Duck and Goose Hunting With Oklahoma Fowl Company

Show Notes

This week we have a much needed change of pace on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. Josh Taylor joins John to talk about the line of products he and his partner Morgan offer at Oklahoma Fowl Company. Based out of Oklahoma City, OFC offer a line of blind accessories to make the lives of waterfowlers both more organized and safer. From shell holders to magnetic gun rest, the products offered by OFC are designed and battle tested by hard core duck hunters. Wether you hunt from a boat, layout blind, A-frame, or homemade blind, OFC has a product to make your hunt more organized, and more enjoyable.

One of those hard core product testers is Josh himself, who has been chasing ducks and geese from Nebraska to Texas for years. After Josh runs us through the different OFC products, he and John talk hunting and it becomes very obvious that Josh has spent some time over a decoy spread. Josh gives a crash corse on hunting geese which is something John has done very little of in his life. The guys talk decoy spreads, blinds, and the difference between calling lesser and greater Canadian geese. Deer season may be ending soon, but there is still plenty of time to get out there and hunt some waterfowl!

Show Transcript