Building, Designing and Layout of Bedding Areas for Deer

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), discusses the failures in not asking the necessary questions when hiring a consultant. Jon provides explanations on what questions to ask a consultant and details failures of both the consultant and client and how to avoid those. Jon provides information on his master class and future giveaways.

Jon provides an explanation of the significance of designing and laying out a hunting property, specifically building bedding areas. Jon explains the importance of defining goals and objectives for landowners and using those as a basis to start a property design. Jon explains tree species to cut and how he has designed forest land to act more like shrubland and details a specific area that he designed to kill his target buck.

Jon goes into detail on how to keep deer longer in bedding areas, what deer need and how to take your property to the next level to harvest mature bucks. Jon explains how to manage bedding areas and how to influence interest by deer, comfort, and wind manipulation. Jon provides general guidance on what deer want in key areas on a property and how the design tactics used will create a better chance to harvest deer.

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