Double U Taking Things to the Next Level

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It takes a lot to keep a hound performing at a top level.  Regardless of if you need them to perform every day or just get to the woods occasionally, we need them to be ready to perform at a moments n...

Today Buddy and Jason sit down with Brandon White to talk some dog food.  The guys talk about the process and the safety measures put in place to ensure a quality and safe product.  We had no idea just how much dog food is being produced in this country but when you think about the capacity of just one plant it’s mind boggling. Make sure to check out for information on their products and if you want to check out the videos Buddy is referring to check out next level super premium pet food on facebook.

We would like to thank those who support this podcast.  Special thanks to Alpha Dog Nutrition and Double U Hunting Supply for sponsoring this episode.  Want to learn more about Alpha Dog Nutrition? Check out the links below

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