Chasing the Thrill, Not Inches

Show Notes

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, Mitch catches up with bowhunter Matt Beisswanger.  Mitch and Matt were able to connect at a local event recently leading to Matt coming on and sharing his 2023 hunting season  Matt was able to harvest 7 deer with his recurve bow, including two bucks - one in Pennsylvania and one in Illinois. In order to tell this story, we have to go back a few years... almost 20!

Matt progressed as a bowhunter throughout his life until he picked up traditional archery in 2006.  He enjoyed shooting and did some hunting with the Bear bow, but never dove fully into traditional archery.  Over nearly the next two decades Matt bounced back and forth between compound and recurve, and within the last 5 seasons has now been keeping the compound at home.  This journey leads us to the season build up, where Matt had four years of history with a 180"+ Illinois buck that fell on October 30th to Matt's recurve at twelve yards!  Regardless of size or weapon, Matt's message is the same - keep the hunt fun and chase the thrill!

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