Fixing Bad Soils and Last-Minute Food Plots

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes), Colin Koskinen (Legendary Habitat), and Brad Harper (Harper Growing Solutions) discuss the benefits of liquid products on food plots and why to switch from granular fertilizers. Colin explains the foliar and drenching sprays that Brad offers to increase plant productivity.  Brad's products are well known by food plotters and some are carbon based, equating to better interaction with our crops. 

Brad Harper discusses frequently asked questions that come up with clients’ every day. Brad discusses simple ways to calibrate your sprayer that will help save money. Brad explains where to start before applying a foliar spray to crops. Brad explains the negative on applying generic rates of fertilizer, herbicide or foliar, and why some users are inefficient and not economical.  Brad details more about liquid calcium and how its application is easier and works extremely fast to improve soils and the benefit to plants.

Jon asks Brad if applying pulverized or granular lime verse liquid lime is better for long term sustainability and soil health. Brad explains why it might be better to use both or either lime products and specific examples of why amending the pH matters with soils. Brad explains the negative when applying synthetic fertilizers to soils. Brad details the importance of using cover crops and how soils can degrade over time.

Colin provides specific examples of the results of Plot Doctor on his food plots and what the soils samples show after a few years of usage.  Jon explains the ways he looks at plants and ways to think about the change after applying foliar sprays and why he focuses on certain types of nutrients that are deficient. Brad discusses how to process foliar ingredients or herbicides and how to apply the products in a solution before application. Brad ends with last minute food plot considerations that will support increased tonnage per acre.  

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