Dead Down Wind, GoWild Camo, and Dream UTV Giveaway

Show Notes

• Not just for hunting season, Dead Down Wind is specially designed to destroy all the funky, unpleasant odors of everyday life.

• The crew drops some pro tips for getting the most out of your DDW products.

• The one smell that DDW cannot remove is…

• Kicking off the MTNTOUGH “GoWild Challenge”: Join now with code “GoWild30” for a free month of MTNTOUGH.

• How proper fitness and exercise can improve your ability in your outdoor pursuits.

• Brayden’s silly weekend idea turned into the biggest GoWild giveaway yet: A brand-new 2022 Polaris Ranger Premium UTV. This thing is the baddest thing in the woods; wrapped in camo, accessorized to the max and totally tricked out.

• Stay tuned for the new GoWild camo, coming in hats, packs, swag, and so much more.

• It’s Showtime! The GoWild Team will be at all of the major trade shows including ATA, SHOT, and the Great American Outdoor Show–come by and say hi!

• GAOS has the best meat pockets and Amish milkshakes.

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