Camera Placement For Mature Bucks with Jordan Pope

Show Notes

This isn't your everyday trail camera conversation. If you're a deer hunter, chances are you own one or several trail cams. If we're being honest most hunters really don't know how to use them effectively. Sure, you may get a picture of a big buck occasionally, but is it really teaching you anything other than the fact that he's in the area? This week we're joined by Jordan Pope who recently killed an 8.5 year old public land stud in Alabama. Jordan talks about how began narrowing down this buck's movements in the big woods and ultimately killed him in the late season.

The conversation is still on-going as far as where we personally draw the line on cell cams. It seems as though the art of woodsmanship can be lost when depending so heavily on new technology, however, Jordan explains the thought processes he uses when selecting the location of each camera and woodsmanship and understand deer behavior seems to still be at the top of his priorities. Whatever your thoughts on this, you can not deny how incredible this story is and the journey he experienced.

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