. Once you're done thinking about deers and Christmas and all that good stuff, and you start thinking about turkeys check it out, turkey season. com. One other point that I want to bring up the big deer.

It was killed in Lincoln County. If you guys haven't seen this thing floating around on online, someone send it to us and I believe it was shot and licking. I'm not sure. That's just what the internet says. And I don't know how hell it might not even be shot in Ohio, but it said that it was deer shot in Lincoln County.

That could potentially be the new state record, [00:16:00] typical deer. And it was, I don't know, 206 inches or something like that. Just something obscene, hell with deer. If you guys know, if you're listening to the show. And that guy, or if you are that guy that shot that deer, man, we'd love to talk to you.

We'd love to hear about about your hunt. Listen, it's all downhill for you after that, man. You might as well talk to us about it. Cause you're never going to have a hunt that good. Cause that was freaking amazing. I can't wait to hear all about it. So hit us up. GoWild, hit us up on Instagram, the.

o2. on, or on GoWild, find me on Instagram if you're so pleased, or on GoWild, just search Paul Campbell 322 on the gram, Paul Campbell on GoWild. Love to hear hear from you guys. So the two day firearm season, if you're still looking to fill a couple of deer tags the two day firearm season starts Monday, November 27th and runs through Sunday, December 3rd.

The two day second weekend is Saturday, December 6th through Sunday December 17th. Really appreciate you guys [00:17:00] listening to the show. It's going to be a short one. We've got Cameron Stover coming on to talk about black Friday deals that y'all can find online or in person at a brick and mortar store.

If you so choose thank you. Thank you so much for listening to the show. So grateful for you. We have a lot of really neat content coming up. Over the next couple of weeks with some really neat some really good folks. So thanks for all you do safe travels on your Thanksgiving weekend.

Thank you so much. So

hunting, hunting gear, deals. com. What do you got going on over there? So right now is black Friday. So when it comes down to, this is like a super bowl weekend. For shopping. And it's not only just hunting. It's all aspects of the retail industry. The side that I enjoy the most is the hunting, hunting discounts.

And we're seeing a lot of big sales this year and last two years after COVID, we really haven't seen that great of deals. Everybody's [00:18:00] got stuff discounted for Black Friday, but this year. People are really starting to let loose of that product at a discounted price. And even today, Sik had dropped another 40 percent off on a few products where they were just running 20 and 25%.

So the deals just keep coming. That's what I'm here for. Yeah. Good deal. So what when people are looking for a black Friday deal, can they go to your website to see what's out there? So basically what I do is make a compilation of all the Black Friday hunting related sales and deals from across the web.

I put them all in one place because if you've ever tried to sit down and look for a particular product that's on sale, it takes forever to scroll through multiple websites and look. So that's what I do. I spend about a week going through and looking for at each store, each online retailer, the products that they've got on sale.

And I put that all into one large blog post. And then if they're [00:19:00] part of my daily deal email list, I'll send out an email with those each day and be like, Hey, here's what's coming up. Here's the sales that's going on. But then compilation Black Friday post is really where it's at. There's so much.

information on that. It's really hard to describe. So I did something this year to make it a little bit easier. I did a top 10 Black Friday deals. And then I want to go through and be like, and create like a best ground blind, the best deal on the ground line this year, the best deal on a trail camera.

Try to make some things a little bit easier rather than going through every store. Sure. Some brands have map pricing. So crispy boots, everybody wants a pair of crispies. If you never had one, or if you have had one, you want another pair. Right now they're 20 percent off about everywhere because that's what crispy releases.

When they have map prices and occasionally you get a coupon code. For brands that don't go on sale. So there's a particular brand like right now that you won't find a coupon code, [00:20:00] but I've got one for it's Garmin and Garmin in reach and all these handheld GPSs and stuff like that. Even the watches, heck the fish finders.

You never see a coupon code for something like Garmin, but right now I've got one on the website for 20 percent off, but it's one retailer only. So at some point in time, somebody is going to catch on and that's going to get nipped in the butt. But right now it's still active. So my job is to let everybody know how to save money and where to save it.

There you go. Cameron, give us your top 10 that you just spoke about. Give us your top 10 black Friday deals for 2023. So the top 10 deals right now are starting at Black Ova. So some of these are just ranked into the stores. They usually have the best Black Friday sale because they've got some of the biggest brands in the industry that rarely go on sale, like Sika, Crispy, Mystery Ranch, Kino Trek Boots.

They've got a huge lineup of deals. Zamberland, Danner, La [00:21:00] Crosse, White's Boots. and they give you a detailed list of how long those sales are going to last. So some of these Black Friday sales, you'll find that they only last for Black Friday. Whereas some of these retailers, they won't tell you how long they're going to last.

And they're like, I get to a surprise at the end of it. They're like, Oh, we've extended the sale. Black Opus don't do that. We're like, Hey, it's cut and dry. This is how long it's going to last. Better jump on it while you can. So Black Opus is always the first place I go to for high end brands.

That coming in at number two, it's always the bread and butter. It's KU. This is one at KU does two big sales in the month of November. They do that about two weeks prior to Black Friday, they have a huge sale. And you'll find discounts 40 to 50 percent off a pretty decent amount during that sale that it's called their biggest sale of the year.

And then they follow that up with basically the same sale, just in a smaller condensed version of it for Black Friday. So they actually jumped the gun on everybody in the industry. And [00:22:00] we saw Sitka and some other companies do that this year as well. Trying to catch up, but KU is notorious.

If you're wanting the best price on KU, it's always the, basically the peak of the whitetail rut is when that sale occurs. But it's still really good at Black Friday. Put it in the closet for next year, right? Yeah. There's some of the products right now that you can buy and still get use out of depending on where you live at in the country.

Heck that could you proximity line. I've been running that this year and absolutely love it. Super comfortable ward today. Actually, while I was in the stand, so I really started to enjoy their products. That's number two. Number three, Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops. And you wouldn't technically find that in the last previous years.

The reason being is after Bass Pro Shops purchased Cabela's, they monopolized the industry. And we said, we hear that term over utilized a little bit, but that sale alone for the last few years has produced very little [00:23:00] traffic for me. This year, they finally have some discounted products worth going to look at.

Of course, we all get a Bass Pro Shops or Cabela's gift card for Christmas because that's where the hunting community kind of gravitates towards because they've got the most retail stores and we can always find something to buy when we walk in. The problem is they haven't discounted products at all hardly since the purchase.

But for some reason, this year, and I would imagine because consumer spending is down across the board, if you talk to everybody in our industry, as well as the fishing industry, They talk about consumer spending being lower than what it has been for several years since COVID. And then part of that is we're seeing better discounts.

And finally Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops has jumped on board with some of that. Only kicker is they're no longer competing. They have the exact same discounts across the board. So if you can find a product at Bass Pro, it's also on sale at Cabela's. The [00:24:00] fourth sportsman's warehouse has a unique combination where they will deal with gift cards on some higher end products.

So not only do you get the discount you'll get an added on bonus so I think last year I picked up a pair of crispies, not only the 20 percent off, but also got a 50 gift card on top of that. They haven't dropped their big Black Friday stuff yet. Right now they're still doing the early bird or the early Black Friday sales.

So they've been pretty good right now, and I expect them to be a lot better here coming up. soMe of the things that Sportsman's Warehouse has currently got on sale. That might catch reader's attention is those lacrosse, men's killik, alpha burly pro uninsulated, and 800 gram insulated boots. They had those as low as $56 for the insulated and $52 and 46 cents for the uninsulated.

'cause what they had. Yeah, I mean it was just, it's a stupid good deal and that. If you don't pay attention, if you're not on the hunting gear deals, daily deal email list, you [00:25:00] may never know about it, but to get a pair of lacrosse Alpha burley's for under 55 bucks and you can't beat that. So that's, wow, that's that, that, that's a hell of a boot for 56 bucks.

It's a great boot. I've got a pair, the uninsulated and the insulated version sitting outside in the garage. They've lasted for years. Yeah, the rubber, the paint runs off. But they're a great boot and they're gonna last you for a long time. So Sportsman's Warehouse, definitely one of the places to go to.

Of course, they've got Sika Gear, they've got their Killik brand 20 percent off, and they've got some other, and then a Crispy Boots sale is right in line with everybody else. They'll have some discounts on can we talk about, you wouldn't talk about guns, right? Yeah, absolutely. Hell yeah. We can talk about guys.

This is Ohio, man. Making sure, dude, you never know. Like Instagram's weird. They're now busting everybody. So like when it comes to advertising, like I always get slapped on the wrist when it's time to come to the gun. So I've got a fire away, man. You're in, you're amongst friends. So the Savage [00:26:00] Axis rifle scope, usually you see a lot of discounts.

on that particular gun. And it seems like sports is warehouse will have their own specific gun and Cabela's will have their specific gun. And I think right now who's leading the board with the best deal on that particular rifle is going to be Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's. at around 2. 99 for a combo after mail in rebate, but a lot of retailers are still in that like 3.

50 range, so it's a great gun whether you're looking for a compact, you're looking for a slip, a, they make it in 3. 50 legend. So if you're looking for a good gun, like pay attention, those go quick. So it's not a gun that you're going to just be able to walk in at noon on Black Friday and be like, yeah, I'll go get one.

No, you're either first in line or you're not going to get one, or you're going to be first to pull the trigger when those cells drop online, which is what I helped with. That's one of my favorite deals and [00:27:00] discounts when it comes to guns and sports. A good gun for 3300 bucks. Oh, absolutely. I've bought several of them through the years.

Can't beat them. If you're a long range, you're looking at 500 yards. No, that's not the gun you're buying. But for 350 bucks or less, you can't beat it now for sure. That was our four number five second year. So we've seen discounts at 25 percent across the board and they actually started before Black Friday, 20%.

Then Black Friday week showed up, they dropped it to 25%. And today The new whitetail line in elevated or not elevated sub alpine dropped to 40 percent off. So the Stratus line and a lot of their other pieces and accessories dropped to 40 percent off. And that is a, that's an industry discount. So if like you're on their pro staff and stuff like that, you're getting that 40 percent off discount and Sik has offered that right now.

So that's one that I would not pass up because I do love that [00:28:00] Sikka Stratus lineup. EUro Optic, number six, Euro Optic has a huge lineup of deals and they can be really janky to look at, but when you start diving in and you find a pair of lacrosse boots for 50 or 60 bucks they're pretty good.

Night Force Optics, that's a brand that you don't hear of going on sale very often. They got 10 percent off plus a sales tax rebate and they've got several other brands right now. Shields. number seven, they've got first light 25 percent off. They've got a huge selection of discounted products right now and more coming.

So what we're seeing right now is the fact that a lot of the big black Friday deals haven't actually started because we're recording this. a couple days before Black Friday stocks. Come, I'm going to keep this top 10 list as a living document. If something changes or improves, some things will get dropped off and added to.

But Shills also has the Crispy Boots 20 percent off. They've got KineTrek Boots 20 [00:29:00] percent off as well. Some Smart Wolf Socks. A lot of tree stands on sale. Some of the bigger box stores didn't have a lot of great discounts on tree stands this year. Whereas Shields has really good discount on the Ameristep, Cloak Extreme blind and XL blind, as well as the Millennium tree stand.

So I'm a big fan of Millennium stands. So when you can find them on sale, that doesn't happen very often, I try to jump on them. Next up after shields, I'm going to have to go with Palmetto State Armory and Palmetto State Armory is a, they make their own guns. Plus they sell other name brand guns.

So the best discounts are on products that they own. There's a, they actually have a crimson trace. Red dot that's really cheap, like 39. 99. They've got their Glock clone called the Dagger down to 2. 99. I think it was maybe less. Let me look real quick. Cause I've got that pulled up.[00:30:00] I've, yeah, they got a PSA dagger compact in a kit for 400 bucks, and then they've got the pistol itself for only 260 bucks.

So you cannot beat that deal. A Vortex Spark 2 for 90 bucks, and several other great, I really like their 5. 7 rock. That pistol is sweet. But they got that on sale as well. So they'll keep updating new deals and things like that as it comes through. But that's really one of my go tos when it comes to getting a good deal on a gun, but it's the guns that they make.

And for my testing, they're phenomenal, especially for the price. Half the price of actually going out and buying a Glock. That's, yeah, 260. Yeah, 260. And I have one of them. Love it. Love the gun for 260. Next up, Mystery Ranch. Mystery Ranch, if you've been out west to hunt, if you, heck, they've got the treehouse pack that I'm running this year.

High end backpacks are a must for certain hunting [00:31:00] opportunities. and Mystery Ranch is one of the higher echelon brands. So they're 30 percent off on their website. I think I've seen 25 percent off on like Black Ovis and places like that. So if you're running a Mystery Ranch pack this year, it's best to go directly to the manufacturer at 30 percent off.

Optics Planet has some site wide coupon codes. They were running 10 percent off, but now they're running like a 45, 75 off. a certain purchase and that's going to change and you'll see an actually a, I can go ahead and say it because it's not going to drop quick enough, but you'll see a 12 percent discount for optics planet drop on black Friday.

Okay. Nice. The Garmin deal that we talked about, I know we're out of the top 10, but man, if you've ever wanted a Garmin, I've got a coupon code on the website. It's one of those things like I'm not going to just say, tell you, that's going to, that's going to be the teaser where it's at. You're going to have to go to the website, huntinggeardeals.

com. Look at our Black Friday blog post [00:32:00] and you won't miss it. But you've got to check that out. If you're wanting to save hundreds of dollars on a Garmin. And what's the what's the discount for? How much is it? 20 percent off. Oh, man. Yeah. That's good. Yeah. That's huge on Garmin and that's their fish finders.

That's their watches. That's their handheld GPS is it really goes in really deep. With that discount. And usually these don't last. So I hate to say it, but once I leak them, somebody tells on me. So yeah, they get signed over the daily deal email and that won't happen there. You'll be first in line, hopefully.

So good deal, man. So huntinggeardeals. com you can sign up. Get the daily email. You can read the blog, see all the other stuff. Check the site, check it routinely. I'm sure if someone adds something or if there's a big pop up, I'm sure you'll be the first first to catch it and put it up there.

Cause there's a lot, there's a lot going on, man. A lot of the papers, a lot online, Facebook, all that stuff, man. It's a, like you said, a living document. So check back [00:33:00] routinely. Can people find you on Instagram on social medias? What do you got on there? Yeah. So whether it's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik TOK, it's pretty simple at hunting your deals.

Yeah. Do you have a personal product that you're like, this is it? This is a hell of a deal. I need this. I'm going to buy this myself. Do you have one that really sticks out in your top 10 or outside? Is there like one specific product? Not yet. So I will compile that effort right now. My, I try to scan every different company.

One of the things that I'm going to buy. And I should mention this now is I'm looking for AA batteries. If you've bought trail camera batteries this year, whether it's lithium or non lithium batteries, they were ridiculously expensive. Now I haven't found the Energizer lithium batteries on sale yet, but Home Depot has Energizer, what extra, whatever they call their higher end brand, or their regular alkalines.

They have those discounted on the 36 pack was like 14. 99. Home [00:34:00] Depot has. And I'll do both. Lowe's has a 60 pack of Rayovacs for around 17, 17. Okay. So I'm going to stock up on AA batteries. That is my one purchase that I will promise that I'm going to buy. Two is I would strongly recommend before this.

Now unfortunately this deal might end before Black Friday hits. 'cause this was a pre-Black Friday deal. But those lacrosse, alpha Burley and the Kill it camo for 52 to 56 bucks depending on the you count beat that you will never have a bad thing to say at that price. That is a boot that costs three times or more than what it's on sale for right now.

Yeah that's the one that when, that's the one that sticks out to me. Yeah. 56 bucks for the insulated sold quick. So Cameron Stover, huntinggeardeals. com thanks for, thanks so much for your time, man. Thanks for doing all the dirty work for us, saving us money, man. Check out the website.

[00:35:00] This is a yearly tradition for us. We enjoy having you on. So thanks, buddy. I appreciate it. Yeah. I appreciate it, man.