Client Hunting Property Transformation Part 2

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Corbin Reed (Client) discuss his consulting visit, habitat changes, and working for deer. Corbin explains his history and background and large number of farms and how he has had to balance work, life, and deer. Corbin explains hiring a consultant, going through the process of evaluating different consultants, getting perspective from others and experience attending Don Higgins Master Class and the differences between the northeast and the Midwest.

Corbin and Jon discuss his property management plan and how to eliminate neighbors. Corbin explains being a hands-on learner and wanting more out of a consulting visit. Corbin discusses making changes to his property and he never stops learning. Corbin explains advancing food plots and next level depth and train of thought need to make a top hunting property.

Corbin and Jon explain the experience they gained with cutting together.  Corbin details looking at his properties at a high level and trying to process all the changes, while keeping his goal on giant bucks! Corbin explains his takeaways and how to learn more by doing and what he is going to do on his property to kill world class bucks. Corbin provides his expert advice on making your hunting property work for you and how to make multiple properties produce quality deer.

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