Deer Habitat Design Master Class, Hydrophobic Soils, Hinge Cutting

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In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) discusses his upcoming Deer Habitat Master Class. Jon discusses the benefits and negatives of hinge cutting. Jon discusses the application of hinge cutting and why those that are naysayers are missing the benefits of cutting timber with different techniques.  Jon discusses soils how to ensure  

Jon discusses adaptive design management and solving issues like drought, what you can do from a design standpoint to reduce the impacts of low rainfall.  Jon discusses plants that survive in drought and what plants we want to use in our food plots in these scenarios. Jon discusses rules surrounding soil management and how to create more water retention through earthworks. Jon discusses irrigation and watering principles that will help support plants all year long. Jon discusses windbreaks and how these features will support deer, habitat, and food plots. Jon discusses cold air dams and planting fruit trees in low lying areas. Jon explains how to evaluate microclimates and the benefit of adding water resources and ponds to key areas.

Jon discusses his Master Class in New York and the benefits and related content. Jon explains how to design properties around highly pressured hunting and ways to stack mature bucks throughout your properties. Jon details having multiple mature bucks spending weeks at a time on a property in the midst of other pressured areas. Jon discusses deer population, food, and how to ensure big bucks stay on our properties more consistently.

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