Deer Podcast OG’s- Dan Johnson and Mark Kenyon

Show Notes

When you think outdoors/deer hunting podcasts, a couple of the OG’s, Mark Kenyon and Dan Johnson, sat down with the guys to talk deer hunting.  The conversation starts with a little history lesson in the Wired to Hunt legacy, with Dallas and a young Mark. Paul and Andrew then take to the escouting world, and attempt to run down a location with Mark and Dan.  Poor Mark and Dan had to work hard to deal with a couple of incompetent hunters. The conversation was a good one with more to come in the future.

Paul and Andrew have had a busy past week.  Andrew’s recovering from his knee operation, but back in the saddle soon.  Paul is gearing up for his opening days of duck hunting season.  Both guys spent some time at Vance’s over the weekend at the Tethrd teach and train event.  The event was spectacular and very well done.  News around the state covers the new Cadet class, status of Indian Lake’s unwanted vegetation, and a new H2Ohio initiative in Montgomery County.  Paul pokes a sleeping bear when he tries to draw out Andrew’s political feelings.  Let it be know that this will never become a political show!  Enjoy!

Show Transcript