FLY ALL SZN with Mike McAlexander

Show Notes

Summer means fishing! In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman podcast, Josh catches up with Mike from FLY ALL SZN. Mike is an avid fly fisherman who has traveled the US chasing trout on the fly. From the Appalachians to the Driftless to the mountains of Idaho and even the deserts of New Mexico, Mike’s passion for fly fishing has taken him all over the place. One of the unique things about Mike is how he combines his passion for fly fishing with his passion for fitness. It’s common in the hunting space to see folks highlight fitness as a way of going father and staying longer while hunting. It’s not everyday you hear someone talk about fishing in the same way, but Mike does!

Topics covered include how FLY ALL SZN started, how Mike got into fly fishing, backcountry fly fishing adventures, and why making content looks glamorous, but often sucks! To wrap things up, Mike shares some tips for beginning fly fishermen and anglers who will be targeting the Wisconsin Driftless. 

Show Transcript