Gaining Hunting Permission on New Ground w John Roach

Show Notes

Let's face it, we all need to find access to more hunting land. Your grandma's back 40 could be sold by a family member that doesn't share your passion. One year, your cherished lease might not hold the deer or turkeys you're after. The geese may totally avoid that crop field you've had permission on for years and spend their mornings on the neighbor's field. That public piece you've put so many years into scouting could be gone overnight, sold off or leased up by private parties. Permission on new ground is the only way to guard against these risks. But for many, finding new hunting ground is intimidating. 

In this episode of the Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast, Josh talks with John Roach about how John gains hunting permission on new ground. John collects hunting permission like kids used to collect baseball cards. He works hard to find the right places, maintain landowner relationships, and ultimately secure hunting rights on tons of ground with plenty of other permission-asking competition. In this episode, John and Josh discuss how they go about choosing properties to ask permission on, what makes a property stand out, and how they go about gaining permission even when others have been turned away. 

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