Clover Food Plot Maintenance and New Seeding Establishment

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Happy Easter everyone! We hope you are able to enjoy time with family this week, and slow down to celebrate the gift we've received through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's death. On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodman, Mitch is gearing up for spring food plots, specifically clover. Clover is one of the most popular food plots in the world of whitetails, and now is the time to get them started on a positive note.

We begin with discussing frost seeding methods and timing - you may still have an opportunity to frost seed in the next few days! We discuss the proper timing for spring planting, weed management, herbicides and use rates, to mow or not to mow, seed blends, established clover maintenance and top dressing fertilizer. The first 30 days of establishment are crucial for longevity of clover stands. Get the basics right to enjoy a quality food plot this year!

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