Down on the Farm with Doug Duren

Show Notes

This week the guys are honored to have Mr. Doug Duren on the show.  Doug is an experience land manager from Wisconsin.  Doug’s been in the heart of the CWD outbreak in Wisconsin, but has also dedicated a large amount of his time to help teach others about land management.  Being a good Midwestern guy, many of Doug’s messages hit home here in Ohio. 

Paul and Andrew have been VERY busy getting geared up for the fall.  Paul is inching his way up the tree in his saddle as he grows more and more comfortable with the set up.  With Andrew as his mentor, he may make it to 12 feet off the ground this fall!  Both of the guys met up with the crew from GoWild to do some walleye fishing up on Lake Erie over the past weekend.  The trip was great and something that should be on every Ohio Outdoorsmen’s to do list each year!  Enjoy the show, and make sure to check out some of the additional lottery hunts that the State of Ohio has opened up!!!

Show Transcript