Busting Up and Hunting Fall Turkey Flocks

Show Notes

The first time Mitch heard Paul Campbell from the Ohio Outdoors (O2) podcast say the words, "the month of October belongs to turkeys," he thought Paul needed to be checked into a mental hospital!  However, after chatting with Paul and Brett Barry on this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, there may be some merit to those words after all!  Both Brett and Paul think about turkeys the way many guys think about whitetails and have a fall turkey hunting tour planned out each season.  If you've never hunted turkeys in the fall, it's a whole different story compared to spring!

Both guys begin by sharing their infatuation for turkeys, and Brett leads into his introduction to using dogs during the fall season.  He touches briefly on developing a dog for turkey hunting and the gear needed, then immediately dives into the strategy behind scouting, busting up flocks, and calling in turkeys during the fall hunting season.  Most turkey hunters think about hunting in spring when gobblers are fired up during breeding season.  But during the fall, finding food and security cover is key, just like hunting whitetails.  Brett and Paul are loaded with tips and tricks to being a more successful turkey hunter, especially during the fall when birds' behavior is a little more difficult to manipulate!

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