Gear B.S. Session w/ Antler Up

Show Notes

In this conversation, Dan Johnson and Jeremy Dinsmore discuss their preparations for the upcoming hunting season, including scouting, trail cameras, and bow tuning. They share their experiences with different brands of trail cameras and strategies for preventing theft. They also talk about the importance of tuning bows and the differences between their hunting and competition setups. Jeremy emphasizes the need for a new set of strings every year, while Dan discusses the benefits of shooting heavy arrows. Overall, they provide insights and tips for hunters looking to optimize their gear and preparations. In this conversation, Jeremy and Dan discuss various gear-related topics in archery. They talk about arrow weight, paper tuning, cam timing, and broadheads. They also touch on releases and the importance of a well-tuned bow. The conversation concludes with a discussion on gear setups for hunting and the upcoming 'Keep It Simple' series on the AntlerUp podcast.


  • Scouting and preparation are key for a successful hunting season.
  • Choosing the right trail camera brand and placement can help prevent theft.
  • Regularly tuning bows and getting new strings are important for accuracy and performance.
  • Shooting heavy arrows can provide better penetration and lethality.
  • Having separate bows for hunting and competition allows for specialized setups. Arrow weight and tuning are crucial for accuracy and penetration.
  • Cam timing and paper tuning are important steps in setting up a new bow.
  • Micro-tune adjustments on bows like Elite and Bowtech make fine-tuning easier.
  • Choosing the right broadheads can make a significant difference in hunting success.
  • Releases play a role in shot execution and can be adjusted for comfort and control.
  • Keeping gear setups simple and minimalistic can enhance hunting experiences.


Show Transcript