Coyote Season Kickoff Show/BS Session

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast the guys sit down with their buddies and fellow coyote hunters Austin Alumbaugh, Brandon Calder, and Cody Deweese to kick off our "coyote season."  First, we go over all of the coyote tournaments in the state (that we are aware of) and talk about some of the ones we will be attending.  Then we discuss our setups like rifles, scopes, thermals, calls, and more.  We also get into some day hunting and night hunting discussion.  More than anything, it's a group of buddies that sit down and talk about their excitement of the coyote tournament season upon us and just have some fun and BS.  Check out our coyote tournament list on our Facebook page pinned at the top if you are looking to get into any this year.  We wanted to give folks a central place where it might be easier for them to find tournaments in their area.  Thanks for listening and good luck slaying some coyotes this winter! 

Show Transcript