Corn, Soybean, and No-till Food Plots

Show Notes

Even though snow and cold weather has set planting back in the northeast slightly, planting season is right around the corner. On this week’s episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we are discussing all things summer food plots. First, we touch base on last minute clover establishment and maintenance before diving into the main topic of corn and soybean planting. Like hunting, food plots are a combination of science and art. We begin chatting about all things technical such as planting populations, weed management, soil preparation, fertility, even wide row corn with inner-seeded greens. Even with all the correct tools and preparation, we still have to ask the question, “do you really need corn and soybeans?” This leads us to a philosophical conversation about tuning your food plot programs to your surrounding neighborhood, property size, and local deer density.

Last, we can’t help but discuss no-till food plots. To start, no-till food plots have many more advantages over conventional planting with tillage. However, there is a learning curve which requires a little more planning and management to be successful. No-till planting is not something that can be mastered overnight, but this episode can help prepare you for the long run! Every planting season is a new learning experience and an opportunity to provide better attraction for wildlife. Plus, it is one step closer to being in the tree this fall.

Show Transcript