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This podcast is packed full of laughs.  From missing a deer 4 times with a muzzeloader to hunting in a minivan.  We discuss the upcoming shed and scouting season with all the dead heads that are going to be found.  We then move on to the fact Dave can't score a deer to save his life.

We discuss crazy steve's cult house.  Dave also loses a deer to another hunter.  We bounce over to some scary stories hunting small game on public land.  We wrap up with a story of a horse in the woods and a game warden run in.   

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[00:00:00] All right. Welcome back to the Whitetail Experience Podcast. This is your host, Byron Horton. I was not on the mic for this. Shed cast and be careful if you have li little ears around. Shed. Casts tend to be a little loose. They're recorded Friday or Saturday nights and some beverages get consumed, but I'm sure this is gonna have some laughs involved.

The other main thing on the agenda is if you're an Ohio listener, which probably is majority of our audience or a high percentage, the DNR has now released its proposals to any sort of law or regulation changes, you can go to O D N R and punch in and see what is proposed. And a little shocking due to the e d there was only one county and all 88 counties going to see a reduction in bag limits.

And I took the Ohio Deer survey, which does come to your email. Not everybody gets it, but it's something that if you do receive definitely a. chi, chime in and give your stats, statistics and what you harvested and where you hunted and stuff like that. Just it helps the [00:01:00] DNR out, but it's shocking that the recordings of dead deer and obviously we just had a on par year of harvest that there is no sort of stepping in.

When you look even just one state to the west, when Indiana breaks out an e h d, they step in mid-season and Ohio is just, I don't know. We're definitely run by insurance companies at this point and the natural resources probably not cared about at the higher level. But my main focus of this is in March they release a, they used to do an open houses and you used to have to travel into to chime in, give, comment, give texture to any sort of rule changes you would like to see or consider.

In March, they do release a open style clickable link to chime in now. and I think it's going to be important for hunters to, to utilize that. You want your voice heard. And a buddy of mine, Shannon Long, who's a great year hunter, and lives colloquially to me, and he's dude, if you can, [00:02:00] him and I were discussing, and I have a small, very small platform and mentioning stuff like this is important.

And so yeah, I will be posting in the way to experience story or even a full-blown post and I, and try and hyperlink it. So it's one click away for you guys following us. Look for that. That way you can click in and literally take five minutes outta your day to request anything. And him and I were discussing like, it's probably for the better to get more people involved, right?

Because if you have 10 hunters chime in and they might chime in about three or four or five things, and we may disagree on A and B, but if we are in the same ballpark as c, as an improvement to the game laws, if C gets to some attention and gets passed, that's an improvement. And so that's where I think, you need to have a voice and you need to speak up.

If you see things. Now, will anything get resulted? I can't promise that, but at least you tried, at least you attempted. I thought I would mention that in March. Look for an open house, I believe hyperlink on our story and on a post to voice your opinion on [00:03:00] Ohio and the future game laws in the future of the deer herd.

Cuz it's apparent that it's not exactly the, I don't know. I personally am not loving some of the DNR actions when I've spent time in other states. And you can see just how much they care about the resource. And it's no secret some of the big insurance companies that have home roots here in, in headquarters.

And , I don't know if those things aren't connected, but yeah, take a look at that. I'm gonna get out and do some scouting. I don't know if it's gonna be shed head or deadhead finding My buddy Larry did some walking on one farm and found nine dead deer and he has under a hundred acres.

And so that's, that could be the story of the off season. Again, if I was running the dnr, I would probably have some sort of announcement about how to handle Deadheads in a high volume year of Deadheads. Cause I do believe you're supposed to get a tag and go through the legal beagle system and you gotta see this coming, right?

There's a bunch of deadheads lying around the woods this year. It's just a fact. So I [00:04:00] would've if you call the game wardens, they don't want to deal with giving you a salvage tag cuz they got more important things to do and I get it. Good luck out there. Enjoy the podcast.

like my carp, Tuy decor. It's a salmon, isn't. It's a salmon. That's a fucking carp. That's 100% salmon. They ain't got no salmon, don't have scales. Their entire body, that's a hundred percent salmon. Salmon don't have scales. Look at the mouth. She's got scales. That's it almost looks don't get me wrong.

That's a carb, it's a salmon mouth. Almost. Looks like cross breed almost looks like catfish breed. That's like catfish Charlie at Westgate Lake. Bud . It's a myth. It's a myth. Sneaking a myth. We're gonna think about some myths today. Yeah. So today, on today's shake cast, we just jumped into it live and fucking free cuz we are in America, freedom Bitch.

And we're gonna go over this shed cast. We're gonna be talking about some crazy stories we've had in the woods. Gonna talk about maybe some folklores maybe some myths that we've always [00:05:00] for some reason lived by, that were definitely not true. And then we're gonna give our details and our plans for this season going into shed.

I know everybody wants to do some shed hunting, some scouting. If you definitely, if you didn't shoot a buck this year, you're definitely looking forward to she season. But if you did you might be looking forward to she season as well to get it fired up for next year to find you another buck to go after.

Here in Ohio we definitely have some ehd, so we're expecting to find a bunch of deadheads. I actually called a handful of the wardens in some of the counties that I hunt and obviously got no answers and voicemails were full because that's how it works with the DNR here in Ohio. . So every time , because I just wanted to just make sure look.

Hey, boss Summit, E A C clearly hit us hard. We're going to find Deadheads. , some of these areas we don't have the best of service. Can I just pull it out the woods, then give you a phone call? Realistically you got one warden per county. [00:06:00] Maybe more in some counties, but you're not going to come meet me, a mile deep or we're a half mile deep, whatever, on some, public ground to come tag the shit and see it as it lies, per se.

They're going to have 8 million phone calls this year. Yeah. There, there's no way they can keep up with that. So I just wanted to touch base with them and see what they were thinking. See what I could do this year, legally and. Ah, just didn't get any responses.

couldn't even leave voicemails on half of 'em. Left voicemails on the other half. And we'll see how that goes. Starting off the shed cast. It's a shed cast. So what we gotta do is we gotta get drunk. That's a must have. Hell, I'm already pretty damned up myself. Yeah. . Let's fire this up with a shot of Fireball.

Yeah. What do y'all say first? If you got kids around, oh, yeah. Shelter their ears cuz there will be a lot of beers consumed and bad words said, and I didn't cuss once on my intro. You did one time. You did. What'd I say? One word? I think you said something. Let's get the shit started. Yeah. I said shit.

That's like a, that's like [00:07:00] a I know it's not it. I'm pretty sure every kid hears shit coming from their parents' mouth. I'm pretty sure. Yeah, that's definitely said about five times today. So it's not right. So we got these little fireball minis here. All right, let's shoot him up. Let's fucking get it boys.

We're going Cheers. We're cheersing too. Yeah, we're cheering. I shed. Watch our experience. Shake ass. Cheers. Boom. Here we go. You got taper on table.

Go. . That was it bud. He just carrying on from earlier today. We did not need to hear the sound effect. even. Finish that shit from the voice actor, Rick. Dang. Oh hey. Did leave a smoothest candy. Left a quarter inch . Wow. That's what she said.

can't give it to her all at once. Sometimes. Sometimes you gotta take quarter inch later. Leave a little bit for the final stroke, huh?[00:08:00]

don't y'all surprise me. Quarter inch . The she cast is starting off Fucking real. Shut it those ears quick. Real. She casty. Works out shit. Oh. And we'll start it off. So today in the show cast, we got five people, which is we've only had five people in here, I think one at a time. Yeah. We need to expand this for five.

What shit. Get your own fucking shit . All right. You're working on it. I got heaters in here. They're bitching about us too hot. Bitching about us. Too cold. My feet are fucking too hot or some shit. Always bitching. Nobody making solutions . But we're in a safecast today. We got myself, Dave, the handsome one of.

That's, we got Andy, we got Dustin, we got Rick, the big buck color, and we got Rick's younger nephew. Go ahead and introduce yourself. My name's Austin. I'm 20 . He's [00:09:00] mingle. He's single. He's proud. So he doesn't know how to communicate that well. That's why he hits with a, my name's awesome. . Get his boo license.

His thumb is sore from swiping on tender all day. . It's like these guys with their cell cam picks. . Exactly. Dusting Dustin's. A cell cam running on Dustin, speaking of, got a alert right now. Nelson's getting a bullshit. Dustin still hasn't cut the buck this year. Hey, if that was a big buck right now, I ain't going bullshit.

You would go preserve. Hung my shit up for the year. I'm done. You're a liar. What date? We'll go. You sound? Yeah. Tell me where it's at. . You sound a little . Damn. I'm putting my shit up for the year. I'm done. All right. Yep. We got dogs barking. I was second to drink. Like I said, I've got a, I've got a recoup a away time with the wife and family before shed season.

So I think Byron's in the same boat. [00:10:00] Yeah. Byron, that's why he's getting yell at about, yeah, about his, I think like the last seven or eight hunts he had that his wife was like, is this your last time you're going ? Yeah. That's about how it was after hunt season for me. When you going anymore?

Yeah. That's how it is. We need to do, we need to do that podcast another time with all of us. And sit down, maybe take some notes and really think about it. Not just like a she cast, but, and then talk about like how it is hunting. With like families, , because it's obviously changed.

Most of, most deer I have on my wall were, before I was full of a family and shit, cause I was hunting all the time. The only deer I've had to do my wall since then is the one Cali killed the deer ago. , the one your daughter killed. Yeah. Yeah. That's how it goes. It's a.

It's just a different it's just different. Beast. We could talk about this for a while, so we need to make another podcast outta this. You're 20, you ain't got no family. If you're gonna kill some deer, do it now. No. Now , do it. Now you got about you got, you ain't got that many years left. If you're planning on having, being married with children, no [00:11:00] plans,

Yeah. Everything you'll get some. Don't get me wrong, you'll, you can still kill some bucks, but it just, it becomes astronomically harder, to just the whole scheduling factor of it and just, you just, you feel guilty half the time you're out hunting. You're like, and my wife's home with the three kids and I feel like shit.

Yeah. I say time away from your. Three kids at home. Yeah. Around acting like hellions. It's, yeah. And then you're gonna come home like tired, cause you have slept at all and you haven't slept at all. You'll come home tired to your three kids that she doesn't take care of the whole day. And you're like, she's I've been dealing with kids today.

You're like I've been hunting. And she's that's your fucking hobby. And you're like, yeah, I guess you're right. Yeah. , you're right, but hunt. Yeah. Alright. So yeah. But nonetheless, we'll go and say another day. Today we're gonna try to talk about some crazy stories that we've all had and maybe experience in the woods.

And I know myself, shit, how me and Andy's, me and eighties hunted together for a long time. So we've experienced some pretty fucking gnarly shit . But [00:12:00] we'll let y'all, one of our craziest stories, matter of fact, includes another person in this room. That would be Mr. Dustin over here. Hell did I do.

You shot at a deer four times. with a muscle letter. It was three. I loaded for the pool. He got up over the hill. It was three times I shot. You. Shot at a deer three times with a muzzle. There ain't been, no one has ever heard of that. That's never heard of it. He loaded first like 260 yards with open sight.

Never should have taken four shot three times. My question is, who carries that much powder? No. Gibson. It was all, no. Gibson and the Patriot. It was all preloaded. It was all measured out. I had, yeah. All speed loaders. Yeah. I'm using four speed loaders. You don't use app pellets back then? I didn't. No.

So I've always used app. I've never used powder. Back then I used powder. Now I used pellets. They say powder's better. I'm thinking. I said yeah. They say I'm planning on getting nude. Muzz alert next year and I'm switching back to. Yeah, they say powders better on the pops, quicker out the gun burns faster.

I don't know, I've always used [00:13:00] pallets. I don't know. It's just easier and it's so much more convenient. You don't shoot, you don't shoot too much. No. And if you like say you, it's just to unload your gun, you can just pop out the breach and just pull belts.

What is the traditions? It has basically a damn shell you throw in there now. Oh yeah. Yeah. Really? I ain't even seen that. Yep. It's just it's all cartridge. It's all in the cartridge. One slide right in the back. Like coming from the bridge shot. Yep. What, how the hell they even call that a muscle under anymore?

It's cuz the guy did primer. That's separate. You're still loading, you're not loading shit from the top. Loading the SAB down the barrel. That's it. I think so the preloads just the powder. Powder and the powder prime. The powder and the primer. Yeah. And then you gotta push the bullet down bullet. what they're gonna have to get, start getting into technicalities of what's truly a muzzling.

They's been on for a few years here soon. Yeah, they're gonna have start something I think a nitro fire. Yeah, nitro fire. They're gonna have to start getting into the technicalities of what's considered actual muzz load. Do you have throw in the powder from the top or can you throw in the powder from the rear?

Like that choice. I never even it that's [00:14:00] probably states that outlaw it. I'm pretty sure there is. I've never heard of it. I think it just came out last year before or last, and it's still pretty new. So it's like a powder primer thing. It's down in front. A bridge's like a four 10.

Yeah. Then you close it up and you got to shove the bullet down. Yeah. From what I understand. Yeah. I've never used one, but interesting. I understand. I might be stepping up my muzz over game then . I think it's two grand for that muzz loader. Maybe, but then maybe.

My wolf probably five a shot for the powder stick with my wolf. I had water for two 50 off of Facebook. . She fires . Sure don't you. You didn't clean. I haven't had misfires with that gun. You haven't cleaned it in two years. That's what we wasn't out state. I ain't hunting in two years with it. You opened the case and you're like, yep, I ain't using this.

No, I ain't gonna practice shoot it. I was like, I need to clean this for do that was my issue with my muzz this year, so I didn't take good care of it years past. Yeah dude. I don't get care of none of my guns barrels. It sounds a fault of [00:15:00] mine. The barrel is pitted to hell and I was just losing pressure around the bullet.

I would, you did have misfire this year. You had a misfire out of six shots citing that thing in four or three of the six shots were misfires. Geez, I wouldn't have rusted that bad if you'd left your stickers on the barrel.

The stickers on the outside of the barrel. That's in the video of the little reel we made for the gun day. I seen it. Yeah, for the gun drive. Day 51 of the shots was up your three 50 and just sticker on the barrel. Hell yeah. Three 50, the six five still got the sticker on it.

That's shit hilarious. That's funny. Yeah. But that's one of the crazier stories that me and Andy B's experienced with all three of three of the five of us in the shed. One of 'em lived it himself in person. It was like a corner Wasn't it fault? Yeah, it's like a spike. I think it's not my fault. The damn thing kept coming closer and closer.

Every time I shot it was running for me cause I was chasing it. . You missed it first. [00:16:00] I don't think I ever shot did I? You did. You shot. You scared the shit outta me. I shot only the cap I think. Oh you shot. Cause it scared the shit outta me. I wasn't, I was half asleep. Maybe that's you shot. I think I fired cause I had this old ass bull acts in 45 mu letter and it was just fire caps.

, so I, Pam Pow nothing, pulled it out. New cap pal. Nothing at that point in time. Now he's 200 yards. So what you shot three times too? Didn't, but I just shot fire caps. Just fire caps and my, actually it didn't, it didn't fire. It didn't bust the cap. No, I remember the bolt didn't hit the boat.

Didn't, wouldn't hit the cap hard enough sometimes one time. Cause that's what scared the shit. Yeah. Cause that's when I shot. That was third time. And that was like many times it had a twist lock, extra safety. It had screw it all the way out for it to hit the cap. And I don't think it was screw all way out.

The hammer wasn't like going far enough in. Yeah, it was just like nicking the cap. Yeah. I still have your trigger on my gun. He straight stole it. Trey stole. It was like my dad. My dad has a most loader that needs the same chucko char blade. I'm just, come take this one. like still [00:17:00] got it to this day. He was like, you've got enough fire.

Anyways. I was like, oh, okay. I guess whatever. , I've had that for 10 years. This, yeah. This is 10 years ago. Yeah. That was a long fucking, yeah. And then that spike ran over the hill. It was like a, I think it was a four pointer. It might have been a for because I was like, I had, I don't think I shot a deer at that point, but I was like, too cool.

Shit. Spike to already You shot your one. At that point I was like, it had a little for guard. It insulted my nephew here. The king of killing, spike. This like killer. I knew it was gone. The spike. God over there spike. God. I ever killed a spike, Dave. Oh God. Austin's killed one. No one spike is, yeah, I don't know if I've ever killed a spike either.

I think a four point I've killed a spike. That was my first compound bow killed. What about you, Dustin? I've never, I almost did in Kentucky. And you're one and only deers is spike. Yep. Absolutely. 20 yards. Perfect. I get measured eight inch. Let's not talk about, don't matter. At that point, you gotta count the spread.

Dave measures your dog.[00:18:00]

Eight. Not You got banker's dozen on inches. Oh, yeah. Yeah. When I first measured just people are listening here. They'll know our inside jokes. When I first measured Rick's deer, I completely forgot about the spread . Yeah. It was like when I measured it like one it was like 1 54 hours later, he sent me a text.

He said Hey man, I forgot to measure your inside spread . And I was wondering why my buck was like 1 52. Yeah, you were like, I was like, what the hell man? I thought this was way bigger, then I added that in. We got the 1 73, so I'm just gonna keep measuring spikes.

They're just, how tall they are. 11, 11 point. Do you take mash Me? Do you take four match measurements on each side of the spike? Four mask measurements On a spike? Yeah. That's, you're at least 26, ain't you? But for one, Austin fucked his picture up because he's holding it by the spikes. You can't, looks like a damn dough

looks like a do [00:19:00] ears. And then he didn't even stretch his arms out the Facebook characters do.

And then I forgot my gut knife. So we were doing this gut job with a butterfly knife for my grandpa. Yeah. What's a butterfly knife? Go down the creek and find a sharp rock. Never heard of that. It was one of them, you know they're gonna switch blade, them little ninja knives that you, their butterfly knives.

Dude, I've never heard of such. Why had one in his backpack? What the fuck thought that was for self-defense in the hood. It worked. He had a switch blade. He's out there fight the night. The handle folds up around the knife. Yeah. The handle folds down. Yeah. The handle folds around the knife, the handle folds up around the blade.

Oh, okay. And then you fold that switch blade out there, ready to fight the jets. How they get a fresh shave going. Get a fresh shave. Damn. Yeah, that was a little rough knock lot, but don't worry. But you got it though, right? I did. Look, I got a crazy story. The first deer that me and Andy ever killed together.

I I shot [00:20:00] this little baskets track eight pointer. . And so we went over there and we, this is obviously like before, like it wasn't before the internet, but it was before you could like just be like researching shit. Oh, 2008, 10 years ago. No, it was before that. It was, we in high school, I think it was like 2006 maybe.

Yeah. First Deer I ever shot it. And Andy had shots from Deer Bud. I was with his dad. So this is the first deer that we shot just together as like some kids, I said this, a little batch guy, gay pointer. And we go up there, we're like, all right, we gotta gut it, right? So we split it down the middle and we're like we're like keeping it all clean and we're, we cut all the way up to his chest and we're like flinging it back, et cetera.

Doing great. Like maybe two hours later his dad walks up, he is like, Why the fuck y'all skin in that? But for , we thought we'd getting it. We straight had this thing skinned down near the whole way around. we're like so over and the skin just fell off. we're like, we had skin, we were so convenient. We basically quartered out our first ear.

just completely caved it. [00:21:00] It, the whole deer thought we were doing a great job. It was like, it was looking so pretty. It was looking nice, clean. No blood, no nothing. No blood. Skin just fell off. We got it. Dude. Looks great. . My first gut job was I had gut shot. The 11 pointer I got and it was terrible man.

My dad, was doing the dad thing and he was showing me how it was done. And he had, or he had Oreos that morning, man. And then Oreos were all over his boot by the time he was done. Cuz that thing was right. Yeah, it was the worst. Be worse, . Oh, it was horrible. See you got shot it, you're dealing with even worse.

And then you're trying to Yeah. And you're trying to gut shot. Yeah. Or trying to gut a already shot deer. Yeah. You're just like scooping out shit at times. It was just green stomach bile. It was disgusting. It was rancid. That was my first experience. And then my first time gutting a deer on my own was, it was surgery, dude, it was brain surgery.

It took me an hour and a half. Yeah, dude, I feel like that every year, like every year on the, because I've [00:22:00] got it. I've gutted and I processed, I don't know a good amount of deer, but the first deer of every year you're like, what the fuck am I doing? Let's go get back into it here.

You're like, you're but then I'm like, yeah, you just gotta start cutting and then you, that's, then it comes back to you, . That's my theory, of why I shoot a dough early season. A mile. Yeah, a mile and a half fucking back. Yeah, he did. He's straight trying to call us help

What's that dude? We're like, dude, it's Wednesday. Hey, we're at work. It's a dough. Figure it out. The first week, October 1st, he had seen on public property, threw it on top of your car but then that they got suv and then he said it all nice anybody want to help a guy? We all responded like, no, dude.

Like good luck. Do you know what you just did? No, I'm not hiking it and going up and down hills and shit. I learned a lot of shit. Taking off work for a dope. Take it from me. You gotta shoot them dough far back when you got a bunch of people with you. Andy suits those as far as [00:23:00] possible, but there's five of us.

Yeah, we all take turns right now every year. He did it just he did it with this buck this year steal with this buck this year, three miles from the truck . But there was like four of us. So he is ah, shoot. It wasn't too bad. Yeah. If you're going, yeah, dude, I've questioned this. I've went in deep on like deep scrapes, like mid-October, just thinking like, oh, I might get lucky.

Buck might be hitting us early. And some do come by and I'm just like, dude, I'm like, I can't do it. I'm not gonna get this thing outta here. I could, but it ain't worth the effort. Yeah. So like I said, I learned a lot this year. I'll never do that again, . But coming from hunting farm ground where I could park within a hundred yards of my stand, just about any fucking thing I hunted.

No, I get it. And you went to Big Woods? Yeah, I'm shooting a dough. You went to Big Woods for the first year this year. In publicly. The first year you ever, you've hunted. I'm shooting a bitch. First year ever. You've hunted public land, like seriously, you've hunted public land in the past. I hunted, yeah. But first year ever you hunted publicly and seriously, first [00:24:00] archery kill on public, right?

Yeah. First time I, now I killed my, that was my first year. I killed my first year in public gun though, right? Yeah. It was gun season. Yeah. So you're like, anything that comes in range, you're like, this is my first year you lost some farms last year that you've been hunting for a long time and went into it.

And don't get me wrong, I would've probably done the same thing, but you got another repercussions high and dry. Yeah. Why you shoot it's high and dry. . Once you shoot you're like, damn, gotta David told way back in summer. Oh you shoot one, we'll come help you. That's mostly guys shoot up block. We will.

Nah, I shoot one and no, we're not leaving work today. You shot a 90 pound dough 80 be walking off 85 degrees. I'm trying to drag this damn thing mile and a half by myself. Ah, that's alright. I was thinking about that today. Went to the way back, like last day of the season or something. I'll probably bring a frame pack until the whole deer on it.

Just carried out. So I contemplated ordering her out, but I didn't have any straps to strap her to the stand. So that's what was que Yeah. Was he what you had, you were in a lone wolf cussing. Yeah. I had So you had the back frame? Yeah. [00:25:00] So I, I contemplated doing that, but I didn't have any straps to hold it up there and I wasn't making more than one trip back to the car.

Yeah. I think if I was down to shoot a dough like deep, I would probably bring like my mecal. Yeah. Because that day, if folds flat, I'd bring my elk pack that, that way I would plan to drag one out or not drag one out, quarter one out. Yeah. But I just don't shoot doughs that far off the road.

I'm do no more . Yeah. Especially when the next time went, there was a dough right behind the parking lot. Yeah. Now I have shot do very far from my, where I park my truck at, but a lot of times there is another, there's another parking spot. Yeah. Yeah. And so I park my truck far like I might access. My access might be like a mile ish, but I could access it from like a quarter mile, but I'm take the one mile access because it's just a better access route.

So I, I got no problem seeing to go there and then walking back to my truck, driving around. Yeah. And then doing that. But you got, you [00:26:00] definitely gotta think about that. But your drink starts going, dude, you got some deer coming in. I'll tell you what, man, you hunt public. , you see a, a smidge of a deer.

Yeah. And you're fired up. . Any, all of your, your thoughts you had before hanging, going into that hunt or out the window, you're like, shh. Shit, dude. Absolutely. Cause I'm a deer. Yeah, absolutely. I'm about to do some shit. I, this is, that's why I got a two o'clock for it. Hiked in mall. My whole, hiked in all this way, fucking sweating my dick off fucking, doing all this shit.

Scouted for who knows how many miles for this. And there's a deer right there. I'm a shoot that motherfucker . You, it's says so, all your thoughts go out the window there. Yeah. Then once you shoot that though, and you see a dog, you're like, fuck

I gotta make a trip back to the car to take all my shit back. Yeah. Then you're gonna check us, walk back and drag shit back out. . Who else has I, I got, I can go for crazy stories for days You got any crazy stories, Rick? Oh [00:27:00] man. In your fancy flannel. Tell about yeah. I'm wearing a fancy flannel in Walmart tonight.

Crazy flannel. Who is Steve? Oh, dude, I know. We, I got stories talking about the crazy Steve story. That was wild. Let's listen to what Rick's got say, Rick. What? Yeah, one time I was in the tree stand bright and early in the morning sitting there in the dark and at random, and I'm about, I'm a good click back, middle of nowhere, no houses around anywhere.

And this is before all next. I'm sure there was no houses around. Two little Amish kids just coming through the creek bottom. It was so random on there, dressing like Sunday morning church clothes. Couldn't have been more than five or six, just come strolling through. Dude. It was the creepiest thing.

It reminded me of that they're two, two twins on the tricycles and that shining movie. Yeah. It was almost like that. Man. It was so strange. I didn't even wanna say nothing to him. Break a daylight. Freaked me the fuck out the break. A daylight. Yeah. What were they doing out there?

Yeah. Grandpa [00:28:00] them to chase the, your back. Why the fuck were they out there? Because it had just gotten light, which means they started walking in the dark. Yeah. , no flash, no flashlights. Eyes don't use flashlights. Yeah. I don't think so. Candles. Candles. They blew out. That was, that gave me the creeps, dude, because it just, as quick as I've seen them, they disappeared.

They were 20 yards from me. They didn't even look up. Yeah. It was odd. Very odd. I don't think I've, I don't think I've had, I don't think I've had any besides crazy Steve's house, I haven't had too many like creepy encounters, yeah. I've had any, we got this area that we like, we've called it Crazy Steve's for years.

Just because it's like this, the long end of this Dead end road. And it's like the last house. The house is getting creep and creepy as you go back and you can park here and access the public and it's like last house on the street. You're just like, this place is creepy as hell. And then our one buddy Matt, just just out of nowhere named him crazy Steve.

If you lived on that back side of a dead end street. I have, yes. So it get to [00:29:00] that. Okay. See him to the windows. see him. Multiple. Why are you looking at Windows? I just tell a story. So Matt just coined this guy at this house, craziest teeth. Dude, you, if you live on the back end of the high road, your name's gotta be Steve and you gotta be crazy.

Sorry for any Steves who are listening, but he's so that's gotta be crazy Steve. So we hunted this area for maybe like a couple years on and off. Dude, but like every time coming back to the truck, we're like we're sketched out. , because this got a sketchy ass house.

Stay in the street. We're like dogs. Fuck Yeah. Dogs. Dogs. The dogs would just be chilling in the middle of the street. They own the street, they don't move for cars. Piss on your tires. They piss on my tires every time I got piss marks on tires. And then one day though, one day we go and we, it was me and Matt together and we walked out this access route and we pull off and we go leave and Craig, Steve's house got a bunch of cars by it.

It was a dark evening. Yeah, it was. Yeah. It was like, what the hell? So we, when sa were driving by, they got the windows [00:30:00] all white ass open. They got like bay windows and stuff. Everybody's in there, literally not moving a muscle, all dressed in. We're like, what the fuck is going on with this place, ? This is evening time.

Summer, early season. So it's late. Dude, it was weird. Maybe it was like a weird Halloween party where they all dressed the same color, but it was something else, dude. We were like, yep. I was like, I serious. We met her driving by. We're like, who the fuck is going on here? As we go up a little bit further, I'm like, you're right, Matt.

That's fucking crazy. Steve dude, . Yeah. Their leader was getting ready to pour that coolaid. It was straight called Coldish looking hey. Hundred percent was, wow. It was weird. I still hunt there now. I ain't even ran into 'em again. I've never ran into them. It's weird.

. But yeah that one night crazy. Steve had some crazy Steve's friends ever Steve that up. More of 'em out there. That was probably the only creepiest thing I've ever dealt with. I can remember. That's probably some others, but [00:31:00] nothing that creepy. So what about some deer hunting myths? You got any?

Yeah, we talked about spikes earlier. The number one myth that everybody knows is full of shit, is a spike, is always a spike. Spike. Cuz I don't buy that. No, they're not. No one does ever, no one ever buys that. Who originally came up with that? Oh shit. Is that in the magazine or something, or like the dries back in the day.

Make that up or that, that way people would start saving spikes so they could keep the big ones so they can keep the themselves . That's what it was. So Austin, is that what you were told and that's why you did it? Or this is doing what's right, yeah. Okay. What's right? God called the herd. That's what the bow Mars told me.

Listen listen. Bug. Listen, we, Austin's first shot at a deer was a dough, right? Oh shit. This dude, I don't know if he half drew his bow back, but when he releases arrow it, it looked like he was throwing a football. It bounced off the top of his dough and just, it didn't even bury in the dirt.

It laid on top of the leaves, bud , [00:32:00] geez. And the dough jumped and she looked back and she looked and she said it was almost like something tickled her. And then he's up there Oh, no, I don't know what happened. She went into little Walmart bears and like juice bowls with the little finger flickers on it.

Little round thing. To be fair, I was like, 15. All right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, shoot, at 15, I wasn't even I hadn't even touched a above. At 15, I was a straight dog on drives, deer driving dog, halftime. I wasn't even carrying a gun, just carrying pots and pans. What age you guys when you started hunting?

I think I picked up, I started hunting about then 11. But it was, you hunted earlier than most. Was you all hunted way earlier than I did. I hunted about, I started hunting about 11, but it was normally just during gun season. I didn't pick up a bow. I shot a crossbo a couple times when I was younger, but I picked up a bow and really got, serious about archery hunting.

Probably about the time I could drive 16, 17, something like that. I wasn't even close to that. Okay. Even remote. I didn't start hunting. until I think like [00:33:00] 14 ish we started, me and I started going to the cabin with Matt and Ben. And, but like I said, halftime, I was just a dog. Yeah. Yeah. Didn't even have a weapon.

Was out there banging pots and pans, just driving deer. Yeah, because it, I'm talking gun season where we just do just 30 people deer drives. Yeah. And that's got, 30 people deer, but the fuck, I love there for a minute of it. And then as I as I got turned 15, turned 16, so I was out of our group of friends.

I think I had the license first when I was. I got the day I turned 16. Yep. And I had a minivan. So shit, we was all . We was all piling in that thing going fishing. So I actually grew up, my outdoors nest, I guess is way more from fishing. I fished growing up big time, and then dope ball, big and, yeah started cart fishing.

Yeah. Just at like Buckeye Lake, then started then we started to cat fishing real heavy. Got into catfish tournaments, the whole nine yards. You got into the bass thing real [00:34:00] serious, right? Yeah. You got a bass bow, you were in the circuit and something like that for a couple years. I tournament for the whole nine years.

Three, four years, something like that. And that's crazy. I realized I just donate my fucking money. Yeah. So you, so yeah, so that's, I started fishing, yeah. And then, and I got into hunting, but we had the minivan, dude, the mini. Took us everywhere. Yeah. And then we fished, we hunted. We did, I, I took that thing on some roads.

I should not have taken that damn minivan on for sure. . So it is gun season. I'm down there at the bottom. I'm driving up this road. It's it's rudded to fucking hell. , I'm driving up this, it's icy, I get to damn near to the top, slide back down. I'm having to work my bitch down as I'm sliding in reverse with a front wheel drive minivan.

I'm like 16. Was it a Dodge though? ? No, it was mercury, villager. Bud had all three tires on it. Nice. Mercury, villager. I had three twelves in the back too. not two. Oh yeah. No middle seat At our school. We didn't have three twelves in the back, bud. I even upped it. I had three twelves in an audio [00:35:00] bond, 10 in the back, had two twelves.

I made it two and a half. I made it two and a half whole weeks before that thing got stolen out the back . So my three twelves and it got stolen at the bowling alley. One night. And then the very next weekend we went back there and put my same van out and put some fake speakers in it and had them set up there like facing the windows.

Y'all was hoping to catch someone . We was, dude, we had some, we had we were then we was plotting in the background in the corner. We had some gun, we had guns and everything. Dude, I was. 16 just fuck it. I guess I'll shoot somebody. I don't know. , you'll figure it out. We were willing to risk it all back then.

Dude, it is a different life, man. We grew up in the hood if you're fucking like 16, you gotta shoot somebody, you gotta shoot somebody. I had two twelves in 15. The 15 never made it into the car, but I had it in the garage. It never made it in. Yeah. But that was, yeah, that was wild though.

But nonetheless, that minivan took us to more fishing spots and hunt spots than ever. And then once I could drive, then I started hunting a little bit more. Then [00:36:00] I met, I already knew, I've known Andy for a long time, but we started hanging out more around that time. And then he was telling me about their hunting and stuff.

So I started, basically, I went down with them for the first gun season and I had to sell three. Come right to me. Smoked it. Couldn't have been more of a smoke shot. 15 yards, double lung. This deer ran like a hundred yards. His uncle shot it and then it fell. And then it died. Like a hundred yards from where I shot it at.

And his uncle was like, it dropped in my shot, it was mine. I'm like, I didn't know what to do. I'm 16. I'm like, okay. But like clearly I'm the one who shot lungs and you're the one who shot it in the foot and made it fall, but whatever. So that's first dude that got stolen from me. Really? Kind enough.

I mean on the gun drive situation, do That's what happened though. Yeah. Yeah. That's a lie. Back in the day when I was doing them gun drives a little more. I was like, I'm gonna give a 10 gauge [00:37:00] because these deer ain't gonna run. See that was the problem cuz I got into duck hunting when I was young and that was the problem.

You did duck hunt a little bit. Yeah, I duck hunted. I goose hunted. It, we were out there with 15 guys in a blind out by where we went. You had to get in a draw, a lottery to get on the beach. No idea who shot the deer. Just ducks. It's just guys lobbing lead or it was steel shot. You couldn't use lead.

But lobbing steel at these ducks and geese and nobody knows who hits what. I, it's who's gonna, who, who's gonna walk out there and grab it with their testimony. You dog, dog brought back one of the geese and I claimed it as my own. I'm like 10 and one of the 30, 40 year old guys is arguing with me and my dad saying I took his goose.

And it's come on man. It's come on. Dope. Season down, public geese. Dude, me and anyone on dub hunt this year, me and Andy got a given a we got given a double hunt from a friend. This. And we went and it was the same way. It was like everybody and when from dust come through think we were fucking fire.

I said, you get the whole fucking line of [00:38:00] fucking people coming down. It's like the first person who runs out there is who claims it? And you're just like then you get the motherfuckers, I guess that got no birds behind you. You're well, when I go hunt, there was a guy with a dog and his dog would run out there and just grab it and bring it back to him.

That's why I, that's bullshit. That's, I stopped going down there like I shot it, dumbs, that dog grabbed the mine and whatcha you gonna do? Walk over there and be like, Hey sir, that's my dove. That's my fighting, that's my two ounce meat. My fucker three ounce. I don't even, I don't even dove on him hood anymore.

He is do in the backyard. I killed was fuck. Yeah, you got lucky. You live out in some country. Yeah, I killed two fucking doves this year. . How's got his limit? That is a bad thing. That last year we limited out 30 minutes. But no, you need to plant more sunflowers. Shot two I playing on this year.

Two. . I think we shot two. Two or three. Yeah, we shot. Yeah. There you go. Yeah. How many shots you took? It's not good. Yeah 15. Yeah. No, I took, I killed two. We were definitely like, no way in hell, but fuck it. I got my shoes. Like I've, while it took me three seconds to say, is that a dub not a dub?

That's true too. [00:39:00] We ain't dub hunted. That was the first time I ever dub hunting. . So we were like, we were definitely hesitant on every shot because the very first shot of the day. Exactly. It was something else that a dude was like, it was kill. What is a Yeah. Killed deer. A kill deer. A dude behind us.

You better eat that. And I'm like, oh fuck. I better not shoot nothing besides the dove I'll be yelled at because somebody else shot and killed deer. Said he killed deer and they're fucking lying of shit. And he killed. Yeah. Yeah. He's you better eat it. Always thought it was wild. As a kid, you go in these crowded dove fields and just pellets are just raining down on you.

Man. I can't tell you. It doesn't hurt you. I always thought man, this is crazy. And then sure enough, you hear 'em raining around you pretty cool. The guys beside us, they went out and put out a bunch of decoys and shit. I'm like, oh, they're serious. The guys on the left handwriting had you were like, shit, we're in the morning.

We're good to go. We're good to go. Call 'em in, bud. Got some calls at them too. How do you call? Morning done.

Exactly. Jesus just nailed it. Here they come down. Watch out. Watch out for the chef [00:40:00] windows. They're about the bust. We did a few of them. . Yeah. Little to them boys.

the Birdman speaking. Speaking of 12 Birdman. I played that song the most. Everybody did. Dude, we shout our age here. Yeah, little. Some burn band. He's played pretty frequently in my Plymouth. Acclaim. . What color bread do you have? Is it purples? Burnt orange burn. Orange. Burnt. That's not true. That's what the tags said when I bought it.

It might have been more like maroon, but it was purple , Bert Orange. Every tag said, every man with a purple car claims it's a magenta or a fia. See, but the minivan was nice because my trunk didn't rattle. Oh. Cause you red rattle, rattle like a motherfucker. All these cars rattled. The minivan was just like, shit.

You're just living in. Oh, I only drove the brad for, I was two years, a year and a half, two years. And I bought the, [00:41:00] or yeah. Silverado, you know how super happy I was that my rear view mirror with the beads fell off. I was proud. Yeah. Because I got it to drop , because it is, it was VA vibrating so much.

Yeah. Yeah. It fell off. And I was proud of that. And I had to go buy some sticky tape to get it back up here. The sticky tape hell better than the original glue. Huh? It actually did. Yeah. What fucking beaches you have on there, Marty? Gra . Was he all the girls? Eight. All the girls. All the girls always had the delays on it.

If you was driving like the flowers the Hawaiian la Yep. If you driving by a car and they had the lay around the the rear view mirror. Yeah. It was a check. Definitely a check. It was a check. And she had one in the fucking neon. Yep. They all did. Yeah. A little purple. Fucking every single one of them did.

That's awesome. Yeah. We're showing our rage. We're selling our got guy here Hey, all I do is shoot spikes and get [00:42:00] bitches, so I'll graduat in 2019. . What? What In 2020. 2020. This kid was born when I was in 10th grade. Folks. , what year did you graduate school? 2020. 2020. 2020. Fucking make me feel old, right?

Shit. Yeah. Been out. We're at high school almost 15 fucking years at that point in time. I couldn't hate you more than that right now. All so what are we gonna do to get ready for this next season? We all shed hunting. Are we gonna do that or are you gonna be able to get out? Yeah, I, hunting.

Yeah I like hunting the scouting almost more than hunting, no, I agree. I agree as well. I like scouting, like figuring out like the spots and figuring out where I should hunt and, yep. And why I should hunt here. Almost more than going and hunting there, , it's almost more about the figuring out game is like way more fun than actually just getting there and sitting in the tree saying, and fucking waiting.

See. And that's my, so I enjoy shed [00:43:00] hunting more because I can just fucking bust through the woods and run a deer out. Fuck it. If you're, I don't give a shit. See, I don't see, I don't nec, I don't think I've ever just like flat out shed hunted except for in areas that I don't plan on ever hunting.

If it's an area I plan on hunting, like I'm scouting, like I'm usually like looking for yeah. Points, bedding spots, like travel routes, et cetera. And then if I find a she and great, but like there but sometimes when we're doing that, you're like, this is also like a southern fence slope. Why don't we go ahead and swing this because we might find the shed.

Yeah, I see. That's what I'm saying. I've had the luxury of hunting the same property for the last 20 years up until this year here you're talking about like flat ground, like 20 acres or less. Pretty bottom. Yeah. You can just blast through that. I could blast it. Grid search it.

No worry about it. Yeah. Grid search it and literally just can be a little different. Yeah. I'm gonna scout, I'm gonna shed hunt at the same time, but I'm still not gonna be as on edge as, oh fuck, am I stepped on a stick. Did I just blow a fucking deer out here? Like I am as I'm walking in? , with [00:44:00] a stand on back to hunt.

Yeah. That's why I enjoy it more cause I'm not as on edge. And I, okay. I blow a deer out, whatever. Yeah. Hell, half time I'm scouting or said hunting. I'm like looking to bump deer. Yeah. Because I wanna know where the hell they're betting at now. Now it's different cuz winter bedding, is different than fall.

Than fall. But because you just gotta figure winter bedding is north wind bedding, and you get north winds in the fall. I don't know. It depends on how you wanna look at that. Depends on where you're at geographically as well. Now let me ask you this. I, like I said, I don't come, I first year hunting, hill country this year we've had a mild winter.

Have we had very many north winds far? We had a really cold December though. Yeah. Like for like now two weeks. That's what I'm saying. So you go to shed hunt. Now you think there's still only bed for that north wind or? I haven't paid attention to. Cause I haven't been in the woods since fucking God knows.

I think that really, I think that cold snap killed off a lot of [00:45:00] vegetation that the early cold snap we had in December. So I would say you're going to want to shed hunt near like ag fields. No. Like you're to and from, which is, that's pretty basic. But I think a lot of your brows and stuff probably got desecrated in that, that crazy cold snap we had.

Mid, mid. It's supposed be cold here. I mean over next week we're supposed to get some snow. What was it? It was like mid-December. We had like single decreed temps for a week or so of 10 days. Snow's supposed to start at 6:00 AM in the morning. Morning. Yeah. It was supposed to start tomorrow morning.

It was supposed to get snow tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday. Yeah. But it ain't gonna be that, it ain't gonna be that cold though. It's not not thirties. We had like single digits for a week in like mid-December. This is correct. That's rare. . I think that change the ball of vegetation, all the deer movement, all that stuff got like really shaken up.

That's my question is, I wouldn't know even remotely how the pattern of deer right now I, that I haven't hunt, I haven't paid attention to the land. Nothing like that. When I shed hunt, I'd never, I never really specifically go in and say it's southward facing slopes. Where [00:46:00] I hunt seems deer bed everywhere.

There's a Southern are eastern are, there's a, it seems to be every point has a deer bed on it. Every there's, it seems like wherever they wanna lay down, they lay down. If it's good for 'em on that day, they lay down, they can drop their sheds anywhere. Yeah. It's hard to often them beds you're finding or from, when you get late in year when so this year we did have the early that coal snap made all the Oaks.

Oaks and all them, like the pear trees. All those trees that like hold leaves late dropped. Yep. Yeah. Cold. We had a pretty cold snap early October, mid October. Early October. Yeah, early October. So a lot of the trees dropped earlier than they would normally drop. . Yeah. So some of the sign you might find might not be as current as you might think it is.

Correct. Because if the leaves are beded down, you're like, oh, this has gotta be pretty fresh. There's oak leaves in here that are matted down, but it's like the oak leaves dropped early this year. Yeah. There's, so it kind changes things up a bit. Yeah. The acorns were smaller this year from what I've noticed in my patch was they were, we had a weird we had a weird [00:47:00] summer as well.

We had a really wet here. We'll let you go. They got here. Andy's always the first one that pissed. I got a piss too. Be honest. Honest. Or. I got pissed. I gotta piss myself. Horrible God. But you got the you we had the we had the recipe for the G is what it was. We had the insanely what was it?

Insanely wet spring, and then the insanely dry summer following it, which is a recipe for the HG stuff. And the oaks kind of followed suit, they weren't like, some of them did fine. It's just like some areas did exactly fine for deer, . But some areas, the mos either they dropped really early and then by the time deer season came in, the all the white oaks were, all the white acorns.

Were rotten by that point. Yeah. Say we're already on another food source, so things change up. Did you say that again? Let me, lemme what do you call. What are they? White oak, acorns. Acorns. Acorns, ACORS, acorns. That's the southern term. I've heard acorns. Yeah. We we always say 'em different [00:48:00] ways.

Acorns, but yeah, a lot of 'em were it seemed like I was finding oaks that were underdeveloped and they dropped away early and didn't seem like the deer were cashing in on 'em too early. See, the ar area hunting seemed like they, they held longer. They fell later. Cuz I didn't find a whole lot of oaks until early October.

Really? So it's so strange the way different parts of Ohio has different drops and different sizes of, and Yeah. Yeah. That's strange. Like you guys are saying, the oaks they hold leaves longer. So if you see 'em now, keep a vent note of where, or write it down where some oaks at. Yeah. If you see 'em now off in a distance, you'll see a bunch of oaks.

Yeah. It's gonna. . So I know we don't like to venture off. Are you any of you guys gonna Turkey hunt this year? Andy, have you ever killed a Turkey? No. No. I will Turkey hunt this year though. Okay. It's fun. Yeah. Okay. I was just wondering who all is gonna go out this street's? Like I probably, you know me, I'm going to Turkey hunting, talking about Turkey hunting.

It's the same as elk. Like you're [00:49:00] interacting with an animal. What's, it's fun. Yeah. Yeah. Listen I Turkey hunt just to get my ass outdoors and do something. I'll be out. Dave Turkey hunting is frustrating as hell. Dave will kill one the first day he goes out again. I said I'm the worst fucking color there is.

You can't do a mouth call either. Hell no. That's, nah, I'll same boat slate all the way. Austin has a pretty distinct gag reflex. Yeah. . No I don't gag. I just sound like a fucking dying rabbit when I try, when I call fucking like nothing no other with that. Damn. I bought one one time and like I got a major gag reflex.

But to, to me the cost sounded like one of the new Year's Eve things. I'm like he hit him with the major gag reflex. This motherfucker smokes or not, can't even speak. What I guy so far enough, I can't even speak. See who pukes more than Steve . He's gagging on me after taking that fireball, like swallow a goldfish

Yeah. I'm try to use a mouth call this year. Try learn help. Yeah. [00:50:00] I've been trying for about three years. You need to get one right now. I been trying about 10 years so I can, so I can use mouth calls and I have just figured out how to do it, but and I watch like videos and like alcohol and stuff like that and they like where they teach you, et cetera.

I do it. Nothing like what they do. Yeah. Like I do, I definitely do something way different in my mouth than what like Corey Jacobson and stuff tells you to do but it works. It works. Yeah. I called in, I can call in, Rick can call turkeys. I can call though and I called in fucking an elk or call in two elk.

See my my problem. I called . Yeah. Bought elk last year. My problem is I can call in Turkey. No problem. I seem to have, I think I got the elk. The cow call, you got the elk calls, right? Several. The bugle is, what I'm having trouble with is the long drawn out and then dropping it off at the end.

Mine's a real short bug, like I run out of air . So I don't know if I need to up my car is up that cardio, but what I think I'm doing is I'm blowing too much too soon and [00:51:00] I'm running out of the, that's why next using a mouth call and a a mouth call and a tube. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's what I'm doing.

So it's hard to hold the the high note like there's that middle consistently as well. Yeah. Yeah. See I work up to it, but then they, to hold it like, cuz sometimes I'll hit the high note and I'll be like, scratchy. Like and then drop it off and then you can try to save it, like then that was shit.

Let chuckle over or something. if you that's some crazy shit on YouTube with them elk though. They'll sound all kinds of Yeah, I've learned that with Turkey over the years. Is. I've heard a real hen sound fucked up. Yeah. Completely fucked up. Like her squeaker was broke.

Bud literally sounded like shit. I thought it was another hunter coming in. It was a hen yapping at me. Who's Andy?

I've never heard of him. Have a gag reflex. I'm sure they go, damn. It must be a big time . [00:52:00] Yeah. Something. It must be packing Andy with calls. That's pretty interesting. . Dave. Dave. How did his calls sound when you guys pulled over at that truck stop and told him to practice before you guys got out?

I sounded didn't, he didn't call one time our good on the drive there. I was like, let me we, we, how me out, 30 hour drive or whatever. I'm like, fuck dude. I was like, we'll, see what you got on some calls. I was like, let's pr we got 30 hours. Let's practice some shit. Then you hear that plastic opening up.

He literally pulled out this, he pulled up the little it was like little Phelps, like little wooden guy. He goes,

I was like, dude, I was like that. You made no noise. I was like, you've had nine months to prepare for this. Oh, this is all you got. You put the pressure on me just blowing air . It's, I put pressure on you. You don't think your elk is gonna put the pressure on you? Put that all the time. Sound like a fart when you spread your cheeks.

Yeah. Definitely. Start practice. Yeah, that's pretty sure. [00:53:00] you with the meter. That's not even. You spent, it'll be a high wind today, boys

I was like, south wind right there. A south wind. No, like I swear every time it was pretty good that I got with him. He is like all that shit. I'm like, oh, wet green, wet greens. Then he is, yeah. Then he started making some noise listening like s and I was like, fuck, I guess I'm calling in the elk for you this year.

What the fuck man, that was sabot and a rotating shit. I was like, I'm calling, you're calling the whole time you're calling bitch. But that was funny. This one time though we got to this one spot. It was like a nice like point, there was like a flat it was like down over a ridge.

There was like a nice little flat, we're like, shit, like we're seeing some songs, some trails. There's probably some betting up there, let's set up. So I went up to the left and the wind was pulling. down still. So Andy was still downhilling me. And I started, I saw, I started calling and I started seeing some feet [00:54:00] coming like right to me.

. I was like, fuck, dude. I started, my adrenaline started flowing and I started, I was like, potatoes. And I was like, there was some little feet. I was like, the feet ain't that big. I was like, what's going on here? And I keep lucky, keep watching CRI washing. This thing keeps coming right to me. And it was a fucking like little mule deer, like a little mule deer, like four pointer.

Oh shit. Everything. These little feet coming towards you . He was talking about Mike Colin. He came down, the mule deer came right to me, dude. He came in looking, he was like looking, and then he like the wind like swirled a little bit because like I said, we were on borderline of the thermals dropping thermals rising.

So like we were right there on that borderline. So it was like fag a bit. And the wind went his way and he smelled sun was like hour red, this went away. And I was like, Man, we call a couple times. He came right fucking back. He's looking at me. He's looking.

He keeps looking and he is like fucking right there. Didn't see him one time. Was it? So finally this mule deer came to and [00:55:00] fro three times. Finally started blowing and stuff. And it ran away. And it was funny though. Yeah. Yeah. So my elk calling fucking Shakespeare. I can call in, I can call in Elk two and fro two and from, what do you want me to say?

Call elk. Yo, dear you name I call Mullin . Same call cows. Cows were ridiculous, dude. many almost got caught in a stampede one time. We was straight up saving behind trees was, it was scary. . Literal cows. Huh? Literal cows dude. Literal cows. Just stamp impede. You thought about it right at you.

Dude, these things are 1200 pounds. Damn barreling through the woods. I know cows are pretty curious. We put up, he was scared about putting up tents cuz like they're gonna come and stomp us tonight. I wasn't worried about that, but I'm like, yeah. Cause we were sitting up tents on like cow shooting stuff.

I'm like, they clearly like this spot. Like we might need to watch 'em up too. Yeah dude. Yeah. But there was one time when they was running at us. We didn't know why. There [00:56:00] might have been a smell of hunters like way far away. We don't know why, but they was running like at us. They were spooked by bear or something.

Maybe for sure. Seen like more cows than I've ever seen. Just in a one trip. They were everywhere really. So do, or is there like a ranchers out there that run? They have these, they have stamps on their ass or whatever or tags so they can drill them. No, I don't, I started yesterday one episode seven.

I just didn't know if they could free-range it in the public like we see. Hold on. You just started yesterday, episode seven. Been watch bench watching today. This why you guys boots? That's why I got my boots on him. Yellowstone got boots in two months. You got them shit kicks on. I'm rip on Yellowstone.

Remember some squirt, all them were some roach killers. He's got the sticker on the, you got some square toes. What you know about roach killers? Rick? Shit, you gotta hide them poy corner so he can kill the roach in the corner when he chooses it. Some Justin boots bud. But look some rib killers, me and Dave [00:57:00] was glassing and we seen something moving like literally on top of the mountain.

Thousand yards away. We look up hills as a cow. Like how does it get fat ass up there, dude? Fucking tops of mountains. Really? The what? See some movement look up. I figured they'd stay in the low, like in the valleys and stuff. Yeah they normally do. Most of 'em are down by the water. Water. And the, we've been on, we've been in like situations where the release is on the de loop.

Gary draw back on the elk and here comes the cow. Just, yeah. Cause you hear some shit crunching here. Fuck, here it comes. I ain't lie. I've done that here in Ohio. drawn on cow . Dave. Fucking cow. There's pasture next to it where I used to hunt and cow's busting the fence down and multiple times like you hear the grunch in the car, fuck, here it is.

That's fucking cow. That's a big ass deer that you're expecting to come shit from the way they're coming from. They step out and I know what it is, but he's shaking by the time of year. Fuck yeah. Your fucking cowboy, you would've fucking shot it. You kill one spike ever. Shit. Yeah, you're fucking letting that, [00:58:00] that your finger's loose.

mom, I'm bringing on some beef. got about 1200 pounds of it. I just need some help. I've seen cows that get outta the pasture and I saw one horse one time. I was gonna stand here in Ohio and I don't know where in the fucking come from horse. There wasn't a horse anywhere close, dude. Where the fuck came from?

How long has this podcast been going? Because I got a horse story. Yeah, I don't know. It's does it say 16 horse dragging your deer? Definitely more than 16 minutes. 1,617 seconds. Who's got, I'm not doing that, but I went to Columbus Public. You got your flannel on, so 116 seconds that you said, why have you not got it in minutes, bro?

I do. I barely even know how to . That's fucked up. 20 minutes. We've been talking shit. I barely know how long those, it's been probably about 50 minutes. Probably about an hour. What's your horror story? Yeah, go ahead and tell us that, and we'll, we will wrap it up a little bit after that. All right, so what happened was , [00:59:00] that's your sixth beer of this podcast.

Yeah. What had happened was a beer 10. What happened was what happened? So our buddy Matt shot a buck. No, he shot a buck, a small buck and . So story this story has multiple things going on here. . So he shot a buck, right? And then he, he called me and he goes, dude, I just shot a buck.

He's but it ran he ran like 40 yards and he is laid down, like facing away from me. He's but his head's still up. He's it's still alive. And I, and he's like asking me what I think and I'm like, oh, no dude. And He's oh I'm gonna get down. I'm gonna see what I'm gonna wait a while and then I'm gonna get down.

So he waits like an hour, and then he gets down and he like sneaks up to this buck from the back and he gets up to about 20 yards, throws another arrow into it, straighten this buck's asshole. The whole Texas heart shot didn't move. The muscle just clearly shot a dead deer. [01:00:00] just fuck, just shoot dead pod.

He says, boy, . So then so he calls me and Ben and he's yeah, I got a buck down. And we're like, sweet. So we go over there to to basically let's, we shot a buck. So we go over there, , me and Ben walk up, dude, , this buck is so the fletching that he buried in this buck's ass the arrow buried right down exactly to the F Flushings.

So you got like a bucks asshole, and you got like fletching. That's it, right? Fucking above it. Like you can't picture something more. You're crazy. The deer never moved. It was still deer. Yeah, he shot right above the asshole. Fletching is buried right to the butt. Then. So here comes the crazy part.

So as we're gutting this deer this random fucking horse runs up to us. Random horse. We're like, holy fuck this horse comes up on us. This horse is in my, I didn't grow up on a damn farm. This horse is right in my face. This breathing right in my face. I'm [01:01:00] like, holy shit, dude. And then we're like, looking around, we're looking for other people.

Nothing. Just random horse chilling. Now with us, getting right in our face. Horses are huge. Dude. . So we're like, what's Now we're like looking around what the fuck do we do here? We're like, do we like befriend this horse? Did we just shoot it off? Did you have the minivan? Were you thinking about taking it and putting the minivan?

We had the minivan. We ain't gonna shoot them. We didn't. No, we you gonna just take it home in the minivan? We were definitely in the minivan at this time, though, but yeah, just a random horse just now. Now this horse is just chilling with us. Initially it was in our faces, like sniffing us who the fuck are you aggressive as hell.

But then he just started chilling. So we're just continuing on our business. Then a guy comes over the hill, finally like maybe 10 minutes later on a horse comes down to Hill, sees us. It's his horse. He's on the horse. He is riding, he is trying to train him, horse, whatever, blah, blah.

But then we're [01:02:00] like, he's talking to us. He's I'm sorry about that, blah, blah. Anything Aaron do. We're like you can drag his deer out. So he's yeah, cool. Got you. So he's like going to drag our deer out with his horse. We're like, sounds great. This dude fucking hooks the rope around the, our deer's his small bucks rack, and then holds the rope with his fucking hand.

As he's on his horse, he's ha fucking starts taking up off the hill. And he is holding, he's on the rope with his hand. . That's a terrible idea, dude. He about rips his shoulders off immediately. Suzette Slack caught up. He is wow. He bow falls off his horse. He might've watched Yellowstone too.

dude. dude. It's okay, we're gonna rethink this. Ends a tie it to it, the horse. He was on saddle, right? So then, so we're, so it's like a, it's like a deep ravine and then we gotta go imagine this, it's like a deep ravine hip to the top of ridge and we gotta go to the right. Okay, we'll just say that.[01:03:00]

So he finally hooks up to the saddle. . Oh, the horse. They started dragging deer up the hill. We're like, you gotta go to the right, cause we gotta go up to the top of the ridge and we gotta go. Immediately goes left. , we're like, we're yelling at him. Horse is gone. dragging his deer completely the wrong direction.

Finally, he gets to the top of the hill and we're up there. We're like, nah, you gotta come back down. We gotta go that way. . So they dragged deer back down the hill. The horses jack his deer all around and woods. This one drags his deer down the hill, back to us, and we're like, yeah, you gotta go that way.

He's like, all so he gets deer crosses, I ravine. He's okay, let's, good way. At this point, deer's I'm done. He won't go. The horse deer's no horse. No horse man. I'm might said deer for horse a hundred times. Doesn't matter. Horse is like, yeah, absolutely no way. I'm not going up in gun. I already climbed this out one time.

I'm dragging this fucking deer. I ain't doing it again. This deer, this horse [01:04:00] goes up this hill goes back down, up like 30 yards back down three times. The whole time just pulling this deer in fucking circles . Finally he is huh, shit. Just, she ain't going to do it for okay, cool. This is like a three hour, three hour debacle.

Literally left us in the exact same spot we were when we found it. 10 yards moved us nowhere. deer looks like a wallet cuz all the hairs off this jagged, his debacle all around. Hope you weren't getting his is a basket record this whole time. So was right back to where we started. We're like I guess we'll just drag it ourselves.

is this the same one y'all went like Buck seen more miles than it did when it was alive and it got shot.

was the f Flushing still sicking outta the asses and Dragon Thees were sicking. Yeah. [01:05:00] Wet. Get outta here. Is this a one where y'all met my dad and he zoomed out from the game. Warden . Fuck the story might get crazier. Yeah, it might have been the same deer. They the same deer. Y'all went north to the, that might have been the same deer.

Yeah. So yeah you're right. This story gets crazier. . Fuck, we're not over. No, not even remotely. We dragged the deer out to the road finally. And then we we dragged the deer. We loaded up and drove to another parking spot that Andy's dad was at. We met up with him, was bullshitting.

He didn't see anything or saw some deer, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. And then we go to leave. And then as we're driving away, here comes the game warden up the road that we're driving away from the hunt land from, I guess whatever. And the game warden slows down, tries to flag down Andy's dad,

Andy's dad slows down for a little bit, [01:06:00] slows down as he gets, like right beside the game. Warden and his dad fucking floors up. , . He's I'm gone. He, I'm right behind him driving game Warden immediately blocks the road, blocks me. Oh shit. And I'm like, Guilty by association. We did nothing.

He didn't do anything. Why does he that run? No. Do you have to stop when a game war waves to you? Yeah. He hooped him with a little bit. Slow down, warm outta here. . He don't let the fuck no. Type of yeah. Uniforms. He just don't want to deal with, don't wanna deal with him. I don't blame it.

So then Senator War comes up, talks to us, checks out the deer. Deer was tagged the horn nine, everything was fine. , he's you guys with him? And I'm just like, I'm say, I'm like, nope. Just mad. Just mad. I will fucking what I say? I was like, he just ran in from the fucking cops, basically. What do I say?

Nope. First time I ever [01:07:00] seen him, I just met him at the parking lot. Never seen him in my life. . Yeah. But that's this whole hell I just saw this whole damn how far have you been there? Cuz shit about get crazy. I know. 10 minutes. I saw this other post the other day saying that saying that people were some of these DNRs were paying hunt public and like Ray Newberg and shit to be, to keep promoting public land hunting.

Yeah. Because they're pushing more people to public and, shit, we've seen it, you ain't been hunting public until this year, but , dude the influx of public land hunters is fucking astronomical. Yeah. And I also think it coincides with the cell cam shit and just trail cameras in general because, you're getting pictures of these big bucks on public land, so you're you know that they're there.

If you didn't know they were there, you wouldn't be behind that much, and even if it was just some trail cam pictures, say I got a couple trail cam pictures, some giants back in August, I might throw a couple hunts in there. [01:08:00] But go hunt public land two, three times. You're gonna run into more people than deer, okay.

And you're going to bail. But, and then now you introduce, hunt public basically telling you to bump every deer off the fucking place, and then you run, then you got cell cams telling you big bike was here yesterday. You got all these things like combined and converged.

And it's just the public land pressure has just gone up like astronomically. Which you got, you've got, for instance, I know we talked about a little bit, I, you guys, cause I don't know shit about public land yet, but you got guys on podcasts and you got so many podcasts and they're talking about public land that everyone thinks, oh fuck, I'm gonna hunt public land.

Exactly. I've been getting on Byron about this shit for three years. I'm like, dude, we're promoting the shit that we're like . It's hurting us by telling people how to hunt up Alan. Yeah. Like it's because now I got more people hunt up Alan. Like it's, it is, and know. So it's like a it's [01:09:00] a weird thing, that's why I'm about to just be like, fuck it, shoot my recurve and just shoot spikes all day long. Austin. Austin. Right there with you bud. Right there. Ready? Let's call me and we're gonna go build some bows. Oh, he's not shooting a recurve. He's shooting his compound. Yeah. Yeah. All right. We just had the we just ended the end of our recording sash, so Byron's gonna have to put in a nice little edit here.

And where did we just end up talking about, I don't know. Oh, no building. You just said about promoting land. You're gonna build stick. You and Austin going back there. You're going to recur. Oh yeah. Yeah. You guys were, grab me a beer. . You and Austin are gonna build. That's exactly what we're talking about.

Osage Bow. I've got a shit ton Osage on my property. You guys want it? I wanna get the shit outta there. All right. Yeah. Just telling you that I have a bunch of Osage staves at work that I've gotten from doing some tree work, and we could build our own longbows. Oh no. It'll be fucking sweet.

And then if I got my own Longbow, [01:10:00] I'm shooting every fucking deer that walks. I got. I said I got plenty of Osage. Plenty. Long enough. One straight at your house? At my house. You wanna cut it down? Fucking take it. Yeah. Ojo back on that street. Yeah, her dad does. I think OE is pretty much the best thing You build long bottom.

Yeah, that's the best. Hickory's right there too. Use the Italian. That old that old bow. I got Hickory. Yeah, I got an old long bone. I forget what the hell it was. It just ham, squash or something? . It's a hickory boat. It's squash. Can't squash. It's s close to that. It's not far off from that dude.

It just got like triangles painted with a permanent marker on it. There designs. Dude is sick there. That's tribal. I said was that from it's strip right? Tim McGraw's Indian Wall. It was backed with Cal Hyde bitches. Definitely not Eric Hickory be, we drove. It is a hickory bow. It is Hickory. Yeah. But it shoots, it suits straight.

How much do you buy that for? Like a hundred bucks. Damn. Overpaid. [01:11:00] Overpaid motherfucker. Oh, I'll shoots you right now. That's a south end flea market. I've got a long boat fucking. Thrift store. I don't know what the hell it is, but do you? Yeah. It ain't had a string on it since I bought it. Send us a picture of it.

I need to put a string on. Dave looked at it when they was at my house. It's some fiberglas shit. It's probably junk. It is. It fucking, I've had it for probably a sick one. 20 years for two years. Ain even shot it. Oh, what the ho buffer. You've had that ho forever ho buffalo. Dipp. The na And you can shoot at your house.

That's the thing. You can shoot at your house. Dustin can shoot at his house. Y'all should be fucking compound. Snipers. Snipers. But I'm not fucking outta goddamn recur or anything like that. Fuck that. I ain't going traditional. Best I can do, best I can do is shoot from my house to where we're sitting now.

I think I, I got about 26 yards in my backyard now. I got about 14. I was shooting. Yeah. Yeah. What was I shooting? Rescue scenario. And if I skip the top of my target, I'm killing the neighbor . Hitting the kid . I was shooting a [01:12:00] hundred when I had the hay bells in the backyard this year. I can shoot way further than that, but yeah, do it.

They shoot God the trails. Yeah. You're about you. You're a solid 25 from here though. A solid 25 minutes. 25 minutes. Oh fuck. I'm 35 from here. 35. 35. You're fucking an hour from Rick. Yep. Yeah, I'm about five from here. From here. Where you live at Georgesville? Yeah. He's a hollow hill boy. Why he hollow hill

Why did he, why did hit me with long range rifle response. . Andy fucking elk's. He was hitting with Andy's cow. Call bud. Hell, I'm right down the road

with the long rifle sound rifle. Echo . Sound like fucking damn. Damn. Just remember, dude, you're hit with the round before you hear the sound. Oh yeah. [01:13:00] That's what she said. I'm trying to think about Sniper saying it's like from a place that you Nice. All let, we're gonna close the shake cast out.

Yep. Because just because few. Did we, hold on, did we cover everything on our fucking Yeah, we got everyth agenda. Dude, our list was pure shit. . Yeah. Our agenda was straight dog shit. Dog shit. Agenda from the start. We definitely talked about some crazy stories and miss and what we're going do for Chad season.

We didn't talk about that much because Yeah, we did a little bit, but bit, yeah. We wouldn't like to get too tactical on these bad boys. Yeah, we'd like to get tactical. We'd like to let Byron do that. I haven't handle shit. And check up Pat on I gotta get a picture on to get tactical news.

from Byron. Ain't shit I say going be on Patreon. Nope. me either. No. No. Fuck that noise. That's a, you ain't gonna have to pay for what I say. I say bullshit,[01:14:00] yep. I'm good. I yeah, I'm ready. I'm ready. Ass fucking flannel. Yeah. I got this fancy fla on. I got yelled at. I got Ymo Elmo.

No, I don't, I don't wear mo for don't go there specific reasons, but we won't go there. But no, this flannels from targe, I think American Eagle, targe. Targe and yeah, I got questioned why I left the house was such a nice fla on you got brass fucking buttons on that bitch.

All right. We're gonna end that podcast folks. Brass buttons. If you ain't got that shit, then you're a bitch. And we're out.