Face to Face with Blaine Freeman

Show Notes

Today on The Average Conservationist Podcast Marcus is joined by Blaine Freeman. Blaine is the owner and founder of 2% Certified Cairn Coffee Roasters. The guys start the conversation talking about Blaine's upbringing in Pennsylvania and how that shaped his love for the outdoors. After spending time in the Navy, Blained traveled around the U.S working in various cities and enjoying the outdoors at every turn and exposing his family to the same things he enjoyed growing up. In 2020 Blaine decided that he wanted to start something of his own and be able to interact with his customers and Cairn Coffee Roasters was born. Combining their love for the outdoors and a good cup of coffee, the team at Cairn Coffee Roasters is working with local organizations in North Carolina to ensure access to their beautiful state for anyone who chooses to do so. If you want to support conservation and enjoy a good cup of coffee, be sure and check them out!

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