Cameron Deerfield Solid Whitetail Hunting BS session

Show Notes

In this episode we talk a variety topics, Cameron has worked in the industry from the TV side as well as the outfitting side of things.  We talk a little bit about traditional hunting and how that changes the game as a deer hunter.  We discuss guiding a bit.  The importance of not taking deer hunting to serious.  

We discuss not upgrading a bow when you find one that fits you.  We discuss are hunters today to focused on gear and not enough of deer hunting. We get into some fun rabbit holes as well.

Topics also discussed

-energy drink selection

-blood trails and muzzleloaders

-stick bow hunting

-stand height and ambush details

-public land hunting

-big woods hunting

-broadhead selection 

-mobile hunting before it was cool

-hunting at a young age

-obsessed with bucks  

-130 class overlooked

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Show Transcript