Gone To The Dogs - Hot Stove Vol. 4

Show Notes

The boys are baking their bones by the stove again in this episode that covers everything from cross-bred bulldogs to the UKC Tournament of Champions. 

Steve is on the road for a couple of weeks to New Jersey for family time and some fly fishing.  The only dogs he’ll see is the daughter’s hound/pit bull mix and the family Dachshund Louie who accompanies Ella everywhere.  But the combined efforts of Ma Bell and Al Gore provide the opportunity to keep Gone To The Dogs on schedule while on the long and winding road. 

The boys discuss the format, breed breakdowns and the ambiance that makes the TOC the premier coonhound event that it is, an event that boasts a purse of $250,000 distributed among winners at the finals held on the weekend following the airing of this episode.  The overall winner captures $50 grand!  Who would have thunk it?

Things get interesting, even humorous, when the boys throw another chunk in the stove to discuss recent posts on the Coon Hunting Conversations Facebook group page.  Moving stud dogs around the country, deep-and-lonely dogs being born that way or manmade and what is seemingly causing smaller heads in some coonhounds.  It’s all here and as the cliched phrase admonishes, “You won’t want to miss this one.”  Heck, we don’t want you to miss any of them.   Give that log a little more air, son.

Show Transcript