Go West Young Man... or Woman

Show Notes

This week on the O2 Podcast, THE Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys got the chance to pick the brain of Mr. Social Media, Dan Mathews.  You have probably seen Dan and his wife tearing it up on Tik Tok and Instagram, but the truth is the guy knows a thing or two about hunting too!  He’s spent numerous trips out west, and is the host of the Western Rookie podcast.  The guys talk to him about what it takes to get in the game out west.  How to find the right over the counter tag, apply for points, etc. If you have any interest in going west, this podcast will be a great start, but be sure to also listen to Dan’s podcast for more information.

Paul and Andrew got the ability to get out to the woods one more time for turkey season, but spent most of the time just walking and enjoying a peaceful spring morning.  The woods were full of foliage with little room for seeing or hearing any birds.  Next year!  Summer is upon us and it’s time to get your honey do lists done, spend that quality family time, and prep for the fall.  Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and remember the reason for the cookouts and days off!!  Thank you to our Veterans!!!

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Show Transcript