E-Scouting & Having A Cool Wife Lead To Big Bucks

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Byron Horton about how e-scouting and having a cool wife can both lead to more time in the woods hunting and scouting. The guys kick off the episode by talking about the rollercoaster of life and how adding more kids to the family typically means less time hunting, unless you have a cool wife. The cooler your wife is, the more time you will be spending in the tree stand. Fun conversation!

Then, after a ton of BS, Dan and Byron get in to a detailed discussion about e-scouting and what they both look for in a potential hunting setup. The impact of different types of satellite imagery, contour lines, vegetation, and validating your e-scouting by putting boots on the ground are all topics of discussion in this episode. Listen closely and you walk away rom this episode with a ton of great episode. Enjoy!

Show Transcript