Show Notes

In this episode Steve and Corey put on their legislative caps and address a piece of current legislation in the State of Pennsylvania that portents big problems for the dog hunter.  The bill comes under the umbrella of anti-trespass legislation and provides exorbitant penalties for hunting dogs and their owners that find themselves afoul of the provisions of the bill, whether advertently or not.   The boys hash out the bill and provide information for hunters in Pennsylvania and elsewhere that want to let their voices be heard before the bill reaches the dangerous environs of the Senate floor. 

The conversation takes on a more pleasant vibe as the boys cover the oldest and one of the most-popular breeds of trail and tree hounds, the American Black and Tan Coonhound.  The boys’ love for history is evident as they discuss early history, early founders and a long line of movers and shakers, human and canine, that have played such an important role in the breed’s seemingly timeless reign of popularity.   If you like black dogs, or if you just like to look back over the many years of our tree hound sport, this is a good one for you.  Them ole black dawgs!

Show Transcript