Coon Hunting Part 1

Show Notes

On this episode of Michigan Wild, Nate sits down with Jake Vogel for part 1 of coon hunting. They recorded this episode before their coon hunt. Nate and Jake connected 5 years ago rabbit hunting, and that's the year Jake got his first coon dog.

Now Jake is a serious houndsman and has multiple hunting dogs and has his fair share of experience chasing coons. 

In part 1 the guys discuss..

- Not growing up in a hunting family

- What it's like starting out deer and coon hunting

- Constant learning curve trying to become the best hunter and dog handler

- The thrill of watching your dog do what it loves

- How anyone can do this, just need to be motivated and have a willingness to put in the time and effort

Thanks Jake for joining Michigan Wild. We look forward to part 2!

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