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150 Episodes of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast! This week, John is joined by good friend and hunting partner Ryan Adams. John has been blessed to join Ryan and his family at a few of their deer camps over the years, and his family is a big reason why John enjoys whitetail hunting so much today. Ryan grew up in a hunting family, but they had always leased land to hunt until a few years ago when they were able to purchase their own piece of property. Ryan talks about some of the big differences between owning and leasing land, and how it took more getting used to than he thought it would. He also talks about what a big change it was going from sandy brush country to lush oak ridges, and how it was a completely different type of hunting, even though they were after the same animal. 

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[00:00:00] Hey guys and gals, welcome to the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast brought to you by Arrowhead Land Company. Here you will be educated, entertained, and equipped to get more out of your outdoor experience. So hold on tight because here we go.

What's up ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast. I am your host John Hutsmith and full disclosure, I just had to delete. And redo this intro because I was so excited that I was basically screaming into my microphone and making it You know top out and it was all staticky and nasty and stuff.

And so i'm trying to tone it back Just a little bit here, but it is november guys. It is prime Ruttime. I hope you've been out a lot already. I hope you're still [00:01:00] out there. I hope you're listening to this in a Tree stand, a saddle, a blind, a stand, a tripod, whatever it might be. I just hope you're outside Hunting white tailed deer.

So yes, welcome to the show. As I mentioned last week as you're listening to this Hopefully, hopefully I am in Iowa Hunting deer myself there. And so yeah, this is a more pre recorded episode than you're used to. Normally it comes at you semi live but it is like the end of October as I'm doing this intro, I actually recorded this episode and early to mid October, something like that so yeah, like I explained it all last week, but with me going on the trip, I had to bank some episodes for while I'm there and coming home and everything, and so this is one of those episodes, and so because of that, This intro is going to be pretty short and sweet because nothing has really happened since I recorded my last episode and so i'm just going to throw some things out there real quick So [00:02:00] this is going to launch I believe november 6th.

So by that time oklahoma muzzleloader will be over There's a very small chance that I killed the 2 percent buck, but I'm not going to bank on it because the weather is looking terrible and I don't think I'm going to get to hunt that much, with my muzzle loader. There's a maybe slightly higher chance that I went and hunted the Texas opener on November 4th and shot probably like a smaller management type buck on my buddy, Randy's place.

Had a good time, went and hung out with the buddies. And hopefully, as I mentioned, there's a 100 percent chance that by the time you're listening to this, I am in the state of Iowa. So still trying to figure out my travel plans. If I really wanted to, I could leave like Friday night and head up to Iowa.

I want to go hang out with my buddies at our traditional deer camp in the extended forecast. The weather actually looks better in Texas than it does in Iowa, but it's also Iowa, [00:03:00] so I haven't figured out what I'm going to do yet, but all that to say. Who knows what I'm doing I hope you guys are having some awesome luck hunting the rut wherever you're listening to this and hopefully I'm having some good luck in Iowa.

So that's pretty much it for this this intro. As I mentioned, I think I mentioned talking to my good buddy, Ryan Adams, who actually killed a really nice buck the same exact day that I killed my buck on, what was that? October 5th. And so we're talking to him. He's telling his story. He's talking about Their new place that he's been hunting the last couple of years and I think it's just a really good episode So thank you guys for tuning in.

I hope you're having a great time Still lots of season left if you're struggling. Don't worry still a lot of rut left, honestly So don't be discouraged get out there spend as much time as possible in the woods And good things will happen. So that's it. That's going to do it for this intro. I hope you guys are ready for my chat with Ryan.

Good, good friend of mine. [00:04:00] And we're going to get into it right this second. So stay right there. Hey, everybody. Welcome to today's show. And today I got my good lifelong friend on Mr. Ryan Adams. How are you doing, Ryan? I'm good, man. Yeah, I'm happy to be on here. Yeah, finally. Yeah, I know. That's fine. You finally killed something worthy of coming on my show.

And no, we were we were talking beforehand, whether you'd been on or not. And you were on one of the first episodes way back when, and I recorded a terrible episode on my cell phone as we were coming back from an elk hunt. I think I've probably. Was that our last Elkhound, or have we done one since then?

I guess that would have been our last one. No, that was the last one. Yeah. So yeah, it's been a while, but anyway, like I said, we've known each other for almost my whole life. You are good friends with my older brothers, and I think y'all probably went to school together in what, kindergarten, something like that?

No, we probably started going later, elementary for sure, but then [00:05:00] became, really good friends, yeah around the end of then and early junior high. Yeah. So yeah, like I said, known each other a long time and finally getting you on here because you got a heck of a story to tell.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves real quick, let's back up and why don't you just tell everybody a little bit about yourself. Yeah born and raised in Texas, so new to all the Oklahoma stuff, but we have man, we've been leasing land in Texas as long as I can remember my dad got into hunting when, probably right before my brother and I were born.

And yeah, as, as long as I've been alive he's had a lease somewhere that, he started taking us when. We were probably four or five years old. We started going out there with him and killed my first year with him. Probably when I was, seven or eight and been doing it ever since.

And yeah, here just, in the last, I don't know, you probably know better than I do, but, eight to 10 years really started [00:06:00] getting into archery and. Enjoying that, we've done some of our elk hunts together and I just, yeah, I'm pretty eat up with hunting. It's all I, seems to be all I think about sometimes.

Yeah, man, it's, I love it. Now I've got, kids in my home that I'm introducing to it. And my oldest shot his first deer last year, which. I was surprised with all the emotion I felt when that happened. So I'm excited. They, my two older boys are both, pretty obsessed with it.

My daughter, she doesn't like that when we killed a mommy deer, so I still got some work to do with her, but yeah, man, it's turned into a family thing. We love, we process all of our own stuff. Now my wife is really. She has no interest in hunting, but she loves that part of it, making the food out of it.

Yeah, it's turned into a whole family affair, which has been a lot of fun. Yeah, that's awesome. And I. I, I, this is [00:07:00] the first time I've had you on, but I've actually referenced you several times. And I think I told you this story recently about how, I always talked about how I didn't necessarily grow up in a hunting family.

My dad like bird hunted a little bit. But I always talked about how my brothers had this friend who invited them to go deer hunting. And I was always the younger brother who never got to go and you are that friend, you are the one that took my older brothers and I was always left. At home. And I think that's really the main reason I'm such a avid hunter today is because I just felt so left out back then that I wanted to go along to, you're welcome.

Yeah. Yeah. And now I'm older and we get to hunt together and we talk a lot about it and everything. So it's, it's all come full circle. Yeah, that's funny. Yeah. Cool, man. To get things started you, you hinted at it already, but you talked about how y'all basically growing up, you always had a deer lease usually out in West Texas area.

I think your dad did quite a bit of bow hunting, but y'all did a lot of rifle hunting and everything. And then y'all have since [00:08:00] bought a property in Oklahoma and been hunting there the last two or three years. I want to cover just that transition, like what it was like going from leasing a property to where you didn't necessarily had have full control.

I know at times y'all shared leases with other people and everything. So I just want to hear about the difference between what it was like going from a lease to full on ownership. Yeah. Yeah. We were always fortunate that we had some of the leases we had were great.

The first one that I can remember doing a lot of hunting on and it just, it was down central Texas and, tons of deer but the. The frustrating thing about it is, we could only go out there starting September 1st and, they cut us off and I think mid January.

And we couldn't even go out there. In the summer or in the spring and put cameras up and you could not access the place until September 1st. And that was early on. We never ran any kind of trail cameras [00:09:00] or anything like that. And, it's very limited on what you were able to do.

You could put stands up, but they had to be, a certain distance from roads and whatnot. No ability to go in and clear an area or do any kind of, work to the property, obviously. But like I said, we, we were fortunate to get some pretty, pretty cool leases throughout the years.

And we had one, pretty close here and to home and was fortunate. My brother ended up killing two, world But, it was always one of those things we always had things we wanted to do, man, it'd be really great to clear this area out. And, whether it be to put a food pot in or man, if you could get some lanes, through this spot, you could. Get a lot of, deer traffic, but you just weren't ever able to do any of that.

You couldn't, we never had the rights anyway. I'm sure some people do, but we never had the freedom to to do some of that stuff. And then, yeah, you're always low man on the totem pole, which was always stumped. Anytime roads [00:10:00] got rutted up it's always, the hunter's fault.

It was not the oil guys driving through their 18 wheelers. Of course it were tearing up roads. It was us. And that was always, a little frustrating as well, but and probably eight or nine years ago, we started looking and, trying to trying to buy our own place. And we knew we wouldn't be able to, we were, I think the last place we're on in Texas, it was.

7000 acre ranch that we were able to hunt. And just tons of ground to cover. It was, I loved it because I have a hard time sitting in a stand. I love being able to, move around and, still hunt. And having all that ground was awesome. But yeah, I just, We were paying a ton of money for that place.

And so we started looking, we found a place about three years ago that just checked all the boxes had, nice water on it, that we could fish and duck hunt at, some pretty decent deer habitat. But there was a lot of stuff that we felt like we could do with it. And yeah, we were able to buy that.

And [00:11:00] then within that 1st year, the neighboring place came up for sale and we were able to buy that as well. We were able to acquire a pretty decent amount of of property up there. And so it's been a. I still think we're getting used to the fact that Hey, we can do what we want to with this, but it's also made it it's not easy to pull the trigger on that stuff either, cause it's like I, I don't know if this is right and we want to make sure we're doing this right since it is ours, and so yeah, it's been this weird transition of, starting to realize man, we've, we've got a lot of freedom now we can. Do what we want to with the property, but then there's been hesitation of is this the right thing to do? These are, it's going to be long term effects with some of this.

And so we've been pretty slow to, to do much, but we're still, we've got some things that we're figuring out and some plans moving forward. But I think the other thing that's really been fun about this place is, there's nobody telling us, Hey, this is what you have to shoot. Thank you.[00:12:00]

You're not punished for maybe shooting a younger deer. And so it's a lot of fun taking somebody out there who's, maybe they've hunted some, but haven't ever killed a deer. And it's man, Hey, if that deer right in front of that's getting you excited and shoot it, that's fine.

That's great. And we want to manage, we want to, do the right thing and whatnot. But at the same time, like we're out there to have fun and, for other people to be introduced to some of this stuff. And so yeah, they're excited by that, two year old eight point shoot him.

That's, let's enjoy this. And so let's make some memories. So that's been fun being able to have that mindset now, or it's before it's, you run the risk of losing a place because, You shot a, two year old eight point or whatever. So yeah, it's been a, it's been a lot of fun finally, having our own place, being able to do what we want to with it and being able to do what we want out there, and yeah, it's been. It's been a lot of fun. I think one [00:13:00] thing, this is just, I've been on a couple of y'all's old leases and I've been on your new place and we don't have to get too detailed with where it's at, but one big difference that I see for y'all is I feel like y'all were really used to hunting that kind of scrubby Western, mesquite and, Oh yeah, cactus plants and mesquites.

And then where you're at now, it's very lush and green and hardwoods and everything. So has that been a weird learning experience for you? Oh man. Yeah. Big time. I can't tell you the last time I had to hang a tree stand, that was my dad and I nearly killed ourselves because we couldn't remember how to do some up there in the tree.

Okay, does this screw go here? I don't know. So yeah, that, that's been different. And even. One thing I loved about hunting West Texas is just the ground. You can see, and you could get up on a point and just see for miles. Whereas here, there's spots that I'll hunt that.

I've got four or five [00:14:00] shooting lanes and you're not seeing, but, 40 or 50 yards, it's very different. But there's also excitement with that because, you can, a lot of times you, you hear the deer way before you see them. And so that's, that anticipation has been fun, but yeah, I still feel like I'm way behind up here, just figuring out how these deer are using these woods and You know how they're traveling where they're betting because I mean I look around like everywhere is good betting here I don't know where the the bedding areas are really, cause it just, to me, it looks like all of it's good for that, whereas again, out in West Texas, it was easier to find some of that sometimes.

Yeah. See, I feel the exact opposite. Like when I go out to I got a buddy that lets me hunt out there. I've been on y'all's places and I feel that way out there. I'm like, everything's the same. Like it's just flat cactus or, cactus and mesquite field pastures. Like, how do you find the terrain?

How do you find the funnels and all that stuff? Yeah, it's just a funny mix of like what you're used to hunting is what you learn [00:15:00] to hunt and your go to tactics. Yeah, that's right out there. Yeah. What about what about like food plots? Cause that's something you've never really been able to do until this place.

Have you tried any yet? Have you been learning about them, thinking about them? What about that? No, I need to get my farm hand up there. You or your brother and teach you how to do so that, cause I, we, my dad. We bought a little disc plow and I got out and tried to do it and I couldn't even break ground with it.

So it's okay, I, and anytime I try to call you or your brother with those questions, nobody ever answered. So yeah I actually, I've talked to your brother about that. He said he We'll find a time to meet up out there and help me out with some of that. But we've got, man, there's a couple of areas that it's already natural funnel areas that I think could be really good for some of that.

But and that's what I'm talking about. We've got some, some. Some ideas and some [00:16:00] plans in place, but, yeah, we haven't been able to implement anything yet. And some of that manages, as, we've got a family business that we run. So that keeps us fairly busy.

And then. Young family and whatnot. So it's not like I just have all the freedom to jump up there and do that, so that's just something we're still trying to figure out, not sure always what the best way to do that, but still looking for some. Some help on some of that for sure.

That's probably my bad.

Cool, man. Let's let's transition a little bit. Let's get to talking about this deer. Now luckily you had me as a friend to be like, Hey. This Thursday is going to be a really good day and you need to get out there because you end up killing you. I actually, I think I texted you first. I said, Hey, I just shot a buck and you text me back.

We're like, so did I. And so let's let's get into the hunt. You shot about 10 minutes. About 10 minutes before I did. Gotcha. Gotcha. So yeah, same [00:17:00] day and everything. So let's back up a little bit. Let's talk about this buck and when you learned about them, did you have any history and just talk about the deer itself.

Yeah, man, that's what was fun about this deer. We we saw him, he showed up last year, mid to late October I've got a little clearing that I put a camera in and I got some pictures of him and then And even last year, he was he was a real pretty 11 point real tall, decent mass just, yeah, a really pretty deer.

And my brother was up there with me one weekend and he doesn't bow honey, he has a crossbow, he's got a disability with his arm, but So he has a crossbow, but he wasn't going to hunt. He just wanted to be up there to hang out. And so I had taken my saddle way back into them, the woods and it hung it.

And he just went and that in one of the box blinds and was going to, take some pictures and just hang out while that buck came out. [00:18:00] In front of him at, 30 or 40 yards. And he's texting me like, Hey, that buck is over here. Sure enough. He was, he got some really good pictures of him and looking at those pictures I just really felt like that deer was a four year old deer and so we decided, to, hey let's let this deer go.

It seems like he's really hanging around this area. Hopefully not going to go anywhere are a lot of our neighbors. There's a neighbor behind us. I think they do some hunting but a lot of the neighbors and they want to shoot a doe every once in a while, but they're not out there, chasing big bucks and so felt fairly confident that, if health wise he'd make it to the year We might see him this year.

And so I even had him at at bow range. It was early December. I had him out in front of me and he was already, pretty busted up from fighting and whatnot in the rut. And so it was easy at that point to, to let him go for next year. And yeah, so that was really fun. And then, this year it was [00:19:00] probably, I don't know, early September, I started getting some pictures of him again, and.

He had obviously grown a decent amount. He put on a lot more mass. He'd gotten, pretty heavy, still really tall, still had a, he's one of his he had a fork on a G two. That was, I love, we always call them crab claws. I love it when they do that, he just had some other little kickers that he didn't have the year before.

But man, the biggest thing was he just, his body was just. So big and you just, it was so obvious to tell that this is a, a five year old. He was just a very mature deer. Anytime I'd have pictures of him and even other mature bucks. He just was. So much bigger and, I'd get a picture of him and then it'd be a week before I'd get another one.

So just, he wasn't very consistent and then, yeah, it was, I think before I went out there on that Thursday, I had seven or eight days in a row of him, showing up to this spot. [00:20:00] And I was pretty confident that if that held and I figured it would with, some cooler weather coming in that I'd have an opportunity at him.

And my dad and I got up there Wednesday night and man, I went out Thursday morning, just knowing like, all right, this is it. And there had been four or five bucks showing up to this spot. One, a nice eight point that again, I think we're holding on. I think next year he could be really nice.

But yeah, I got out there. I've been, I'm the type of guy I show up if, Shooting light is 645. I'm crawling up there at 640. I've always been bad about that. And so I, man, I was bound and determined. I got up in that stand at six o'clock. It had rained all night, was still drizzling on us.

But I got up there super early. Didn't spook anything getting in there. And man, nothing. Not a stinking deer that morning. And my dad, where he was sitting, he saw nine or 10 bucks, bunch of deer over there, but I [00:21:00] didn't see, I didn't see a thing. And so a little discouraged. I even, I think you and I had even texted some and you were just talking about how those sometimes those fronts can throw him out of whack a little bit. So yeah we had some work that we wanted to go do in that area. We've got an area we're trying to clear out. But I told my dad's man, I don't want to go messing around back in there. Let's let's give him this evening. Let's see if he You know, comes out and yeah, we just hung out.

We did some other stuff that day and got out there that afternoon. Again, try to get out there fairly early. I think I maybe got up in the stand 333 45 something like that. And it wasn't I think it was about 630. my, my dad had just text and we were having a competition of who was going to see the 1st thing.

It just texted me and said, does an armadillo count? And as soon as he texts me that to my left, I can hear, some crunching [00:22:00] and here comes those, four cameras, four or five bucks came in and they're milling around out in front of me and they keep looking behind me about five minutes later, he came out and it's so fun when I'm mature, but that comes out because.

the whole mood changes, all the other bucks, they, man, they let him go where he wants. He now is ruling that area, and so I knew before I even saw him that it was going to be him, just the way those other bucks were acting. And I don't even think I've talked to you about this, but so he comes out and he's probably, I don't know, 18 to 20 yards, something like that.

And so I've been shooting some this summer not as much as I'd like, but I'm sitting there and usually I practice. Sitting down, just to get that muscle memory down of, being seated and drawing back. And so I'm sitting there and everything's [00:23:00] looking away.

Nothing's looking at me. So I thought, okay I'm safe to draw back. And man, I get about halfway and nothing, I could not get my bow back. So I dropped it down. My, my heart's beating pretty good, but I'm like, okay, just take a deep breath. Another minute or two goes by and, I feel like I'm safe to draw again and I go back and nothing.

I get it about halfway again and I'm like, okay. This is ridiculous. Just pull your bow back at this time. I didn't care if anything was looking at me or not. I was going to just pull my bow back. And so I finally I got it back and, nothing saw me. I'm pretty, I'm covered pretty good in this tree and.

Yeah, I, I shot him for 20, but I think looking back, he was probably more like 17 or 18. And I had been just telling myself over and over like, all right, just take your time. Remember, you're up in a tree again. I haven't hunted up in a tree and. Since I was probably 16.[00:24:00] And that shot angle is very different than what I'm used to.

I think you filmed me one time shooting a deer. I think that stand was like six feet off the ground. And I'm, I've been telling myself, aim a little bit lower, whatever, man, when I got drawn back, all of that just went out the window and I put my pen on him and. And shot. It's a little disappointing because I think I must have just Nicked his spine because man, I mean he just he dropped he laid there for 15 seconds maybe and that was it.

And so I, there's part of bowhunting that I love. I'm sure not everybody thinks this way, but I enjoy, especially if I know I made a good shot, watching that deer run off. I love blood trailing deer doing all that. And so I was a little bummed and I'm like okay, that's over.

It was, it all happened pretty quick. And but I was stoked. I was, really excited because this [00:25:00] is again, one of the first times that we've had a little bit of history with the deer, patterned him a little bit and knew where he was going to be and whatnot.

And so that was a fun experience. It was great. I texted my dad and I went over and picked him up and, he was obviously super thrilled for. For me, it's funny, he's taken us hunting, like I said, since we were little kids and, my brother and I, he always, it's no, you guys shoot the deer, you guys shoot the deer.

And my brother and I both killed bigger deer than he's ever killed. And he's just tickled to death about it, yeah, so we loaded him up and we wanted to weigh him on the hook. So we took him back and weighed him and he was 200 pounds on the nose. So he was just, and man, I, when I skinned that deer, I.

That had to be the fattiest deer I've ever scanned him and he had so much fat on. I know it was pre rut, so that's part of it, but he just had a ton of fat. And then, when we field dressed him and I got the lungs, one of his lungs was just. Cut in half, so even if I had not nicked his [00:26:00] spine, like I did, he wasn't going very far.

Yeah, it was fun. Obviously. That's the that's really the 1st big buck. We've taken out of there. We've got a few others that we're going to be facing this year. But yeah, it was, it was a lot of fun. It was neat. And again, there was just a little more excitement to it being again, that this was, it felt like this was like our deer, so that, that was. That was pretty neat. But yeah, it was exciting and I'm excited that my season is not over. Like I said, we've got some really, there's three or four other bucks that I, you know I feel like they're, that five, six year old range that, a really nice deer.

So looking forward to getting out and. Chasing some of those this week. One thing, like I said, killed a deer on the same day. And that's, that was by far the earliest I've ever killed a buck, especially a mature buck. And one thing that threw me off a little bit when he came in, [00:27:00] I second guessed myself, and this was a deer that I had.

Tons. I had trail cam pictures. I had trail cam videos. Like I knew this deer pretty intimately, but when he came in, he threw me off. I was like, I just don't know if this deer is as old as I think he is. And I actually pulled out my phone and looked up some of those trail camera pictures and, I think what was throwing me off was just he wasn't rutted up yet.

He didn't have his big thick neck and he, he just wasn't bullish. He still had that fat. And it just really threw me off. Like I said, the last the last two or three deer I've taken off of our property that the taxidermist, she's told me that she had to order like extra large mounts for them because they're just so thick and, their necks are so big and everything.

And like I said, when this deer came out, it just threw me off. So I don't know. I don't know if you experienced that similar thing, like killing a deer so early and just how they looked a little different. Yeah. It's funny. Yeah. His, again, his body [00:28:00] was just so much bigger than those other bucks, but yes, he did not have that.

It wasn't like a muscular neck. He had a big neck, but it wasn't that muscular neck. That's ready to start, fighting with other deer. But it was, it probably helped that again, he was there with, like I said, I think a four year old and then a couple of three year olds and, two year old that it was just, it was a no brainer.

It's yeah, this deer. If he's, if he's not five, then he's six, he's definitely no younger than that. And so it was a no brainer, but yes, I know what you mean. He almost looked like flabby. It's he wasn't like toned up and ready to go. Yeah, exactly. Gotcha. But yeah, that's funny too.

You mentioned you weighed him cause that's something I've never done before. And I literally, I went this weekend and bought a scale so that I have one now because I've always been curious. Like I know we have these big body deer but I've never weighed one. So I went and bought a scale just for that.

So yeah. Yeah. And that, again, [00:29:00] coming from. Man, like a big deer that we would hunt down in central Texas, you were lucky to get a buck that would go, 115, 120, they just, they were just so much smaller. And yeah, this was, again pretty neat to kill something just, that, that big.

And again, I know you've got some guys that are listening to this, they're like, yeah, 200 pound deer, that's nothing, but. Coming from, hunting much, much smaller deer. That was pretty, pretty crazy for us. We were excited about it. What's funny is I don't think I told you about this this spring when I had a couple of guys from the Sportsman's Empire down to go hog hunting one of the guys was from Michigan and we were at the house and I had a bunch of my mounts up there.

And he pointed at my biggest buck, like biggest body, biggest antler and everything. And he was like that one, I was like, what about him? He was like, that would be about the size of a two year old where I come from. Just yeah, the further North you go, the bigger they get. And it stuck up.

I had to Iowa in three weeks, it snuck up on me. [00:30:00] And that's one of the things I'm really excited for is I just keep hearing about these big body northern deer and I've never really got to experience that. Yeah, pretty Excited for a lot of things on that trip. Oh, I bet.

Yeah. Yeah, I bet. Cool, man I told you I wouldn't keep you too long and we're coming up on that but real quick before I let you go. I don't think we've really described this deer yet You've talked about he was big and everything but just give people a visual just describe his rack a little bit Yeah, he his most prominent feature, he's just really tall.

I think, both G2s were, 11, 12 inches. They were both just really long as G3s kept that going. They were, I think both right around 10 inches and G4s were good. Like I said, he's got he's got a fork on one of his G2s and just, both bases were, I think five and a half inches.

And that just went all the way through, all the circumferences were just, five and a half, five, four and a half, he was just thick all the way through and then, probably the only [00:31:00] area that he lacked some was he was a pretty narrow rack. He was, I think we, we measured it at about 15 and a half, something like that.

And yeah, it was, that was probably his only deficiency. And then, like I said, he had a few, kind of kickers on the sides, that were 34 inches long, nothing. Nothing great. Yeah, but it was yeah, he was a really pretty video though. Yeah, it was Again, my, it was definitely my biggest buck today.

So yeah, it was exciting. Awesome. Cool, man. Like I said, I appreciate you coming on. You need to get old spunky. You need to get your dad on one of those just cause I know he'd love it. And yeah, maybe we maybe we can find the time sometime this season to, to get together at one of our places and just hang out a little bit.

So I know we need to, yeah, we need to. Maybe I'll teach you how to plow while we're there. Cool. Like I said, I appreciate you coming on. I appreciate you sharing your experience with you [00:32:00] or with us, excuse me. And I think that's all we got for you this week. So unless you got something else, I think that's going to do it. No, man. I appreciate you having me on. It's fun. Yep, we will we'll do it again sometime, and I think that's it, so we'll talk to you later.

Alright, see you, John. And that is going to do it. Thank you, Ryan, for coming on and telling your story. As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a pre recorded episode, so I don't have a lot to fill you in on or catch you up with. I just hope everybody's having a great season. I hope you're being safe.

I hope you're getting out there as much as humanly possible and just have a lot of fun while you're out there doing it. So that's it. Short and sweet this week. Thank you guys for tuning in. Until next week, I will see y'all right back here on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast.[00:33:00]