Essential Gear for Hunters

Show Notes

Last weekend John had the honor of leading a session at the National Wild Turkey Federation's deer conference in Oklahoma City. The conference was intended to help bring in and educate new hunters from across the state, and the turnout was very encouraging for the future of hunting! John decided why stop at only those who could attend though, so this week's episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast is all about gear. John will be going over all the essential gear a person needs to get out in the woods and confidently harvest a deer. For the non beginner listeners, this episode still has something for you. After John goes through the essentials, he runs down his entire gear list for the upcoming season. Bow, rifle, broadheads, binoculars, knife, treestands, popup blinds, and everything in between, he talks about why he bought it and if he would buy it again.

For John's talk, he broke the gear into three categories: Essential, Recommended, and nice to have. John is a firm believer that gear should never be the reason a person chooses not to hunt, and most people probably don't need nearly as much gear as television shows or advertisements would lead them to believe. Are binoculars nice to have, sure, but are they really essential? Listen to this week's podcast to hear John's take on binoculars and loads of other gear.

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